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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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Very good Sandra is amazing. Kristin and Kellie are wonderful very encouraging and thoughtful… very intelligent. All the front admin staff Alycia including go above and beyond.

Shiran R. 2041 of 2183
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Excellent class and environment. Best experience ever. Kristin and Kellie They both are prepared to teach us everything we need to know. Both have many motivational words to make each of the students feel confident. They always try to help you and make you feel comfortable and confident. Kristin and Kellie they both really care about every student. They show a lot of emphatic for us. They both do an excellent job! They are more than teachers.

Mariel M. 2042 of 2183
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Extensive, detailed, and very useful. In person, very good training. All of them were very good instructors. Loved Sandra and all the hands on team.

Cristina R. 2043 of 2183
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We spent time reviewing on materials, testing, answering questions, working on each other.  The hands-on was very good.

Samantha N. 2044 of 2183
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Good, very informative. Amazing! The instructors made learning fun. Amazing! Kristin and Bre were my favorite. They were all great, but for some reason I felt like I clicked with those two. Review anything learned, answered any questions.

Trista R. 2045 of 2183
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Classes were excellent, good teachers very prepared. The practices were good, enough time to train from the first day. Kristin and Kellie are good teachers, they help you a lot and make you feel confident and secure in what you do.

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Good, informational. Amazing! Never a day that I didn’t want to come to class. Loved them all!

Trista R. 2047 of 2183
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I loved all 3 of my teachers, Kristin, Breann, and Kelley. They were so thorough and informative and very attentive, patient and caring.

Samantha N. 2048 of 2183
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Very informative, lots of information but the delivery was great! The instructors were very helpful teaching us to do things safely and correctly! Some information from one instructor to the next about some treatments would be different. All the instructors were awesome. Some that stand out we're Cortney, Monica, Shanna, Jess, and Vania! Made sure we could ask questions and get thorough answers so we were left with no confusion. Made sure if we had time to/wanted a treatment we could practice on each other.

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Very informative. Very informative and got a lot of hands on experience. Loved them all.

Nikki D. 2050 of 2183
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I think that the teachers were very good at explaining everything. I loved all of the Instructors. They were really amazing an helpful!

Jillian C. 2051 of 2183
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Instructors were all very nice and well educated! By far the best instructors I would have to say are Shelly and Kristin they explain things very well and in depth if need be!

Victoria B. 2052 of 2183
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Loved Breann, Kristen and Melissa. I’m hey were fantastic!!!! Great feedback and positive attitudes! Made the days nice.

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Loved all of the instructors in different ways. Loved the way you learn something a little different from each one.

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The Zoom class was good information in preparation to attend live training. Definitely grateful for the hands on. Thought the instructors were all great! Answering any questions we had. Very helpful.

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