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I came into this with ZERO knowledge of skin anatomy but between the information I was given prior to starting the class and the repetitive information and hands-on opportunities, I have been able to retain a lot of info and knowledge in a short 2 weeks! Thank you so much NLI! I will wear my spirit jerseys so proudly in Indiana ♡ The clinical was set up very well and each instructor worked hard to give everyone all of the hands-on in different areas that they could. All of the instructors are similar in the aspect that they are friendly and make you feel completely comfortable asking questions. They are all slightly different in their own methods which is nice because you get to pick up different ways of getting to the same endpoint. I personally felt extra connections with Kellie and Bre but all of the instructors were wonderful in their own right. Alexandra showed us how to and allowed us to work the functions of the screen and make the appropriate settings ourselves for the clients. That was very helpful!

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The online teachers were very informative and very inspiring. I loved the hands-on portion. I learned so much and I’m basically a pro now! The instructors were so informative, fun, and down-to-earth. We did games related to the field that was really fun and informative.

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Great classroom environment, very educational! I loved how we were able to do hands-on with all the devices. The instructors were very informative and friendly! We played games that helped us with our test, and the instructors asked about our future goals with our new career.

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Great I love the in person hands on and I want to teach here eventually. Loved all the instructors. Kristin Kelly Bree Jamie Shelly Erin They were all so fun and smart. They are amazing at teaching and explaining. They don’t micromanage and they really let us figure it out which I love.

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I loved both the online and in person experience, amazing teachers. The clinical portion was Amazing! Kellie, Bree and Kristen were amazing instructors, always playing learning games and keeping us educated.

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Loved it! Very informative. I thought it would be hard to sit in front of a computer for that long, 5 days straight but it kept me interested. So fun! Loved it. The instructors all brought something different to the table and were very informative.

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Perfect! Very informative, safe, and exciting. The instructors were AMAZING! They were all very knowledgeable, patient, easy to follow, informative, and had great personalities. The instructors were AMAZING! They were all very knowledgeable, patient, easy to follow, informative, and had great personalities.

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