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Aesthetician & Career Changers

1996 of 2001

LOVED SAM. Breanne was great. Shanna made me feel at home and like there were no dumb questions. Same with Crystal. Again- Sam is the mvp. I would tell people to take this course just to learn from her.

Anonymous 1996 of 2001
1997 of 2001

Very informative, instructor was very willing to answer questions and take her time going through slides.  Great experience. The instructors were very friendly and willing to answer any questions the students had. Easy to talk to, easy to laugh with and made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

Anonymous 1997 of 2001
1998 of 2001

I really loved Sam, she was honest, very encouraging and very informative. She broke things down for us to understand and did not stop until we got it. Also her personality and humor made the class enjoyable. Marta was another favorite of mine again very informative, slowed down when you needed help, answered all our questions no matter the questions. Very direct and made me feel comfortable. I really liked Shelly and her video and she made sure we left with the proper informative. Shana was a favorite of mine too.

Laura D. 1998 of 2001
1999 of 2001

I loved the hands on portion I wish we had more clients for some of the modalities- some we didn’t have any models. I LOVED all of my instructors they were all super sweet, knowledgeable, and informative.

Anonymous 1999 of 2001
2000 of 2001

I liked all of the instructors. I loved Kristin, Shanna, Shelley, and Angela. As students, we practiced on each other and the instructors answered questions.

Anonymous 2000 of 2001
2001 of 2001

Very informative! Sandra was incredible! Charles' presentation was my favorite overall. Really great program!!! I loved every minute of getting hands on with the lasers. No complains on the facility or equipment.

Jessica K. 2001 of 2001

Medical Professionals