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Aesthetician & Career Changers

1891 of 1935

A lot was cover but very interesting and learn new things about our skin. It made so much sense doing it in person. Everything was clicking from online and person. All of the instructors were great. I really enjoy RF micro needling. They did great with informing us and not overwhelming.

Ester A. 1891 of 1935
1892 of 1935

It was very informative. Amazing, I learned so much and I feel very confident leaving here. They’re all so amazing!!! They made this experience so much better. I really can’t pick just one.

Anonymous 1892 of 1935
1893 of 1935

I really loved this curriculum. I have nothing bad to say about it.  The instructors in person were amazing! They knew the material and delivered it in a way that was easy to understand. I really loved all the instructors they were very encouraging and supportive! They made sure we enjoyed our downtime by playing school related games and getting to know each other by asking what we plan to do after school.

Sydney K. 1893 of 1935
1894 of 1935

The classroom was very informative.  Very informative hands-on and lots of hands on experiences.  I loved all the instructors. Everyone brought the same energy and was very helpful.

Teresa R. 1894 of 1935
1895 of 1935

Wonderful experience, educational and easy environment to learn in.  All instructors were amazing, very knowledgeable and easy to learn from.  Kellie, Melissa, Jamie, Rumur, Brianne, Liza Shelly, Erin and Kristin were amazing.

Ariana F. 1895 of 1935
1896 of 1935

So much fun! I LOVED every single day of class! Amazing! I’m actually happy we got hands on training with every single machine! They were ALL amazing! I loved them all to be honest they each had something that made them stand out to me ( Brittany - funny! And her laugh omg amazing! Breann - also funny really cool and down to earth! Shelley - super energetic made you super excited about tattoo removal, took my tattoo off that had a horrible memory of my ex cheating on me with my best friend. Rumur - so sweet/cute/friendly had sooooooo much fun learning about laser and the tiktoks she did with us at the end will always be a memory I can cherish forever! Jamie - superrrrr fun!! She’s so chill made class experience very comforting did not feel nervous what so ever with her! All the ladies are amazing you guys really picked the BEST instructors to teach us and I really will miss all of them! We would perform the services on each other to give us more hands on experience. Some of us threw quiz questions at us to help us study for the test which was good it helped me pass!

Nahrain A. 1896 of 1935
1897 of 1935

Teachers were knowledgeable and kept the online classes interesting, hands on training was a blast!  Was awesome to get my hands on every laser available. I feel very well rounded in my technique for the future. Every teacher was great! Awesome personalities, work stories, shared their life stories and journeys to where they are now. Stellar women. We played lots of learning games, hangman, word search, and I took over and scrambled a lot of our school terms and made the rest of my group guess the words. Was fun. White boards are great to have in classroom.

Amanda H. 1897 of 1935
1898 of 1935

The curriculum was great, very informative and prepared me well for the in person portion.  The hands on portion of class was good. I feel very comfortable with all of the lasers I got to work with.  Crystal thoroughly explained the settings and was very helpful. All of the instructors were wonderful, all very informative and patient with us.

Anonymous 1898 of 1935
1899 of 1935

Was online and liked the information. The hands on training was great. I loved Kelly, Crystal, Jamie, and Kristen. They were very informative and gave amazing advice.

Kylia H. 1899 of 1935
1900 of 1935

Days 1-3 were very informative and educational which I loved.

Krystal - excellent teacher and very knowledgeable
Melissa- LOVED her !

Breanne- great teacher and very nice
Kelly - very good teacher and love that she went over a lot of the course material during downtime
Stephanie- good teacher
Erin - good teacher
Jamie- great teacher

Janaki P. 1900 of 1935
1901 of 1935

I had a fantastic experience with all of NLI instructors! They were very informative and kind Melissa, Erin, Brittany, BreAnn, Kristen, Crystal, Stephanie and Kelly. Thank you for your time ladies!!! Our whole class really enjoyed all of our instructors but Melissa, Erin, Kelly and BreAnn really stood out above and beyond what was expected. They were not only extremely educational but they seemed to care about us on a more personal professional level. Everyone is always super happy and pepped up which really helped the ambiance of our education.

Felicia P. 1901 of 1935
1902 of 1935

I liked it. Very informative, the teachers were very thorough and made everything interesting.  Hands on was great. I enjoyed the experience. I loved all the instructors. Especially Kristin, Kellie, Erin, Jamie, and Breann. They made it more fun and answered all of our questions without hesitation.

Jeanette C. 1902 of 1935
1903 of 1935

Didactic was very informative.  Hands on training was fabulous. Kellie, Breann, and Jamie were all awesome and really were just so genuine.  Instructors would either let us practice on each other or quiz us.

Anonymous 1903 of 1935
1904 of 1935

Very thorough and educational.  Loved the hands-on. All of the instructors were great, relatable, and compassionate. Fan favs are Kelly, Brittany, Breanne, and Shelly.

Anonymous 1904 of 1935
1905 of 1935

The didactic was good. I liked the hands on.  Loved Kelli and Crystal.

Anonymous 1905 of 1935

Medical Professionals