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Aesthetician & Career Changers

1816 of 1819

It was long but informative and I liked our instructor. Clinicals were/are super fun. My favorites were Crystal, Kristin, and Jaime! They made the class fun and were super informative. They are very helpful. The three listed above would tell us real world experience and ask us about our lives and they played music!!!! Very important!

Jeanette P. 1816 of 1819
1817 of 1819

Learned a lot from most of the instructors.  Loved Kristen she explained the reasoning behind what we were learning.

Charray W. 1817 of 1819
1818 of 1819

It was good curriculum. I absolutely LOVED Crystal, Jamie, and Kristen. They couldn’t have been better, and more helpful. They made the days fly by and did their best to make everything as easy as possible for us to understand. They make you feel right at home. Hannah, Erin, Natalie at the front made The mornings amazing and were so friendly! I loved talking to them on breaks. As far as instructors, again Crystal, Jamie, and Kristen were fantastic. They made me feel very at home and comfortable with asking any questions. I can honestly sad im so sad to leave.

Lexi C. 1818 of 1819
1819 of 1819

Totally enjoyable.. The two instructors that totally stood out to me were Kristen and Krystal. I felt that Kristen was top notch in how she explained things and how she was very supportive. Kristen also helped me with my stress level when it came to the exams. Krystal was extremely thorough and I believe her background as a RN made our class even more informative. Kristen had us do flash cards and as much as I hated it I felt it helped me even more later when it came to the test time.

Kelly J. 1819 of 1819

Medical Professionals