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Loved the didactic portion, Sandra is amazing! It was very fun and informative. Monica, Sandra, Shana, Evie, and Angela were absolutely amazing.

Anonymous 2026 of 2128
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Everything was very thorough! Great information and great teachers. LOVE everyone here. Learned so much. So many different laser, techniques , and great tips and tricks from the instructors! All of the instructors are so sweet and kind to everyone. They were so help ful with everything. Plus, we had a great time together. I love them all. They're personalities are all so amazing. Studying for the test, practicing on each other , answering any questions we have, talking about different job opportunities, or simply bonding moments.

Claire M. 2027 of 2128
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Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable. Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable. My favorite part was hands on all of my teachers were Amazing and answered all of my questions. They were great I learned a lot. Evee was so personable and helpful she was one of my favorites. I enjoyed going over test questions which was great that we could study and connect the info to what we have been learning. Girls at the front were so sweet and helpful and Zeke was so nice and was available whenever we needed him.

Lauren S. 2028 of 2128
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Everything was amazing. I feel a lot better after this course. Zeke is just a doll. From day one, he has made us feel comfortable. Every morning the energy he brings in sets the mood for the whole day. He truly cares and is involved the whole time. He prioritize us and have answered every question for me. You can tell he truly cares.

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Very thorough, enjoyable, and informative. Felt like I was given all the tools I needed to succeed. All of the instructors were amazing! Very patient, friendly and knowledgeable! They all made the experience in class that much better. We went over tests, the equipment, practicing on each other and getting to know each other. They honestly all were great in their own way. I enjoyed being in each class and getting to know them and ask them questions about the industry.

Mikayla H. 2030 of 2128
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I really enjoyed everything! All of my questions were answered. Everybody was great. My favorite instructors were Evee, Sandra, Angela, and Regina. We went over test questions, practiced on each other, and talked about questions we had.

Molly M. 2031 of 2128
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The laser tech program was amazing I had an unforgettable and professional experience! I am confident that we all received the best training. The hands on segment of the course was very informative we were given the best information and practice on the machines necessary to succeed.

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Great information. Clinical was great hands-on,very informative to take out in the field. They gave us the opportunity to work on each other to understand how the machines worked.

Kimberly A. 2033 of 2128
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The instructors did an excellent job at explaining the different modalities in a way that was easy for the students to understand. The are very knowledgeable in the material. It was an extremely exciting learning experience. I love that we we're able to learn from different instructors. I loved all of them! Evee and Monica are so involved with student interaction. They allowed us to practice on ourselves and we also reviewed the test. A lot of questions were asked and answered during that time as well.

Liz M. 2034 of 2128
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The classes were efficient and easy to learn, hands on training was the best for me, I got to learn many techniques from different instructors. Instructors were knowledgeable.

Carmen G. 2035 of 2128
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This was a very well structured program. There was a lot of information that was covered but it was done in an efficient manner. I loved the hands on training. I would have liked a little more with the laser tattoo removal machine, just because it is more invasive. Overall the clinical s were AMAZING!!!

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Great work. The online portion and the hands-on was an amazing experience!! Wow. I mean it. Wow. What an amazing team you have here. So knowledgeable, enthusiastic and full of energy . I loved it. Way to go team!! I will miss each and everyone of you. Thank you!! I can't say I have a favorite. They all stand out in very different ways!! All very knowledgeable and very happy, patient and caring people. What else can anyone ask for!! Love y'all wish you guys the best!!

Luis H. 2037 of 2128
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The first three days of the online didactic class were the mist beneficial from my perspective. The information Sandra covered was very helpful. I loved this portion. I learned more with the hands in portion then I did with the online portion. Evee was amazing. She us very knowledgeable and creates a fun atmosphere to learn in. I also enjoyed Regina's perspective in laser hair removal since she had a different technique then Evee and followed each of her techniques with a reason on why she treated the way she did. Sandra is a well knowledge and experience so I enjoyed her approach as well. Shanna was the sweetest and most patient instructor. She helped guide us through procedures while also putting emphasis on how important it is to network and connect with local doctors and Sales reps. Emily in the front was a gem as well. She might not be an instructor but she is definitely a team player and helps in any way she can. Katie is sweet and also a great help behind the scenes.

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Fantastic clinical space. Learned so much and felt so confident with all modalities. Kelly, Kristin & Breann are AMAZING! So informative, kind and truly care about us! Bre introduced us to all the study games which really helped me ace all the tests! Kelly helped answer a million of my questions regarding taking my practice out into the world and being confident in what treatments I’m doing! Tracey is fantastic, always on top of everything and giving 110% to us each day! Hannah is so personable and always has a smile on her face! She’s PERFECT to have at the front desk!

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Clinical was fun and the instructors made the learning fun. Really love Kristin and Kellie. They made it so fun and they are the sweetest <3 Great. Gave us time to review what we went over and gave us time to stretch.

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