A Day In the Life of a Cosmetic Nurse – Charisma E.

a day in the life of a cosmetic nurse

Charisma E.

One of the things that many people love about working in the medical aesthetics industry is that no two days are exactly the same—and cosmetic nursing is no different. We recently caught up with Injector Extraordinaire Charisma E. to see what a day in the life of a cosmetic nurse really looks like. Here’s what she said:

9:00 am Most days, I feel like the queen of all treatments, so I like to prepare for anything! I perform all services, including cosmetic lasers, but specialize in Botox injections, dermal filler injections, and one of our newest treatments—platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP has been used for many years in sports medicine and dentistry to speed up injury healing, but we’re just now learning that it also has many uses in cosmetic medicine including feminine rejuvenation, hair re-growth and collagen production. I’ll have days of doing just micropen/PRP, then days of mostly injectables, followed by a stretch of laser, injectables, and PRP. My favorite treatments to give are PRP anything, dermal lip fillers, and Halo hybrid fractional laser because the results from all of these are incredible. I also enjoy attending many extra events, such as Skin Scene, and lectures for our cosmetic laser students. My day seems to always be busy!

11:00 am A lot of my clients ask me how I got into cosmetic nursing. When I made the decision, I’d been staying at home, taking care of my infant son after having worked oncology at a hospital. It seemed like the perfect time to switch areas in my career. There were many things about oncology nursing that were meaningful to me—but the best part was my patients. I had to learn so many aspects of life itself, and how to put my knowledge of medicine and the human body into reality. I enjoyed the rush of eventful nights. On the other hand, there was such an overload of patients at one time, and it was difficult trying to juggle which task to do first.

1:00 pm Being able to perform so many different types of medical aesthetics treatments really makes the day go fast. I attended laser certification classes first, then followed with injectables training the following month. I enjoyed both experiences, and seeing firsthand the level of expertise of my instructors pushed me to continue in this field. I was thrilled when NLI CEO/Owner Louis asked if I would like to work for him part-time, getting my foot in the door at the company, so that I could showcase my overall talent. I’ve been with NLI now for two years.

3:00 pm Getting client feedback is so important. One of my best clients, who spends a lot of money with us, will typically get whatever treatment(s) I suggest for her because she knows she can trust me. She once reached out to Louis and said that she’d been to the “best of the best” cosmetic nurses—even in Beverly Hills—and overall, I was the person who had helped her achieve results beyond her expectations. Now, that’s a dream client!

5:00 pm While I love what I’m doing today, in 3-5 years, I hope I gain popularity as both an injector and educator. It’s very rewarding, educating students and also clients on the many different aspects of skin care. I’m also hoping to have, or be in the process of, becoming a nurse practitioner—and maybe even owning my own medical spa!

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