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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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All the instructors at National Laser Institute provided me with an exceptional learning experience in both the classroom and clinical portions of our curriculum. As an entrepreneur, I have learned so much from each of the instructors. National Laser Institute will always be the best laser school on this planet.

I emailed a few of my friends and told them about my wonderful experience using different laser systems to work on clients with different skin types. Thank you to all NLI staff for fulfilling my dreams! I really enjoyed working on client’s skin tightening, body contouring, hair reduction, wrinkle removal, stretch marks removal, cellulite and etc. I love NATIONAL LASER INSTITUTE FOREVER! I cannot help it—I love my school!


Victoriana Martel 151 of 2306
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The best of the best! I'm so glad I chose this school for laser training. This school gave me a lot of experience with techniques and had the best equipment. I'm very pleased! I'm so glad this school and these people were part of my life. Thank you very much!

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My experience at National Laser Institute was amazing. Not only was the course amazing, but the entire staff was as well! Everyone was positive and really seemed to enjoy their job. The instructors were very knowledgeable in every aspect of the industry and very willing to share their experiences.


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Great hands-on experience! I love participating in the hands-on and learning new techniques and tips. All the instructors are very thorough, very informative, and provide great analogies. Really fantastic experience!

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The experience I had at National Laser Institute was great! I learned so much and actually enjoyed the material we had to learn. I loved getting to know everyone and learning from each other. I learned so many things to bring to my future career. It was a life changing opportunity!

Antonia "Nia" Luna 155 of 2306
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The teachers really care about helping with learning, being repetitive if needed, and making the course as simplified as can be with lots of great information. It was a very positive learning experience!


Vicky Noll 156 of 2306
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My time here at National Laser Institute was by far the best experience I’ve ever had for school. The instructors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and they are so warm and liberating! I will recommend National Laser Institute to everyone!


Leslie Smith 157 of 2306
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What a fantastic and intelligent career move! I'm a diamond in the rough when I return to NC!

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A year ago, I decided to pursue a new career in medical aesthetics. I researched many schools and absolutely felt that National Laser Institute was the right pick for me. The minute I enrolled, I was contacted and led through the process. It was important to me that I always had a voice on the other end that was able to answer any questions or concerns. The extensive training they offered gave me knowledge, understanding and hands on skills it would take to peruse my new career.

I can say with pride that I have now completed my training with NLI and have to say WOW!!!! What a ride. The moment I walked in on my first day until the day I left National Laser Intitute was top notch. The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. I now have the tools I need to become successful in my new journey. Many thanks to NLI and everyone involved!


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National Laser Institute has truly prepared me for a rewarding career in cosmetic lasers. The instructors were excellent--very warm, kind, and knowledgeable. This was a great experience!

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Attending National Laser Institute was one of the best decisions I could have made. The staff and hands-on experience exceeded all my expectations. Immediately after graduation, I felt prepared and confident as I began the interview process. Within one week, I was able to obtain a position as a medical laser technician at local med spa. I am extremely excited to start my career and I could not have done it without National Laser Institute!


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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your fantastic level of quality education you have been providing for your laser and intense pulse light students at National Laser Institute. Over the course of the last year we have had the good fortune of hiring students from your training facility and their foundation of knowledge performing laser/IPL procedures and safety protocols was exceptional. Our experience with their skill sets and professionalism has been excellent! Your program seems outstanding and I look forward to talking to your future graduates as we grow our business and bring on more laser technicians.


Robert Komishane from Glendale, Arizona (Advanced Laser Clinic) 162 of 2306
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I spent 10 years in the mortgage industry before I decided to pursue a new career in the aesthetics and laser industry. I decided to attend National Laser Institute because of their fantastic reputation and the fact that they offered 2 weeks of extensive training. The experience with NLI instructors helped with my confidence levels when I decided to open my own clinic in 2008. I’ve since evolved to owning my own medical spa that services 1,000 clients per month!

The staff was very knowledgeable, kind, and made the 2 weeks I spent there quite fun and memorable. I met some great people from all over the country as well, and had a wonderful experience. National Laser Institute has definitely played a role in my success today. Thanks NLI!

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Very knowledgeable trainers who are willing to take the time and break things down when needed! Enjoyed my experience here.

