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1756 of 1769

Excellent staff, great lectures and the hands-on is second to none! The ratio of student to instructors (4-5:1) was great! Great instructors with well-rounded knowledge on their respective classes. Jan, Alex, Kellie and Kristin were superb! Great experience and good feedback on approach, technique and follow-up.

Ali A. 1756 of 1769
1757 of 1769

I was very impressed by the amount of information that was covered in the online course. I was very prepared by the instructors when we got to in person clinicals.  I loved the hands on experience because I learn better by doing it myself. All the instructors were so helpful and informative. I really appreciated Angela going over any questions I had about what we were learning and questions about the industry. My 2 favorite instructors was Angela and Kortney. They always had the time to go over things I needed more explaining on. I have to give Zeke so much credit. He has been amazing helping me with my resume and interviews. He really cares about the students and wants all of them to succeed.

Hannah A. 1757 of 1769
1758 of 1769

I LOVED IT!!!! It was so fun and I felt like it was very fair in terms of everyone getting a chance to get hands on.  Loved loved loved them all (instructors)!! They're truly wasn't an instructor I didn't like. They all had plenty of knowledge and they made class super fun! Zeke was awesome, and Evee, Shana, and Monica were my absolute favorite. I loved them so much!!! Very sad to be leaving them.

Sofia A. 1758 of 1769
1759 of 1769

Hands on was great. I like how there are different groups with their own schedules for learning days. Monica is an amazing human and explains things SO well. Evee is such a fun person to be around and made learning fun. Shanna is such a warm soul who made the day fly by. Lexi is great and made us comfortable to ask questions and learn. Angela was also really fun to have!

Rebecca G. 1759 of 1769
1760 of 1769

The classroom portion was very informational and explained very well. The hands-on portion of the course went very well. It was great to be able to get hands-on experience with actual clients. Evee really stood out to me. She was incredibly helpful and very friendly to the group and to clients.

Anonymous 1760 of 1769
1761 of 1769

All of the teachers were very nice and thorough. Answered all questions we had and were very helpful. I learned a lot and was able to retain the information because they were so helpful. Hands on training was very fun I'm more of a hands on learner so don't the hands on portion really tied everything together for me. The teachers also guided us very well I never felt like I didn't know what to do. I loved all of the teachers they were so nice and fun to work with. I really loved Cassie she was so amazing.

Ashlyn J. 1761 of 1769
1762 of 1769

Didactic was amazing, I learned a lot and all the teachers made it very easy to understand.  Absolutely loved the hands-on! It was so fun, all the teachers were amazing and really helped us understand everything! All of the instructors were so kind and amazing! Shanna was by far my favorite, she was so helpful and almost motherly to us, she gave my group tons of advice on the industry and how to give an amazing treatment. I also LOVED Monica, she is the sweetest lady in the world and she was real with us, she didn't sugar coat anything. Lexi is also so kind and informational!

Anonymous 1762 of 1769
1763 of 1769

Very detailed and the instructors were very patient! Loved every instructor!

Kallie K. 1763 of 1769
1764 of 1769

Coming into class after the online portion, I was not sure if I was ready. Although, going into in person since day one every instructor was incredible. Made sure all the bases were covered on everything we learned. Being able to work on patients was great because it gave me real life experiences the way things could in the real world. Who was my favorite instructor? OMG I have to choose?!?! I really can't choose s favorite because every instructor has been wonderful all on their own way. Zeke was always making sure everyone's day was great. When he would pop in the rooms every once in a while he'd brighten the day!

Samantha R. 1764 of 1769
1765 of 1769

The classroom was very informative. The clinical were great. It was very helpful. All the instructors were wonderful. I didn't have a favorite because they were all different and great in different ways.

Hang L. 1765 of 1769
1766 of 1769

Loved how instructors incorporate real world experience into clinics.

Noe V. 1766 of 1769
1767 of 1769

Online was to the point, very educational and it was explained it would seem like an overload of information, and the online e books are great for reference. Loved the on hands experience. Loved Monica Smith & Evee they were my favorites : knowledgeable, fun learning environment & comfortable while learning.

Tylicia J. 1767 of 1769
1768 of 1769

Everything was very thoroughly explained and fun. Instruction and instructors were amazing.

Wendy C. 1768 of 1769
1769 of 1769

Amazing. Every instructor was awesome. Feeling very confident leaving here. Amazing atmosphere. Every one was great. Loved Kristin and Kellie. Also feel like I have resource to rely on after leaving. The front desk ladies were all so helpful and polite

Jocelyn L. 1769 of 1769

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