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How to Create an Instagram Reel

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How to create an Instagram Reel

One of the best tools to grow your professional
instagram and gain new clients/followers!

Open instagram and click on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.
It will open up your camera roll; at the bottom right hand side click the word “reel”

There is a circle on the left hand side that has the number “30”, this is your timer button. You may change it to 15 secs, 30 secs, 60 secs, and 90 secs. Choose how long you want your reel to be.
– Or simply ignore it and it will be set at 30 secs.

The giant white circle at the bottom middle of the screen is how you will record yourself.

  • You can hold down the white circle to record yourself, you may also take as many clips as you would like
  • If you do not want to hold down the circle button to record yourself, you will click on the timer icon on the left side to use hands-free recording. It will pull up the timer and you can adjust to film however many seconds you want.

If you record your video(s) through your camera on the iphone and want to upload them to a reel, you will need to click the very bottom left hand picture with a blue “+” attached.

  • This will bring you to your camera roll, if you have only one video to use, click the one video.
  • If you have multiple videos, you will need to click “select” at the the top right hand side and click your videos in order of how you want them to appear in the video. (Chronological order).

After you are finished recording or selecting your videos from your camera roll, you can add music. You will click the music note icon at the top left side of the screen.

  • From here, you can search a song you would like to use by typing the song or artist in the search bar. If you do not have a song to choose you can browse in the selection they provide you on the music tab screen.
  • Once you find a song you want to use, click on the song. You can then pick what part of the song you want to choose for your reel.
  • Drag the audio bar on the bottom of the screen side to side to pick what part you would like.
  • Click done when finished.

Once you have finalized your audio, click “NEXT >”
From here, you can add any text you want (Aa), sticker [😃], and filters and edits [✨]

  • You can also edit your clip(s) to make them shorter or longer, delete a clip, or rearrange clips by clicking on the bottom left “(EDIT CLIPS)”.

After you are done editing, you will hit “NEXT>”
Next steps: you can write a caption, tag people, create hashtags, & add a location: WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS

On this page, you will pick your reel cover (this is what will show up on your profile). Click “EDIT COVER”.

  • You can either use a frame photo from the reel (slide the frame at the bottom of the screen to left to right to pick) OR you can pick a photo from your camera roll by clicking “add from camera roll”

Next, click “PROFILE GRID” to adjust the photo and how it will look in the square on your profile grid. Move the photo around to make it fit how you like.

  • After you are done with both, click “DONE” at the top right of the screen

When you are satisfied with how everything looks, you will click “SHARE” at the bottom right side of the screen (blue share button).

Lastly, always share your reel on your story so that more of your followers see it.

  • Go to the reel on your profile.
  • Click on the share icon
  • Click “ADD REEL TO YOUR STORY” at the bottom left side
  • Click “YOUR STORY” at the bottom left side


Now get creative!

Keep posting everyday to grow your page!