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Considering Laser Equipment?

Choosing the right laser equipment to meet your needs is a critical component to achieving success in your aesthetics practice. Unfortunately, the process for purchasing or leasing equipment can be extremely complicated and confusing, even to veterans in the industry. The countless manufactures all appear reputable and reliable; their sales reps all claim to have the best equipment available. The manufacturer’s reps will often show you research studies and back up their arguments with scientific data! With so many companies to choose from, who should you believe and how can anyone possibly make the right decision?

Our executives, instructors and technicians have tested all the biggest name companies, resulting in a slew of data on the plethora of machines. Our experienced professionals will provide you with important information to help you narrow down your choices. Our presentation will cover vital elements to consider when making your decision:

  • Efficacy: Does it work effectively? Will the devices you choose do the right job? Will they produce the results you desire?
  • Safety: Does the equipment have the proper cooling devices to safely treat your client?
  • Customer Service: When your equipment breaks down, how quickly will it be repaired and what is the process to receive loaner equipment while you wait?
  • Financial Strength of Manufacturer: Will the manufacturer support you for the long term? Are you risking your investment on a start-up or unstable company?
  • Price: We all want the most value for the lowest price. Am I getting more by paying more for a particular machine/manufacturer?

For more information on our laser courses or equipment, please call us directly at 1-800-982-6817 or fill out the contact form on the right.

Thank you for your interest,

Louis Silberman