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Job Search Tips: Pursue A Connection Culture

According to Forbes magazine, unhappy employees outnumber happy employees by two to one worldwide.  While you may be thinking about how you can impress a prospective employer when you go in for a job interview, have you considered they need to impress you too?

According to Connection Culture, a book written by Michael Lee Stallard, strong leadership is based on the universal human need to feel connected to a group (which is in contrast to feeling unsupported, left out or lonely).   The book describes a connection culture that helps people and organizations thrive versus cultures of control and cultures of indifference that drain the life out of people and sabotage organizational performance.

The culture of the medical spa or doctor’s office you choose to work in will affect your productivity, health, and happiness as a medical esthetician.  When interviewing for your dream cosmetic laser technician job, your primary goal should be to determine if the culture is the right fit for you.  You need to discover if the office has a culture of control, a culture of indifference, or a culture of connection.  After all of the time and money you have invested in laser training to earn your Laser Certification at the National Laser Institute, you will want to pursue an employment opportunity within a connection culture. By doing so, you will increase your chances of finding happiness in your dream job.

Job Search: Pursue A Connection Culture

Job Search: Pursue A Connection Culture


Job Search Tips: Pursue A Connection Culture


Leading up to your interview, you will want to look at websites like to determine what the past and present employees have to say about the culture of your prospective employer.  With a motto like “Get hired. Love your job.” is a great resource to help you do just that.  Keep in mind, not all reviews are accurate as previous employees may give a poor review because they are disgruntled.  However, if you find most employees are satisfied with the medical spa or doctor’s office, make your interview count and put your best foot forward to get the job.

First Impression

A good indicator of office culture is how warmly you are received by the reception staff when you arrive.  What is your first impression? Did you arrive to find a waiting area where you are all alone with no one to greet you for several minutes?  Or is the waiting area filled with upset clients?  Chances are this office does not have a strong connection culture but rather a culture of indifference.  On the other hand, if you are immediately greeted by a cheerful, empathetic staff member who is expecting you, knows your name, asks you how your day is going, and offers you a bottle of water, the office likely has a connection culture.

The Interview

When you are called to the back office to interview with your prospective boss, observe their demeanor. Do they give you eye contact, are they smiling and do they know your name?  If you answer yes to this question, chances are your future supervisor is more than just a task-oriented manager who pushes paper.  This person is likely a leader who has fostered a connection culture by caring for people and not only the task at hand.

While your interviewer will ask you about your work history, education, and experience, at the end of the interview they will likely ask if you have any questions.  If they do not, this may be cause for concern as the leader of a true connection culture will value your voice.  If your prospective boss does most of the talking without engaging with you in open-ended dialog, they may be the type of manager who fosters a culture of control.   If you are invited to ask questions, it is important to ask the right ones to determine if the culture is the right fit for you.  You never want to accept a job without this knowledge because your happiness is at stake.


After your interview, visit and take their quiz “What Culture Do You Work In” to determine if the office you are considering has a connection culture or not. You can use your interview experience and try to imagine yourself as an employee as you answer the questions.  Always take some time after the interview to complete your research to verify if the medical spa or doctor’s office has a connection culture or not.    You can follow up with a phone call if you have additional questions.  Be sure to go with your instincts.  If your overall impression is one of a connection culture, and it seems like the right fit, congratulations! You should consider accepting the job if it has been offered!

We wish you every success in your quest for landing your dream job. Tap into the power of the human connection, and pursue a connection culture in which you can thrive.  

If you’d like to learn more about National Laser Institute or our comprehensive laser training course, simply call 800-982-6817 or fill out our form on the right.  We hope you get hired and love your job!