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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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My experience has been absolutely amazing! Everyone is so kind and the instructors are great and so knowledgeable. They made me feel confident performing each treatment.

Nicole Benton 1531 of 1724
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My experience has been a blast! I’m so glad I came here. My money was well spent and my mind was well taught. I love everyone here. Everyone of your staff are very professional and kind. Love them all.

Chanthavy Komvongsa 1532 of 1724
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Being able to attend National Laser Institute was such an honor. The instructors have taught me so much and different techniques. Every person that works here is a very caring person and I loved watching the students grow. Loved every bit of it.

Lizette Ariaz 1533 of 1724
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Coming straight into NLI from beauty school was a complete culture shock. This has truly been the greatest educational experience of my life. The staff and instructors went above and beyond in every way possible. I love NLI.

Caylee Nelson 1534 of 1724
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I think everything about this institute was amazing. The instructors were all so great, which made the days go by so fast. They were always prepared and knowledgeable. I feel confident enough to step out on own and not be super nervous. The days are long but the two weeks flew by. I wouldn't change this for anything and I am so happy I chose to come here.

Alexa Nacua 1535 of 1724
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I am proud to have completed this course and I look forward to participating in this career with confidence. I appreciate the high standard of education and emphasis on professionalism, I want to send a special thanks to Louis and Stacy for making this all possible and putting forth the effort into coordinating and making this experience so wonderful for all of us!

Joshua McCleaft 1536 of 1724
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NLI has changed my life. Not only coming out here for two weeks not knowing anyone but for my future. Everything has been great from the teachers to the classes. I feel as if I learned more than enough to be successful. I cannot wait to get out in the real world with the knowledge I have after attending. Coming to NLI was the best decision I've made thus far.

Taylor Graham 1537 of 1724
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The National Laser Institute has a very unique way of teaching giving each student special one on one training from the book, power points and slides, to answering students questions. Each teacher has been amazing!

Nicole Fasick 1538 of 1724
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It has been a very exciting and educational experience. The staff and instructors are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. I would recommend NLI to anyone!

Kimberly Southers 1539 of 1724
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I really loved the knowledge I have gained here.

Anonymous 1540 of 1724
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NLI is second to none! They are committed to excellence and the passion and extensive expertise from the instructors has been so empowering! I feel incredibly prepared and beyond thrilled to pursue my new, amazing, in-demand, ever growing career in the medical aesthetics field. Forever grateful to all at NLI for their 2-week, life-changing, comprehensive laser course and then some!

Lauren Fadda 1541 of 1724
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Truly what a great experience! I loved all of the instructors and all for different reasons. Everyone here is very welcoming and it feels like family. I will be sad to leave but excited to start my career!

Jenny Caskey 1542 of 1724
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I knew when I toured NLI that I had to come here. What I didn't know is how much fun I would have here. It is amazing here and everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. I learned so much here and am so happy I made the decision to become a laser technician.

Amber Magallon 1543 of 1724
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I learned so much these past 15 days and I loved that each instructor is so encouraging that we contact them directly if we have any questions after graduating.

Jillena Dutter 1544 of 1724
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I enjoyed my entire experience here at NLI. It was super fun, effective, and easy to learn. I feel confident and ready to run head first into this industry.

Cyrus Morgan 1545 of 1724

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