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Organized, professional, and easy to follow. Such an amazing experience! The entire staff and instructors are so welcoming and encouraging. Everyone is so knowledgeable of the industry and gives great feedback on technique and skill.

Sarah K. 2206 of 2214
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Had the opportunity to learn a lot while doing hands on. All of the instructors had a great personality and their advice and knowledge was so much appreciated. They were all very helpful We would go over any questions or concerns which I love.

Anonymous 2207 of 2214
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Very informative but it could be organized better. Loved the hands on. I am a visual learner. It helped to connect what we learned on Zoom to real life instances. And instructors gave us amazing vibes and information! All the instructor’s were so helpful and knowledgeable. I would rank them from most loved to least it would be Bianca, Ronnie, Bre, Ariana, Tayana, and then Angela. They all have really good advice. Ronnie and Bianca were the most attentive.

Nadia R. 2208 of 2214
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Very helpful and informative. Gave me insight on what to look forward to in hands on training. The hands on portion was great, very informative. A lot of time to go through each treatment and practice with teammates. Instructors were AWESOME and helpful. My fav instructors were RONNIE, ANGELA, MARTA, and BREANN. We used our downtime by practicing treatments on each other and asking questions on anything we needed retraining on.

Ashanti D. 2209 of 2214
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Sandra was very informative and such a wonderful teacher. The hands on: 10/10 loved every second. The instructors: I loved Them all, Ronnie and Bionca were my favorites. Teaching us tools we will use in the outside world.

Kara S. 2210 of 2214
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The clinical were good! Fun and very INFORMATIVE!

Kalia L. 2211 of 2214
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Sandra was amazing and really knew her information she taught! Loved every second of it! Every instructor was personable and knowledgeable. They made sure to quiz us on the information given and provided outside knowledge

Dominique J. 2212 of 2214
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For the online course Sandra did a great job in explaining and answering questions. Clinical was nice and informative. Clinical was a great experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and gave good feedback when answering questions. I really liked Ronnie, Angela, Breann and Marta. They made the program worth attending.

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The Didactic course was very informative! It was awesome! Sandra Nash was awesome! I have enjoyed the hands on experience of NLI! I felt fully supported during each course. The instructors were AMAZING! All of them were personable and very encouraging! Ronnie & Bianca are absolute sweethearts & full of great information! Tanya Weeks & Angela was great as well! I loved this program. They continued to give us useful information during any slow periods that we had.

Dori W. 2214 of 2214

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