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The Facts of Success: Laser Training, Treatments, and Testimonials

Fact: the medical esthetic industry is a billion dollar marketplace. Fact: thousands of people receive laser training and injectable training each year. Fact: the medical esthetic  Facts and statistics are hard evidence of success, which is why we’re giving you solid information explaining why the medical esthetics industry is continuing to grow.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments range anywhere from laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, laser acne reduction, laser tattoo removal, and more. Last year, Americans spent over 4 million dollars on nonsurgical treatments and statistics show us that between 2011 and 2012, laser skin resurfacing treatments increased 25%. There were over 8 million nonsurgical procedures last year with one of the most requested as laser hair removal. This clearly shows us there is an increasing trend in clients purchasing cosmetic laser services.

Laser Training

In many states, you must be a medical professional to operate cosmetic lasers. However, other states allow those who have obtained a high school diploma or GED to receive laser training in order to perform treatments. But do clients really care who performs their treatment, or are they just hoping for the best price possible? Statistics show us that 93% of people base their treatment priority on the person’s training and expertise versus the price of the treatment. This shows us that laser training is still important no matter who is firing a laser, whether it be a laser technician or medical professional. In fact, 47% of clients said they would receive laser treatments based off of a physician’s recommendation. Looking for quality laser training? Check out National Laser Institute.

Laser Testimonials

National Laser Institute has many success stories when it comes to laser training. To name a few:

I graduated from National Laser Institute in January of 2010. I have been working as a laser tech since March of 2010 out in Reno, Nevada. I do everything from tattoo removal to laser hair removal. I have been very successful and love working with lasers. I learned so much by coming to your school. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had the best experience and I tell everyone that wants to get in this field to go to National Laser Institute. All of your staff were so great and so smart. They really do an amazing job. You really do have a wonderful program and it is a dream of mine to teach some day. Thank you so much!

– Brooke Daisley

Going to National Laser Institute was one of the best decisions of my life! I learned so much here not only about the field of lasers, but also about marketing ideas, patience care, and the laser industry as a whole. I am excited and feel extremely prepared to start my laser career. Thank you so much!

-Lyndsay Armstrong

National Laser Institute is the leader in the medical aesthetics industry and pioneered the laser training curriculum for laser schools across the nation.

To learn more about laser treatments or laser training, please call 800-982-6817.