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Landing Laser Tech Jobs Post-Graduation

laser technician jobs

You’ve completed your cosmetic laser training and are ready to land your dream job. Where should you begin to look? How strongly should you network? How should you prepare for interviews? We’re here to help you discover how you can land your ideal laser career.

The Job Hunt

1. Where To Look

There are really excellent career websites that are consistently being updated with laser technician and medical esthetician job opportunities. These include Indeed, Monster, Simply Hired, and more. National Laser Institute’s Graduate Services Department networks with laser clinics, spas, and other beauty businesses across the nation to bring graduates between 200-500 job leads each month. Remember, submitting your applications is all a numbers game. The more you submit, the more likely you are to land an interview.

2. What If My Dream Job Isn’t Hiring?

We think that shouldn’t stop you from making introductions. This doesn’t have to be over the phone. In fact, it’s sometimes better in person! If you’re friendly and enthusiastic about potential job opportunities, sometimes the staff will accept your application, resume, and cover letter and keep it on file. If someone leaves the company, they’ll already have your information and a memorable face to go along with it!

Other times companies won’t hire for cosmetic laser technicians because they don’t own or rent the equipment necessary to provide these services. We’ve seen dozens of laser technicians negotiate rental agreements and commissions by pitching the idea of adding cosmetic lasers to a company’s beauty business. Be enthusiastically persistent!

Here is one testimonial from graduate Victoria Ferraro who didn’t give up and landed a stellar job:

“I interviewed, I emailed, I called just about everyone in my state. I “planted seeds” so to speak by taking chances & meeting with employers that weren’t advertising hiring. By doing so, that’s how I landed a job and was hired ON THE SPOT! I don’t think neither the employer, nor I could have been so confident in myself if it weren’t for me getting the hands on experience with lasers at The National Laser Institute.”

3. Networking

A good way to make connections and meet people in the industry is through networking. You can get to know other cosmetic laser technicians, estheticians, and skin care specialists in your area through meet ups or events. National Laser Institute’s Skin Scene is a great way to meet others interested in the cosmetic laser market as well as industry professionals. You never know what kinds of connections lead to job opportunities!

The Interviews

1. Make a Good Impression

It sounds like a given, but you want to be sure you don’t give off any bad vibes. Be on time. Be professional–no talking about negative baggage or bringing up what you hated about your coworkers at your last job. Be friendly and enthusiastic to everyone, even the receptionist. Dress professionally even if you think the business dress code is casual. And finally, practice! Read over these 50 most common interview questions and see if you can perfectly articulate great answers.

2. Ask the Right Questions

Usually someone will ask, “do you have any questions for me?” at the end of your interview. It’s always good to ask at least one. Stay away from asking about vacation time of sick day pay. Instead try asking things like, “what makes a person successful in this role” or “what’s your favorite thing about working for this company?”

3. Follow Up

Technology has made email extremely assessable–which isn’t always a good thing. It’s always good to send a thank you for the opportunity note, but it may get lost in the hiring managers massive inbox. Instead try sending a simple thank you card right away. You’ll want to do this right after the interview so it’s received by the office fairly quickly. Handwritten notes aren’t as common as they used to, and it’s always nice to open mail that isn’t bills!

If it’s been a week since you’ve heard from the job you applied for, follow up by either call or email. Usually calling will get you a quicker reply. Remember to be polite about it, too. Remind them of your name, what position you interviewed for, and state that you were curious of the status of the position.

Other Resources

1. Spruce Up Your Resume

You need to have an updated, clean and organized resume ready to submit to potential employers. This is something that shouldn’t be thrown together and something you spend time perfecting. For further information, we recommend reading our most helpful resume tips.

2. National Laser Institute’s Medical Aesthetics Online Library

Graduates of National Laser Institute have access to our online medical aesthetic library, which hosts thousands of pages of resources. You’ll find detailed information on how to interview for cosmetic laser technician positions from NLI’s President, Louis Silberman.

3. Graduate Services

National Laser Institute offers its Graduate Services department for graduates. On top of sending you job leads, they can help you with any questions you may have about the industry.

National Laser Institute was the first to pioneer the cosmetic laser training curriculum and has been educating students for over a decade. You can become a cosmetic laser technician in two weeks or less with our comprehensive laser training course. To learn more, simply call 800-982-6817.