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Olympic Athletes Turn to Laser Hair Reduction Treatments

With the Olympics happening this year, you can’t help but be curious: Do Olympic athletes use laser hair reduction treatments?

Sports like swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, track, and other skin-bearing competitions tend to have strict requirements when it comes to being hair-less.

Assuming shaving is time-consuming and leaves razor burn while waxing tends to be painful and not permanent, we can’t help but wonder if Olympians have ever tried laser hair reduction before.

Athletes Opt For Laser Hair Reduction

Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor were two Olympic champions in the 2012 Olympics this year. Their sport of choice? Volleyball. With such tiny uniforms and so much skin, Kerri told Allure magazine that she dislikes waxing.

Her ideal hair removal treatment would be lasers–specifically around her bikini line. We don’t blame her. Who wants to be self-cautious down there when you’re on national television?

“It was a glorious day when I discovered lasers,” Kerri told Allure.

Laser hair reduction treatments have become more common as of recently. In fact, over 1 million laser hair reduction treatments were performed last year, increasing a whopping 15%. Not everyone has to be a Hollywood celebrity of an Olympic champion to receive laser hair reduction, though.

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Laser Training at National Laser Institute

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