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Laser Training Clinics

laser training clinics

When you decide to invest your time and money in an aesthetic laser training program, you want to be sure you are getting the best education for your dollar.

After all, your training is supposed to prepare you for a career outside the boundaries of your school’s campus. In order to have the best chance at success, you need to be adequately prepared.

Classroom training is important. There are key words and definitions to learn, procedures to read about, and anatomy to memorize. Classroom training gives you the opportunity to ask questions and prepare yourself for the exams you will have to pass to become a cosmetic laser tech. The best laser training courses provide structured classroom time and one-on-one contact with instructors.

Attend Hands-on Laser Training Clinics

At National Laser Institute, we provide just that sort of classroom training. However, we take it a step further. We also provide our students with laser training clinics. At these clinics, you can practice the skills you learned in the classroom in a real world setting on actual clients.

Our clinics take place at our on-site medical spa, where clients come to receive discount services provided by students. You simply cannot beat this kind of practical experience.

Laser Courses at National Laser Institute

At National Laser Institute, we offer you a variety of laser training courses to choose from. Our most in-demand laser course is the comprehensive laser, which includes hands-on training with popular services like laser hair removal, IPL photofacials, radiofrequency skin tightening, laser tattoo removal, and more. To browse through our course descriptions, view the options below. We also offer night classes!

Laser Classroom/Didactic (5-Day)

Laser Hair Removal Course (8-Day)

Comprehensive Laser (14-Day)

Core Training Course (8-Day)

Just Tattoo Removal

Chemical Peels (1-Day)

Most laser hair removal technicians would agree that training clinics are an invaluable educational resource. Find out for yourself.

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