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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I really enjoyed the didactic, it definitely helped that I graduated as an esthetician. It refreshed my brain. I absolutely loved it I’m so happy I came to do the hands on. I learn way better with the hands on! Absolutely loved all my instructors! Helped me with my confidence and always had my back! With such positive attitudes!

Kendra I. 1741 of 1755
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I had a hard time understanding a lot of the didactic... however it all made sense once I was in the classroom. Omg...Kellie.. Krystal... Kristin.. Britney... And Melissa.... These ladies are phenomenal... My role models....everyone was amazing. Even on down time we learned something... And they made it fun.

Frances B. 1742 of 1755
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I liked having the didactic part online because it was nice being able to be home and not have to travel to Phoenix for those 5 days and spend more money on a hotel! I really enjoyed out the clinical/hands on part of the course was. It was super smooth and easy to me. I felt really comfortable! I really loved Kelly, Kristin, Monica and Jamie!!! They were super energetic and laid back. It made me feel more comfortable to perform and feel at ease!

Lauren R. 1743 of 1755
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Coursework was very thorough also fast. Instructors are truly passionate about what they do and the students. During downtime we were allowed to practice techniques as well as talk about the real world industry. As far as support staff, Zeke was outstanding! I can tell he loves his job and the support team works really hard to make sure we are taken care of.

Omeski J. 1744 of 1755
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Very informative and easy to understand. I learned a a lot and was able retain all the information because of the excellent way everything was explained to me. Absolutely LOVED the hands-on! I loved getting the 1 on 1 experience working with clients, I hope working in the field will be this amazing. I literally loved all of the instructors! Everyone was so genuine and really wanted to see us succeed! I learned different techniques from all instructors and they were all so helpful. It’s hard to chose just one but i think Ms. Monica was the teacher I loved the most! They always made sure we understood operating the lasers and we were even able to practice on our selves and our classmates.

Siani S 1745 of 1755
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The classroom/DIDATIC curriculum was very thorough and informative. I learned a lot and it was not very difficult. The material was presented in a way that was easily understood. The clinical hands on segment of the course was nothing less of informative and fun! All of the instructors were knowledgeable and went above and beyond in an effort to make sure all of the students were well informed about the equipment and the proper and safe way to perform treatments on clients with them. Above all Evee Jackson and Monica Smith were the absolute best! These two ladies were very thorough and were major motivators. They used every minute allowed for instruction to provide tons of information that will be useful once we’re out in the field.

Gabrielle S. 1746 of 1755
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The hands on, in person, was great. All of my instructors were wonderful. All of my instructors were great. But Monica is so kind and encouraging and knowledgeable. Courtney was also awesome. She gave us so many tips and more so tried to prepare us for what we will run into outside of school and tried to equip us with what we need for that. They were my two favorites. They went over anything they could think of to give us more info, allowed us to treat them or each other and let us ask questions.

Faith R. 1747 of 1755
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Amazing instructors! Evee was my favorite because she gave a lot of feedback and had a fun attitude. Zeke is also amazing and so helpful.

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Classroom didactic was outstanding. I understood everything and feel more confident from the first day I walked in. Clinical hands-on was the best!!! We got to experiment with all the machines and got a little taste of what clients will be like in the real world. I LOVED Mrs. Evee and Shanna were my absolute FAVORITE teachers!!!!!!! I wish I could be with them everyday. During downtime we were always asked if we had any questions, when we did have questions they were answered very well and I always understood.

Alexis D. 1749 of 1755
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Very in depth. Kind of overwhelming but I’m glad I stuck it out because once starting clinicals everything made sense!

Matti U. 1750 of 1755
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The Classroom curriculum covered during the course was a lot to take in, in such a short amount of time but very informative! The hands-on was very informative. Kellie is the best teacher and best personality.

Kellie 1751 of 1755
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The Hands-on segment of the course has been very exciting, though intense. I feel like I learned a lot every day and am prepared for a career as a laser technician. I really connected with Kristin and Brittany and enjoyed the classes with them. It was great having Brittany for multiple days and modalities and I wish I got more class time with Kristin. Kellie was also an exceptional instructor. All the instructors gave me really positive and encouraging feedback from day one. Hannah was really encouraging, providing positive feedback that her sister gave after I treated her for hair reduction.

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The didactic curriculum covered during the course was excellent. The teachers were knowledgeable and related information in a way it was easy to understand. All of the instructor were fantastic. Kelley, Kristin, and Yancey taught my favorite modalities.

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The Clinical segment of the course was amazing! I’ve learned a lot but just wish I could come back and get more hands on. The instructors were so sweet and so nice! Crystal is my absolute favorite!

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The didactic was very educational and was very well planned out! Everyone here was amazing and very nice! It was very educational and all the answer I’ve had were answered! I loved all the people that work here everyone is very welcoming and encouraging! I loved all my instructors they were all super helpful and educational! My favorite were Kellie, Kristin, and Crystal they were all very nice and made my schooling here fun and easy to comprehend things better! They answered any questions that we had and also let us practice treatments on each other!

Katherine S. 1755 of 1755

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