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Laser Training Isn’t Just a Women’s Industry

When most people picture medical spas, they may picture female laser technicians in posh or feminine type of environment. Men may think that it’s not manly to receive treatments that’s intended toward females, but that’s actually not the case. Although there are more female clients than male at National Laser Institute, the medical aesthetics industry is not dominated by strictly women. In fact, many male doctors, nurses, and guys who want to switch careers in general have sought out the laser training industry in order to start making more money without the hassle of insurance.

Laser training involves using the new and most advanced cosmetic laser treatments on clients, from laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, cellulite reduction, laser wrinkle reduction, laser acne reduction, and many more. In this day and age, people want treatments that are fast, effective, and affordable. The laser training industry offers clients just that. Compared to plastic surgery, which requires a lot of downtime, is expensive, and very drastic, cosmetic laser treatments prove to provide desirable results without the wait.

It’s not just women who are involved in the industry, though. Many men come to be laser trained in order to take their new expertise back to dermatology offices, doctors offices, or medical spas. Some men have even started their own medical spa business, and some have even gone and added specific expertise–like laser tattoo removal training–to their tattoo shop to generate a larger income.

Laser training doesn’t take up a large portion of time, either. People who want a fast career change into the health and beauty industry tend to receive medical aesthetics training first. Compared to aesthetician school, laser training only takes between 1-2 weeks whereas aesthetician education can take months.

Men can come receive laser training at National Laser Institute, where they’ll be able to receive hands-on training with the most advanced, state-of-the art equipment and practice on scheduled clients. Likewise, we’ve generated a number of outstanding student reviews.

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