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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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Great experience! Very knowledgeable staff.

Gabriela Cimarrusti 1711 of 1745
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I was very unsure about coming here but have had a very good experience. I learned so much!

Anonymous 1712 of 1745
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Great for those straight out of high school, college and also career changers. Exceptional training of didactics and student clinicals with clients. Instructors are there to help and guide you all the way. It's amazing to watch and learn each instructor's techniques. They showed us how some situations/treatments were intimidating, but gave us the confidence to succeed!

Jessica Filipek 1713 of 1745
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Coming here was one of the most stressful, and challenging decisions I have ever made for myself due to personal and financial struggles this year. I was so nervous leaving my comfortable day to day life and being away from home. I am so happy that I finally stepped out and took a leap of faith to believe in myself and come here. Not only do I feel like I received excellent training to be a great laser tech, I gained something else that I will forever be so grateful for! Confidence and a true feeling of self worth! The personal stories shaved from Lou and the trainers made me realize life is challenging and you can get through anything if you believe in yourself. I know that I am leaving here as the woman that I lost years ago, and I am so happy that I found her again. Thank you NLI, I will never forget this life changing experience!

Samantha Sheehan 1714 of 1745
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I'm so thankful for making the decision to come to NLI! I learned so much about the industry and for the first time and I am truly excited about my professional life. I'm really looking forward to working as a laser tech and for the opportunities that lie ahead! Thankful for the time I spent here at National Laser Institute.

Whitney Winter 1715 of 1745
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I am beyond pleased with my experience. I feel confident and ready to start working. It has helped my mental state to be around such an uplifting environment with people who are rooting for you. Louis' talks with the class were words I needed to hear. I am so thankful I made the decision to come to NLI. I feel like I am going home a stronger, smarter, more confident person after this course. Thank you Louis for everything. You are doing so much good!

Brooke Warren 1716 of 1745
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All of the instructors were excellent!

Tatiana Krause 1717 of 1745
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Experience has been amazing! Absolutely LOVED learning from all of my instructors, also thoroughly enjoyed all of the girls in the program. So excited to move forward. Thank you National Laser Institute!

Nicole Hazelip 1718 of 1745
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This program exceeded my expectations. I learned so much and absolutely loved the hands-on training. The instructors were all so amazing and full of so much knowledge and all made sure everyone in the course succeeded. I'm so grateful and happy with my experience here at National Laser Institute.

Brynn Thornton 1719 of 1745
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Great experience! Well put together excellent staff, fun, beautiful, clean space. Looking forward to coming soon for spa treatments from Boston.

Natalie Moussa 1720 of 1745
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From day one, I never once questioned my decision on this experience education. I'm truly thankful for the platforms given and learned! I've made lifelong friends in the two weeks of being here and I am not only leaving with these new friends, and memories, but the education to grow in the beauty industry!

Jasmine Strohmayer 1721 of 1745
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Attending National Laser Institute was an amazing experience. The entire experience blew my expectations out of the water! From the information in lecture, to the instructors, to the hands-on experience in clinicals, I learned so much and cannot wait to get a job and start applying it. I met a lot of amazing people in my class, girls that I will have life-long friendships with. All of the instructors and staff members at National Laser Institute were incredible. So warm, kind, and welcoming. I can't thank them enough for all that they did to make our experience a great one! I would recommend this program to anyone looking to pursue a career as a laser technician.

Sara Wallace 1722 of 1745
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I really enjoyed my experience here. It was an amazing experience. I made a lot of great friends and learned a new trade. The instructors were the best, not intimidating one bit. They were friendly, patient and very knowledgeable. Thank you so much for this fantastic experience!

Anonymous 1723 of 1745
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I very much liked the Zoom aspect of the didactics, especially given there were no hotel costs with this option. I felt all questions were able to be addressed and discussions had. All instructors and reps did a great job. I imagine it tough without a live audience. Overall, I feel very comfortable with the hands-on use of the equipment. We didn’t have too many clients on some days, yet I felt the experiences we did have were very good.

Justine H. 1724 of 1745
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All instructors were amazing. They managed down time by answering questions and by doing services on classmates.  I would recommend NLI to a family or friend.  5 stars

Kathy G. 1725 of 1745

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