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Why Estheticians Seek Out Laser Training

laser technician

The word of anti aging and skin care is evolving. Advancements in technology have made skin care results faster and more effective than ever. Most of this is thanks to cosmetic laser technology. Throughout the last decade cosmetic laser technology has improved significantly, making the appeal for treatments very high.

Many estheticians have sought out cosmetic laser training in order to keep up with skin care trends. They know that they can benefit financially by offering clients both waxing and laser hair removal, or chemical peels and IPL photofacials. It’s all a matter of preference when it comes to client’s needs, but receiving training to keep up with skin care advancements in this industry can only help–not hurt.

The financial benefits of offering cosmetic laser treatments can be significant. One treatment of laser hair removal may cost a client anywhere from $75 – $200 while waxing may only bring in $40 per customer. For the client unhappy with wrinkles, radio frequency can cost $400 – $800 and show dramatically rejuvenated results.

Many estheticians are also discovering that cosmetic laser training to have when seeking out a new career. Places who are looking to hire skin care specialists may also prefer if estheticians know how to successfully and safely use cosmetic laser technology to treat clients.

“I highly recommend laser training for anyone interested in laser technology,” Merilee Cook, graduate of National Laser Institute says. “I attempted to find employment as an esthetician but was continuously told I lacked experience. I decided to further my education by becoming a cosmetic laser tech. Within two weeks of completing the courses at the National Laser Institute I found employment as a laser technician and esthetician. I was awed with the organization, knowledge and professionalism of the staff. They go above and beyond in regards to hands-on training, clarifying questions and always ensuring that students are comfortable. I feel I owe my career to National Laser Institute, and I will be forever grateful.”

Estheticians like Merilee can earn cosmetic laser training in two weeks with National Laser Institute’s comprehensive laser course. Led by the very best cosmetic laser experts, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons in this industry, estheticians will learn everything they need to know about cosmetic laser technology. This includes laser safety training, the Fitzpatrick scale, skin and tissue interactions, and more. Estheticians will also gain hands-on clinical experience in this course. They will treat a wide variety of clients in a luxury medical spa environment. This course covers in-demand laser technology like laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation, radio frequency skin tightening, laser acne reduction, laser stretch mark removal, and more.

National Laser Institute was the first to pioneer the cosmetic laser training curriculum. This laser school has been around for over a decade and has trained countless estheticians, cosmetologists, medical professionals, and those seeking a career change. To discover how you can enhance your skill set with cosmetic laser training, simply call 800-982-6817 or fill out the form on your right.