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Dreaming of a Career Change? 5 Reasons You’re Stuck in a Blah Job

Reasons To Consider a Career ChangeAt National Laser Institute, we know that change can be scary. In fact, we often hear our med spa clients say, “I’ve felt embarrassed by my acne/excessive hair/wrinkles/sun damage for a long time, but was scared nothing would help!”

We’ve also heard prospective students at our cosmetic laser training institute say, “I’ve wanted a career change for years, but was afraid to make a change!”

Sometimes, taking that first step toward something new—even when it includes a potentially desirable outcome—can seem like an unfathomable leap, one so far outside your comfort zone that it’s just “easier” to Stay. Where. You. Are. Except that you’re not happy there. Now what?!

5 Reasons You’re Stuck in a Blah Job

There are some fairly common excuses (er, we mean reasons) why people get “stuck” in their blah, ho-hum and meaningless jobs. Let’s take a look at five of those reasons and how you can kick them to the curb so that you, too, can get one step closer to your dream job:

  1. “What if I fail?”

This is an inherent fear of being human. After all, what if we announce our grand plans to the world and nothing ends up happening as a result? But the idea of failure is something that we sometimes rush into. In truth, “failure” is quite far down the line from first taking “action”. And failure, if you think about it, also has a positive side: It forces us to regroup and try harder.

Also, if you’re going to ask, “What if I fail?” then you also must ask, “What if I succeed?” What would that look like, and what steps would be necessary to achieve success? Are you committed to your plan? If the answer is an emphatic “YES”, then you’re ready for a change.

  1. “I’m too old.”

No way! These days, 50 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30—which means 30 is the new 20. You’re never too old to turn dreams into reality, and our students represent almost every decade of life, from just about every background you can imagine. The world is full of inspiring stories of people who embraced the notion that “age really is just a number” and forged ahead.

Did you know that fashion mogul Vera Wang was a journalist and figure skater when she turned to design at age 40? Or that actor Samuel L. Jackson was a social worker before he scored his breakout role in Jungle Fever—at age 43? Or that Julia Child wrote her first cookbook at 50?!

  1. “I don’t know what I’m passionate about!”

This one’s tricky because the truth is, most of us do know what we’re passionate about but we’re afraid we’ll be judged for it. Ask yourself the following questions and be honest with your answers:

  • What activities do I look forward to? (Engaging with people, hearing their stories, helping others out, spending time alone, organizing, etc.)
  • What energizes me? (Oftentimes, these are the very same things we look forward to)
  • What do I engage in where I’m not watching the clock, where the time just seems to fly by?
  • What makes me feel “off” when I’m not doing it?

The old saying, “Find something you love to do, then figure out a way to get paid doing it” isn’t just a “saying.” It’s the key to a meaningful career and living a life you love!

  1. “Can I make enough money doing what I love?”

There are a few ways to deal with this legitimate concern (however, not doing anything isn’t one of them):

  • Do your research: Is there growth in the industry? Are there opportunities for individual advancement or growth? Is this something you could do for many years?
  • Are there ways I could enhance my potential salary? Can I offer my services at other venues? Can I partner with others? Can I use marketing to spread the word about my business?
  • While I’m getting my new career up-and-running, what expenses can I cut back on so that I feel comfortable about my decision?
  1. “I don’t know where to start.”

Sometimes, the first step includes simply picking up the phone, or asking a friend for advice, or emailing someone who might be able to provide you with insight. You don’t necessarily need to quit your job today and change everything overnight. But you owe it to yourself to take that first, small step toward something that you truly do feel passionate about.

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