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Student Spotlight: Sarah Hennerich Starts Off 2016 with New Cosmetic Laser Career!

Sarah Hennerich Edited

Boy, do we love a success story and recent National Laser Institute graduate Sarah Hennerich’s exciting new cosmetic laser career is one that we’re thrilled about!

Just last year, Sarah obtained her esthetician’s license and while she really enjoyed her new job at a hair salon and spa, this go-getter knew she wanted to take her education further. After researching options in the skin care industry, which she had fallen in love with, she stumbled upon the cosmetic laser side of it. A little more research using “best laser school” as an Internet search term luckily brought Sarah to us. “After reading about National Laser Institute and especially after reading all its positive reviews, I didn’t even hesitate sending in my name and number, requesting more information,” she says. “Just a couple days later, I was enrolled!”

And Sarah has no plans for slowing down anytime soon, adding: “Pursuing my education is something I will always want to do. There are always new and exciting things to learn in this industry and that is what I love about it. Becoming a cosmetic laser technician was the next step in my journey to success.”

When asked what her biggest surprise about National Laser Institute was, she says this: “My biggest surprise was how encouraging the staff was. Each and everyone who works there truly wants every student that walks thru their doors so succeed. It was so nice to have a helpful and encouraging hand everywhere I turned. NLI truly blew my expectations of education out of the water as well. They are thorough in their didactic courses and help you understand everything to the best of their ability! I was also amazed by the amount of lasers they had for the students to get their hands on. It really helped having a diverse selection since you never know what you will have to work with once you get into the real world.”

But Sarah’s success story as a cosmetic laser technician is only just beginning. Just three days after graduating from NLI and returning to her hometown, she landed a job with a dermatologist center/med spa. “I am so excited to put my laser education to good use working with laser hair reduction, laser tattoo removal, IPL Photofacials and so much more,” she says. “I am truly blessed not only to have attended NLI but I will also be forever grateful for the knowledge I gained there and the relationships I built. I made some of the best memories and will hold them near to my heart forever.”

We feel the same way about you, Sarah—and can’t wait to her hear what you do next!