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I attended National Laser Institute in February of 2006. Two months after attending, I landed a job in a prominent medical spa. I have been there for almost two years now, and I thank National Laser Institute for helping make that a reality! I don’t think it would have been possible to secure a job in a medical setting without the professional training of National Laser Institute on my resume. I am so grateful for the training and recommend National Laser Institute to anyone in the field! Thanks National Laser Institute and staff!


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Medical Professionals

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I am currently treating clients for LHR, but I was not fully educated on the scientific aspects. All the instructors were knowledgable and enjoy what they do. I learned so much here!

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National Laser Institute was an excellence experience. Very comfortable environment with very approachable instructors! I felt like I learned a wealth of knowledge in such a limited about of time.

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My experience was great, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and it's work I will look forward to coming to!

Cherilyn Kimball 153 of 698
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This course was highly processional, ethical, and truly valuable. I received the knowledge, education, and skill sets to enhance my abilitiy to help people in this industry and profit from the effort.

Michael C. Brown 154 of 698
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This has been a great experience. I have attended other advanced courses, but here students get hands-on experience which is SO important. Also, models are provided—which is great!

Mina Haidarian, MD 155 of 698
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The experience I had with my classmates, who were all around great nurses, was priceless. Your wonderful and professional instructors took my experience to another level! I did not just gain the knowledge of laser biophysics, but the friends and the team of support I feel I can count on moving forward. I feel ready to start my business in this field, and I look forward to going back to National Laser Institute for more training in the future!

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I’m so excited about the amazing skills I’ve learned from National Laser Institute. I’m looking forward to opening a medical spa in my local, independent pharmacy! Offering Botox and fillers will give added value to our bioidentical hormone customers.


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As a medical professional, I enjoyed every minute of this course. From the initial contact with my admission’s advisor, Julie, and her expertise sold me on coming to National Laser Institute. I drove from Houston to Dallas to attend school here—I was committed! Everyone here is professional and knowledgeable. The knowledge and ethics presented by the instructors was very refreshing. I plan on attending future classes with NLI. Thanks so much, it’s been a pleasure!

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NLI is amazing! I’ve been an MD for 20+ years and was so impressed with the expertise and professionalism that all the staff and instructors showed. They are truly masters in the field. I aspire to be as good as any of them one day!


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My experience at NLI Dallas was superb! I really felt as if the entire team was dedicated to me – always eager to go the extra mile ensuring training that prepared me to provide safe, effective and exceptional treatments. I am grateful for the experience and wish a sincere THANKS to the entire NLI team!

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I had an amazing experience at NLI!! I only completed the 40 hour LHR didactic portion but I cannot wait to come back for the clinical portion!! I am also planning on completing some of the add on courses if possible!! I would definitely recommend NLI to anyone interested in this field!!!! The instructors make it fun and exciting to learn! Thank you all for the knowledge and fun 

Pam Crouse 161 of 698
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This class was awesome! It was very informative and taught by great teachers. I learned so much these past two weeks and am very pleased that I received the opportunity to have National Laser Institute for my schooling. This school is a blessing for me! I recommend it to anyone interested in medical aesthetics.

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I absolutely loved my experience at National Laser Institute. I found that the combination of lecture and clinical made the experience most beneficial. The staff were all very welcoming, helpful, and most impressively, were very knowledgeable. As a hands-on learner, the clinical experience was an outstanding learning tool for me. It gave me the confidence that I needed for my everyday practice. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the exciting and motivational lecture about marketing. It had me on the edge of my seat wanting to learn more! Two big thumbs up for the NLI Botox and dermal filler injectables program and to all of the incredible staff. I would love to come back for further training in the future. Thank you!

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I am a nurse, I but was always depressed because I didn’t like my job. I took your 10-day course and afterward, I found a nice job in Chicago! I am running 3 locations, customers are very satisfied with me, and more importantly, I am enjoying what I do and am happy! Thank you, National Laser Institute!

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National Laser Institute is a wonderful school! I learned so much while attending. The staff was amazing, and I was so pleased that they let you try out all the modalities. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who’s interested in medical aesthetics!

Shanna Empie 165 of 698