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At first, didactic didn't make much sense and I felt like I didn't learn anything until I got to clinical that's when everything started clicking. Hands-on was great!  I like how we get different instructors because we learn different ways to do laser, they also share their experiences with lasers and they are very patient with the students. Some instructors would go over the quiz questions to help us study even after the test so we know what was the right and wrong answers, some instructors would give us time to ask any questions we had about anything related to lasers.

Anonymous 1831 of 1839
1832 of 1839

The online didactic was phenomenal. All of the instructors were very informative that when I got to in-person clinical, everything clicked for me. The clinical portion of the course was my favorite just because I am a hands on learner and we immediately were able to work on each other and clients. The instructors that stood out to me the most were Mrs. Monica and Mrs. Sandra. Mrs. Monica is such an educated individual and was very informative. She did a great job explaining the science behind the machines we used with her. She was very sincere and made my group feel very special. Mrs. Sandra did a great job teaching us proper care for the machines, goggles, clients, us, etc. She took her time and ensured we were learning. I appreciated these two the most because they were the only two who informed us the same information all around. They took time to answer any questions during down time.

Anonymous 1832 of 1839
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Explanations of the concepts of the profession were informative, relevant, and detailed. Patience with many repetitive questions throughout was exceptional!!! Everyone had their own way of explaining yet still get the same point across is very helpful. This was the most fun environment to learn in. I can't remember having this much fun learning anything new...EVER! Applying the knowledge to practice was slightly intimidating, however all instructors did an amazing job in showing their confidence in our ability to perform treatments. Everyone here was so patient, and composed even with those who struggled to grasp proper techniques. I am so happy to know each and every single beautiful person here, and and extremely grateful. The lessons and tips on how to handle certain situations give me confidence that I will be successful on this career path moving forward.

Jessica C. 1833 of 1839
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The first two days were very informational and I leaned so much. Loved every single instructor I had. Rumor was amazing and so was kellie and Kirsten too really every single teacher was truly so amazing.

Kennedy J. 1834 of 1839
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Classroom learning is not my thing, but it was good! (Online) The clinical portion was awesome!  3 instructors stood out. Kelli really changed my life. She is the most amazing person I have ever met. Chrystal is the most knowledgeable person I know. She let me use her for a reference. Kristin’s personality and teaching style was perfect. Such a great person.

Courtney Y. 1835 of 1839
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Both were great! Educators were very informative and professional. Super hands on and I loved that. Educators would grab your hand and lead you. Omg literally loved them all (instructors). I was honored to have Erin, Kelly, Jamie, Brittney and Kirsten.

Alexis H. 1836 of 1839
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The classroom and clinicals were good!

Victoria M. 1837 of 1839
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Everyone was beyond great! We were able to review, able to practice on each other and do treatments !

Anonymous 1838 of 1839
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I liked the classroom portion and the hands-on was good. LOVED Kellie, Kristin, Jamie, and crystal! Very smart And helpful!

Melody C. 1839 of 1839

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