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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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My experience at NLI has been amazing, I love the instructors. I feel very well trained on the machines and am ready to go out in the real world.

Olivia Eastus 1561 of 1631
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It was awesome. I enjoyed enjoyed every moment here from the didactic to the clinicals. The teachers are amazing and very patient with you. They take their time with each and every student.

Kailen White 1562 of 1631
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Wonderful learning experience! I learned so much in such a little time! All the staff and instructors were so heart felt and you can really tell they care about their job! I can't wait to get out into the real world and learn it all. Thank you!

Anonymous 1563 of 1631
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Thank you Stacy, Erin, Kellie, and Elly. It was a great time with you. Your professionalism and patience gave me confidence. I feel that everything I learned from you is a solid base for improving myself in this business.

Ildiko Knoll 1564 of 1631
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It was a great experience, very knowledgeable, helpful people.

Angelina Grin 1565 of 1631
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If you love health and beauty and want to learn more about it and get into aesthetics, I highly recommend this course! It's a good starting point and/or furthering point into your career. Very interesting to learn about and very cool. Awesome, funny instructors! Had a lot of fun! Going to miss everyone!

Ashley Creighton 1566 of 1631
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It was an overall wonderful, educational, intense course. I learned a lot in the short period. I enjoyed my instructors. They kept it fun but knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for your time and all you have taught us. I'm very excited to get in the field and get my trainings perfected.

Anonymous 1567 of 1631
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I personally couldn't have chosen a better school. From my experience, to the teachers, didactic and hands on, I feel extremely comfortable going out and finding a job. The instructors never made you feel stupid for asking questions. They were super encouraging. I hope to be as great, well rounded, and well versed as them. I'm extremely happy that I was referred to this program.

Briana Wood 1568 of 1631
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Thank you NLI for this amazing experience. I enjoyed every day of this course and the clinicals. I'm so happy that I chose to come here for my education and I can not wait to get started in my new career.

Vanessa Mardones 1569 of 1631
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Came here instead of the laser course that was held at my aesthetics school because  of the ample amounts of hands-on laser usage with different lasers that drew me here. Also, I heard the education is better than any other.

Morgan Creen 1570 of 1631
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I had a wonderful time at NLI! The instructors here know what they're talking about! They are very educated and thorough! They are so passionate about this industry! It makes me super excited to excel in my career! Every is so kind and they really want to see you succeed and that makes you feel better! The days are long and hard but with the positive energy NLI brings I was excited to come to school everyday! Thank you NLI for an amazing education and experience!

Kaylee Parker 1571 of 1631
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I am 66 years young - This is my 3rd career. I am happy that I made it to this training, I love learning something different.

Gabriala DiBella 1572 of 1631
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It was a great learning experience. I learned a lot about lasers and the different treatments. Kellie is a wonderful teacher and is great at helping you understand everything.

Anonymous 1573 of 1631
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Overall great learning experience.

Tanya Balbi 1574 of 1631
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I am so happy and satisfied that I chose NLI for my laser training. The course flew by in nine days. I can't believe it is over already. The staff was very informative and helpful. They knew their "stuff". Being an ex-teacher, I appreciated the teaching techniques by giving examples and using fun analogies to describe the lasers! Not only was everyone well educated on lasers, they were awesome to work with. I will miss everyone I met and want to thank NLI for the experience!

Keri Russo-Sanguigni 1575 of 1631

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