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New Research Seeks To Reverse Photoaging From UV Radiation

Our skin experiences aging over-and-above the chronological aging that our bodies do because of our skin’s direct contact with the environment.   The single environmental factor that ages our skin more than any other is UV radiation from the sun’s rays.  UV radiation causes a process called photoaging. Contrary to chronological aging, which results solely with the passage of time, photoaging transpires when skin is exposed to UV radiation again and again.

Cumulatively, the sun’s UV rays cause photoaging by damaging elastin.  This causes our skin to sag, stretch as well as to bruise and tear more easily. The consequence of photoaging is premature wrinkles, leatherlike skin, age spots, and spider veins which may present on the nose, cheeks, and neck.  Increasingly, the results of photoaging can ultimately lead to skin cancer.

New Research Seeks To Reverse Photo Aging From UV Radiation

New Research Seeks To Reverse Photo Aging From UV Radiation


With so much at stake when our skin is overexposed to UV rays, considerable progress has been made in recent years to explain the cellular and molecular mechanisms that bring about photoaging.  Researchers at Insilico Medicine are comparing the difference between cellular communication of photoaged skin versus normal, chronologically aged skin when anti-aging treatments are applied.  The goal of photoaging research is to discover new preventative and corrective anti-aging treatments.

Medical aestheticians and cosmetic laser technicians can provide anti-aging treatments to clients with proper training.  Aestheticians often seek out cosmetic laser training with the increased earning potential.  The average photofacial costs only $70, yet the average photofacial for sun damage costs over $300!

National Laser Institute is a medical aesthetics school that offers a 2-week comprehensive laser course. It encompasses a wide range of treatments, equipment, and the ultimate learning experience! Students who complete this training are prepared to work in the anti-aging industry with cosmetic lasers in any type of medical aesthetics setting, including medical spas, dermatologist’s offices, plastic surgeon’s offices, and other medical practices.

It’s never too late to start a career in the anti-aging industry. To learn more about our cosmetic laser training courses or National Laser Institute, simply call 800-982-6817 or fill out our form on the right.