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Student Spotlight – Lindsey T. Had a Cosmetic Laser Dream…and Followed It!

National Laser Institute Alumni

Working as an aesthetician at a beautiful resort spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, sounds pretty dreamy to begin with, right? After all, what’s not to love about nearly perfect weather, a resort-style working environment and doing a job that you absolutely love?

But Lindsey T. had her focus on something else—cosmetic lasers. And thanks to the extensive research she did before making any educational decisions, she knew that the medical aesthetics industry is a booming one.

In 2015 alone, there were about 14.2 million cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures performed, with continued growth projected.

Lindsey’s research is also what brought her as a student to National Laser Institute. “I had always been interested in expanding my education and experience in the field,” she says.

When asked what most surprised her about National Laser Institute, she says, “I knew the course was going to be comprehensive, but I had no idea until I started just how much you learn in a short amount of time. It was great!”

Any other pleasant surprises? “I was also really happy with the marketing seminar component that the company’s owner, Louis Silberman, teaches.”

For those who may not know, National Laser Institute’s Comprehensive Laser Course includes a marketing seminar so that graduates have all of the information they need to succeed upon graduation—whether they go to work for someone else or themselves.

And speaking of preparation, Lindsey has some excellent words of advice for anyone considering a career in cosmetic lasers: “Make sure you get the training you need! You will leave NLI with all the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed in an ever-growing and demanding field!”

(Quick sidebar: National Laser Institute’s courses include intensive classroom instruction, designed to give students an in-depth knowledge of skin care mechanics, the fundamentals of how lasers work, clinical applications in the industry, and promote an understanding of laser safety. Students are taught not only the fundamentals of laser physics but also the importance of the Fitzpatrick scale in laser usage. They perform many hours of hands-on training in a supervised classroom setting.

Additionally, a variety of experts in the field educate students on the business side of the laser industry such as client screening and candidacy, safety protocols, and treatment applications.)

Lindsey’s dream, however, didn’t stop on graduation day. “My first job after graduating was at a beautiful, high-end medical spa with locations—one in Scottsdale and the other in Paradise Valley, Arizona. It was amazing! I was there for a year before I decided to move to Colorado. Once there, I found a plastic surgery office/medical spa in my hometown of Boulder. Again,” she says, “I needed to be pinched!”

She’s been with that company for about three years now as the only service provider who performs all the skin and laser services including laser hair removal, laser vein removal, Laser Genesis, resurfacing, IPL, peels, microneedling, CoolSculpting and dermaplaning.

This busy lady sums it up, shortly and sweetly: “I love what I do!” The best part of her job is when she’s able to completely transform her clients’ skin for the better, whether it’s improving scarring from acne, sun damage, or just “good ole anti-aging.” Being able to play an important part in bringing someone’s confidence back is incredibly rewarding, she says.

But don’t think that Lindsey’s going to rest on her laurels anytime soon. She sees herself one day teaching in the industry, along with continuing to expand her own knowledge as new technologies emerge.

In the meantime, when she isn’t working hard, you’ll find her at the gym, taking her dog to dog parks, getting together with friends or curling up on the couch with a movie and well-deserved glass of wine. That sounds pretty darn dreamy, too.

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