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Laser Tattoo Removal Proves To Be An Inspiring Career Choice

laser tattoo removal technician

Typical laser tattoo removal clients come in to remove old ink for a variety of reasons. It could be job related or because they don’t want painful reminders of an ex lover. Whatever the reason, laser tattoo removal has proved to be a very successful industry. But many people choose to go down this career path for a more rewarding reason: to change someone’s life.

Laser tattoo removal technicians can also be a work of heart. There are many laser tattoo removal programs out there that benefit people who want to better themselves. Laser tattoo removal technicians have helped battered women’s shelters, former inmates and gang members, and even cancer survivors receive a fresh start. After chemo, many cancer survivors want to rid the permanent ink used to mark radiation targeting. Laser tattoo removal technicians also help former inmates and gang members change their lives by ridding unwanted ink.

Many laser tattoo removal technicians offer these services for free in order to give back. But regular clients will pay thousands of dollars in order to rid ink. Because tattoos cannot be removed with one laser tattoo removal treatment, many are required in order to see permanent results. These treatments are usually spaced 4-5 weeks apart and can cost anywhere from $75 – $200+ per treatment (and depending on the tattoo’s size). Because laser tattoo removal only takes fifteen minutes or less, laser tattoo removal technicians are able to treat dozens of clients per day.

Many people aren’t aware that it only takes two weeks or less to become a laser tattoo removal technician. National Laser Institute–the leading laser school in the nation–offers hands-on laser tattoo removal training courses. Led by leading laser technicians and industry experts, you can learn how to safely and effectively use cosmetic laser technology to remove all types of tattoos.

National Laser Institute’s laser tattoo removal training course covers fundamental information like laser safety, skin and tissue interaction, different skin types and lasers, client consultations, the Fitzpatrick scale, and hands-on laser tattoo removal training with scheduled clients in a luxury medical spa.

National Laser Institute trains countless laser tattoo removal technicians each year. From there, techs will typically find careers in medical spas, laser clinics, tattoo parlors, dermatology clinics, or open up their own business.Becoming a laser tattoo removal technician requires you to work with dozens of clients each day, so it’s rewarding career for those who enjoy getting to know clients and building relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more about a career as a laser tattoo removal technician or want to find out more about National Laser Institute’s laser tattoo removal courses, simply call 800-982-6817.