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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

1576 of 1631

I learned a lot of techniques and machines I never knew about before. It was amazing and all the teachers were very nice, sweet, friendly, and honest. I appreciate every one very much. I loved meeting everyone in my group, they were very fun.

Anonymous 1576 of 1631
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I had such an amazing experience here. I feel that my knowledge about the aesthetics industry has expanded tremendously since being here and I have truly learned so much about lasers. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone (especially my fellow aestheticians) looking to expand their knowledge and further their careers. The instructors and staff are all wonderful and helpful. Overall I had a great time!

Morgan Garner 1577 of 1631
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Amazing school! I learned so much! Didn't even feel like school. Would recommend to anyone!

Ariel D. Ryan 1578 of 1631
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Best decision of my life. I feel so comfortable with going out into the real world and doing these treatments! Thank you to everyone at NLI.

Niki Alexander 1579 of 1631
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Such an amazing experience. Great vibes and personalities all around. Loved every second.

Anonymous 1580 of 1631
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My experience at NLI was great, everyone was always very helpful! They made sure if we needed any help with anything they were there for us. The only thing I would change would be to give a day off in between.

Maiyella Fitz 1581 of 1631
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Everyone from signing up to get into class, to asking questions before starting, were so helpful. After starting, the teachers were great, helping make sure you go far and have an amazing career.

Jorddann White 1582 of 1631
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National Laser Institute not only taught me the ins and outs of the technology, but to be confident while performing. The course was very interactive and helped me shape my future. 10/10 would recommend.

Jessica Velazquez 1583 of 1631
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I loved the positive energy all the staff and instructors have. Awesome morale! I walked in knowing nothing and I'm leaving feeling confident and excited to start my new career with lasers. Thank you!

Krystal Austria 1584 of 1631
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When I started class I thought everything would be different. I was nervous and thought what did I get myself into? Once we started and I met all the teachers and saw their teaching skills, I thought wow this is so much easier than I thought and most importantly fun! The teachers didn't leave you out or hanging. They answered every question and gave examples of everything. I'm thankful for choosing NLI as my school to become certified! I will definitely tell all my friends and family to come here for class and see and experience this themselves! This is such a great team, I loved it!!

Huda Alhamrani 1585 of 1631
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It was an extremely pleasant experience overall and I feel that I learned the core basics as well as some wonderful tips from the instructors.

Grace Collins 1586 of 1631
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I had a great time and learned so much. I love the little groups. I bonded so well with the people in my group. The instructors were so helpful and knowledgeable. Such a great experience!

Rachel Knudtson 1587 of 1631
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This was overall an amazing experience. I feel like I learned so much and can take these new skills with me on my journey to an awesome career.

Monique Lopez 1588 of 1631
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I had an amazing experience! I came to National Laser Institute with no knowledge about anything. I am leaving with a plethora full of knowledge. Not only the theory and hands-on  but also the personal stories the instructors shared with us. I totally loved their down to earthness, and their  transparency. By the end of the week they were no longer my instructors, they were a part of my family.

Lila Olivas 1589 of 1631
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I'm so happy I decided to take this course! I was nervous and debated for weeks over whether or not this course would be worth it. I'm so happy I took the leap and did it. I don't regret it at all! From the second I walked in the door for my first day, everyone was so kind, friendly, and energetic. They also are so passionate about lasers and very knowledgeable. I'm leaving National Laser Institute feeling very confident! I'm excited to take what I've learned over the past eight days and apply it to the real world. Thank you NLI!

Kelsey Higgenbotham 1590 of 1631

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