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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I learned so much about skin care and cosmetic lasers!


Kim Nguyen 181 of 1631
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My experience here at National Laser Institute was one I’ll never forget. I learned a great deal of information about the many different machines and procedures in this ever-growing industry. I also enjoyed the wonderful instructors and their vast experiences with lasers.


Amanda Michaud 182 of 1631
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This is the one and only laser school to go to!




Steven Gianetto 183 of 1631
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Every day here was just another confirmation that I chose the right place to come and learn about lasers and medical aesthetics. It was always positive and the learning environment was outstanding. I may return for more classes!


Joanna Hamilton 184 of 1631
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National Laser Institute provides a professional a fun learning environment. The teachers are very experienced in many areas of expert laser use and safety procedures. Louis (the CEO) even adds free marketing materials to each student’s folder. I really feel that National Laser Institute wants each and every one of us to succeed!


Susan Bowen 185 of 1631
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I enjoyed my classes here at National Laser Institute. I learned a lot and made great friends. It was good to get hands-on experience with all the lasers.


Holly Borroz 186 of 1631
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National Laser Institute was the greatest experience! Everyone is full of personality and heart. They really care about you and your education. I feel so blessed to have been part of the National Laser Institute experience.


Brittney Polk 187 of 1631
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Going to National Laser Institute was one of the best decisions of my life! I learned so much here not only about the field of lasers, but also about marketing ideas, patience care, and the laser industry as a whole. I am excited and feel extremely prepared to start my laser career. Thank you so much!


Lyndsay Armstrong 188 of 1631
189 of 1631

This institute is absolutely phenomenal! Everything about this experience was nothing less than superb. The instructors and people involved went way above and beyond. Thank you all, it has been my pleasure and I can’t wait to call you with my success story.


Ashley A. Markert 189 of 1631
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I've always been standing back in the crowd, not asking too many questions. But I asked a lot of questions and the teachers were SO awesome and never made you feel like you had stupid questions. This was an amazing experience, thank you!

Micki Bish 190 of 1631
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I’m so thankful to have passed through the doors of National Laser Institute. This was an awesome experience. The educators are experience and supportive and caring. I feel that I will make some employer very happy with the quality of my education. I would definitely recommend National Laser Institute. Thank you, Louis Silberman and staff in Arizona!


Shar Williams 191 of 1631
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I loved my experience at National Laser Institute! The training I received is incredible. All the instructors are wonderful. I will never forget the experience I gained here. I’m proud to say I’m a National Laser Institute graduate!


Haley Howard 192 of 1631
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Fantastic! The instructors are very kind and knowledgeable and I learned a lot.


Allison Peikorski 193 of 1631
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My experience has been amazing! I loved meeting so many new people and working with the best lasers--and having the best instructors!! They were all great and had the BEST personalities. I learned so much by doing clinicals and being quizzed by the instructors. It was so much fun getting to work with clients alongside the instructors!

Lacey Mack 194 of 1631
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The instructors were great for preparing us for a career in the cosmetic laser industry. They went above and beyond to educate us in the techniques and practices of skin care. I made so many great friends and look forward to a rewarding career in the field of laser hair reduction!


Christina Anderson 195 of 1631

Medical Professionals

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Loved the class and clinical, all instructors and staff.

Karen Walk 181 of 581
182 of 581

Well-rounded, Informative, multiple areas covered, Pleasant staff.

Bridgette Balasko 182 of 581
183 of 581

My experience was invaluable.  After the 2 day course I feel ready to go out and practice injectables on real patients.

Dr. Paul D. 183 of 581
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Awesome staff!  Very knowledgeable and kind!  Everything was well organized!  So thankful I decided to take the laser course.

Morgan Kraut 184 of 581
185 of 581

Very satisfied with this class!

Lorin Bates 185 of 581
186 of 581

Well done.  Instructors were knowledgeable. Hands on experience and machines.

Mark Gibson, MD 186 of 581
187 of 581

So glad I came to National Laser Institute.  I learned so much, the staff was great.  Ready to go start a spa now!  Thank you so much!

Dawn Floyd 187 of 581
188 of 581

Extremely informative and well organized.

Vivek Mishra, MD 188 of 581
189 of 581

Great Didactic and Clinical experience.

Rachel M., MD 189 of 581
190 of 581

My experience was great! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I always looked forward to coming to class!

Cherylin Kimball 190 of 581
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Attending National Laser Institute for the CME laser and injectable course for healthcare professionals was the best career decision I've ever made! The program is expertly organized to provide the education and hands on experience necessary to excel in this field. The educators are outstanding and some of the best in the business!  After my training at NLI I feel prepared and confident I am ready to provide my clients with the highest quality of services. I can't recommend National Laser Institute enough!

Eva Unell, RN 191 of 581
192 of 581

I loved this class. I want to take all of them now!  The Botox and dermal fillers was such a great education, I will definitely bring these into our practice.

Kellie Harris, RN 192 of 581
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Great content covered.  Good balance between theory and practical.  Instructors and staff very attentive and friendly.  Well organized. Learned a lot!

Desiree Shin, RN 193 of 581
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I really enjoyed meeting other professionals and sharing our own experiences and comparing our individual practices in this phase of our career. It was a good experience seeing how we are different yet somewhat the same.

Arnita Avery Kelly, DPM 194 of 581
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My experience was very good.  The instructor was excellent and the didactic very good also.

Susan Svigals, RN 195 of 581