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Aesthetician & Career Changers

1846 of 1860

I absolutely loved and enjoyed this program. During the hands-on they helped me understand more because I am more of a hands on learner. All of the instructors I had while being here were amazing but the one that I absolutely loved and taught me so much was MS. Bree.

Anonymous 1846 of 1860
1847 of 1860

Didactic was good. I loved all of my instructors.

Emma G. 1847 of 1860
1848 of 1860

Hands on was really great especially working with real clients. The instructors are great. Bree and Angela was great. Bree was very thorough to where I really understood it.

Anonymous 1848 of 1860
1849 of 1860

Very thorough and informative. Well formatted and well conducted by all instructors. Great experience and significant growth in skill confidence throughout the time in hands-on training. I really appreciated all of the support and knowledge from all instructors and enjoyed the exposure to different techniques of different instructors. Sandra and Bianca both left very strong, positive impacts on me. I believe they trained me incredibly and also taught me many things I will apply to everyday life. Sandra and Bianca are the kind of instructors that have the heart to change peoples lives, I am extremely grateful to have been trained by them.

Alexandra H. 1849 of 1860
1850 of 1860

The clinical portion was great. The did a great job they were all very nice. Bianca and Bree are amazing.

Anonymous 1850 of 1860
1851 of 1860

Very informative, instructors make it easy to follow. Loved it! Amazing instructors. They were all very informative and all brought there own approach and specific techniques. I really loved Monica, Cassidy, Evee, and Bree.

Anonmyous 1851 of 1860
1852 of 1860

First couple of days were great with Sandra! She is very engaging and knowledgeable.  Hands on of course my favorite part. I loved all of the instructors we had.  Mrs. Monica, Angela, Shana, Cassie, Evee were all so great. They made it that much more enjoyable.

Anonymous 1852 of 1860
1853 of 1860

Learned very well in class. Hands on was amazing, had so much fun. Loved all the staff . Bree and Lexxiee were my favorites.  I loved the fact that we weren't just another student. Some teachers took the time to actually get to know us.

Anonymous 1853 of 1860
1854 of 1860

The classroom portion was awesome. Very informative. Overall the hands on was great.  All the instructors were knowledgeable. Some more than others. Bianca and Monica were great.

Anyonmous 1854 of 1860
1855 of 1860

I was able to understand everything that was taught. The instructors were amazing at answering every question we had in depth. Sandra was the best! She had all the knowledge of the ages. I would love for her to be my laser sensei forever.

Ashley H. 1855 of 1860
1856 of 1860

I loved the program, everything was perfect. Online was a little difficult to focus but still great. I loved on hands I feel so confident in lasers. I loved them all but Bianca was so great in her teaching. We talked about treatments and study for test.

Bianca P. 1856 of 1860
1857 of 1860

I enjoy the fact that different instructors have different ways of teaching because I learned so much. Instructors? Man, I ADORED them all. Literally, Bianca, Monica, Angela, Lexi, Bree and Cassie are the real MVPs and I hope their lives are blessed with the abundance they truly deserve.

Anonymous 1857 of 1860
1858 of 1860

Sandra was very Informational.

Anonymous 1858 of 1860
1859 of 1860

I feel like the first 3 days of didactic were extremely informative. The hands on portion of class was amazing. The instructors were there to support us every step of the way and did a great job balancing teaching and letting us work semi independently on clients! The instructors were absolutely fantastic. My top favorite instructors were Evee, Cassidy, Bree, Ms. Monica, and Shanna. All of the teaching staff is phenomenal and were extremely helpful and informative. This teaching facility is one of the best educational institutions that I have ever been in. I am so thankful for Zeke being there to help and support us along the way. He made himself available to us whenever needed and was very dedicated to helping us throughout our time here. They gave us adequate breaks and spent our downtime educating us and getting to know us so that they could better educate us. The teaching staff here is impeccable.

Claire G. 1859 of 1860
1860 of 1860

The online portion was a lot of information to retain. All of the staff was amazing. The curriculum was exactly what it needed to be. Bree the Laser Hair removal teacher is a HUGE asset to the company. She goes into depth while making sure she explains in a way everyone understands. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about he job. Shana was amazing as well. I love how as soon as we got here we had a laser in our hands. I am a visual and hands on learner. BREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hire more teachers like her. She knows what's she's talking about and she cares about her students walking out of the door having learned something. She's new here, but she deserves a damn raise, a bonus and SENIORITY. She taught us the science behind why we needed to know what we needed to know.

Anonymous 1860 of 1860

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