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The Perfect Job for Stay-At-Home Moms Reentering The Workforce

Careers for Moms Reentering The Workforce

Perhaps it’s been five, ten, fifteen, or maybe even twenty years since you’ve jumped right back on that workhorse. Reentering the job market can be scary and a little intimidating–especially if you aren’t sure your prior career choice was right for you.

“If during your career break you realize you were not in the right career to begin with, your career break is a time to do some exploration and alternate activities in a new area that may allow you to relaunch your career in an entirely new direction when ready to return,” Carol Fisherman Cohen told the Washington Post.

Many moms want to feel passionate about the next career they choose. This might be why the anti aging and beauty industry appears so attractive. Thanks to cosmetic laser technology, this market has been able to dramatically expand. Noninvasive cosmetic services don’t come with the high risks and long amounts of downtime that tend to follow cosmetic plastic surgery. Cosmetic laser technicians are capable of performing treatments in under and hour with radiant results.

The world of cosmetic laser technology is also a career choice for those who enjoy making others feel good about themselves. Laser technicians at The National Laser Institute Med Spa were capable of clearing up sixteen-year-old Kailey’s acne, which had been producing devastating effects on her self esteem. It’s such a rewarding opportunity to help rid acne–and other skin care issues–with the help of advanced laser technology, making clients like Kailey feel happy and confident about the way they look.

There is also an influx of laser wrinkle treatments available on the market, which help rejuvenating the aging appearance by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Both men and women enjoy seeing a more youthful appearance when they look in the mirror, and cosmetic laser technology is one of the fastest ways of giving them that joy.

Cosmetic laser technicians were named as one of the hottest jobs in 2014. For moms ready to reenter the job market, we have good news. It only takes two weeks of cosmetic laser training in order to begin working as a cosmetic laser technician in this booming field, making it the perfect career choice for moms who want a rewarding work environment.

In most states, moms will either need to have earned a high school diploma or GED prior to enrolling in laser training. National Laser Institute’s two week comprehensive laser training course fully prepares people who’ve never stepped foot in this industry on how to perform cosmetic laser treatments. This is achieved through classroom education with multiple different expert laser technician instructors, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons as well as through hands-on clinical training in a luxury medical spa where students will perform a variety of cosmetic laser treatments on clients.

This comprehensive laser training course includes learning in-demand treatments like laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, cellulite reduction, IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation, radiofrequency skin tightening, laser stretch mark removal, laser acne reduction, and many more.

In 2013, the ASAPS reported that laser hair removal and photorejuvenation treatments were in the top five most received services with over 1 million treatments combined throughout the United States.

National Laser Institute is a cosmetic laser school who pioneered the cosmetic laser training curriculum. They have trained countless individuals for over a decade.

To learn more about the comprehensive laser training course or National Laser Institute, simply call 800-982-6817.