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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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My time here at NLI was amazing. Anyone thinking about coming here, should. This place is amazing and I learned so much.

Nikki 1546 of 1631
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It was great.

Anonymous 1547 of 1631
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What made this experience unforgettable was the instructors. I was able to relate to them on so many different things, like make-up products or skin care products and everything they said was super informative. I met an amazing group of women in the staff as well as my fellow classmates. I've made friends for life!

Laura Farias 1548 of 1631
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National Laser Institute changed my life forever! I have never met a more supportive and well-educated group of women. These instructors have such a passion for this industry and it just radiates out of them. I learned so much from this course and I am forever grateful! Thank you to everyone involved with this company for educating the right way. I can't wait to begin my career and it's all thanks to National Laser Institute and their staff!

Jordan Moskowitz 1549 of 1631
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I honestly feel as if I learned so much in the short time I was here. The girls, Louis, and treatments were all incredible. I have not only gained so much knowledge, but also lifelong friends. Samantha Perrin is an incredible woman who I will always be grateful that I met. Thank you for such an amazing experience. I can't wait to continue my career with my NLI knowledge.

Halle Vanasse 1550 of 1631
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This was by far one of the best experiences! All of the girls and instructors were so friendly and welcoming. I'm very happy I chose to take this course and I'm beyond excited to see where life takes me in lasers.

Chelsea Saucier 1551 of 1631
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I am leaving this course feeling completely prepared to find a job! My confidence level is at an all time high! Each instructor was over the top knowledgeable and relatable. I honestly learned more in 8 days here than I learned in 8 months of aesthetics school!

Sarah Rodrigues 1552 of 1631
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The most frustrating segment of pursuing higher education/continuing education is having questions go unanswered. It's discovering when admissions representatives have not completed the course(s) themselves because they guess when answering questions and they mislead you by giving you unrealistic expectations. My experience at NLI was nothing like I expected. It was one thousand times better! I chose NLI because of their level of accreditation. Knowing that I would have that much more confidence with a certificate brandishing that name brand. I loved the inclusiveness provided by my educators and peers, in an environment where I expected the polar opposite (of inclusiveness). I now want to pursue the business, hands-on, and educational aspects of this industry. This career change has never felt more "right"!

Lauren Johnson 1553 of 1631
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National Laser Institute was a great experience! I feel like I've learned a lot, I did not know anything about laser treatments prior to this course and I'm so impressed with the procedures I've learned this week. The instructors are amazing and very knowledgeable in the field. Very impressive! I am very happy with my experience with National Laser Institute.

Rachel Glavey 1554 of 1631
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Great experience with NLI, one of the best so far in my nursing career. Not only are you educated on the latest aesthetic techniques, but also on this industry. The teachers are absolute experts in their practice and look forward to teaching their passion. It is a joy walking into class everyday knowing you will have an amazing day.

Dezarae Rossi 1555 of 1631
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My 8 day training with NLI far exceeded my expectations. This was an incredible experience and I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity. The technical information was presented in a format that was easy and fun to learn. The instructors were professional, enthusiastic and fun! I will walk away with many friends and the knowledge I need to open my own med spa.

Kristyn Raimond 1556 of 1631
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I loved everything about NLI! The teachers, education, owner, and management were so amazing! I learned so much and feel comfortable about treating clients safely. I would love to work at NLI one day!

Kendall Britt 1557 of 1631
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OMG! My experience here at NLI has been amazingly outstanding. I truly appreciate the learning environment and the professional, well informed staff and educators. So very happy I came to NLI.

Licia Jackson 1558 of 1631
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I had a wonderful time at NLI! The instructors here know what they are talking about! They are very educated and thorough! They are so passionate about this industry! It makes me super excited to excel in my career! Everyone is so kind and they really want to see you exceed and that makes you feel better! The days are long and hard but with the positive energy NLI brings, I was excited to come to school everyday! Thank you NLI for an amazing education and experience!

Kayelee Parker 1559 of 1631
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I was nervous to come to NLI after having a bad experience at esthetic school, but there was no need. The instructors here actually care about my education and that type of environment made my time here fun and enjoyable. I never want to leave!

Ellen Poston 1560 of 1631

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