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National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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National Laser Institute was a great experience and all the teachers were beautiful and knowledgeable and very awesome. I would recommend this school for anyone working with lasers!


Steven Trovato 211 of 1722
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I had the most amazing experience at National Laser Institute. I learned so much in just two weeks. All the instructors were amazing and very helpful. I left there feeling very confident in doing laser services. I can't say enough about National Laser Institute the education is amazing. Thank you!!!!
Cynthia McGuire 212 of 1722
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I cannot express in words how exceptional my experience was at National Laser Institute. The staff and instructors are simply amazing. Each and every person I encountered at NLI made my time there worth every second. I learned more than I thought I would and am forever grateful to Jen Simpson who helped make this whole experience happen for me! So here is a huge thanks to everyone at NLI!!!


Melissa Salazar 213 of 1722
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I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved coming to this school! The instructors were amazing and made you feel very comfortable and were very knowledgeable! I will never forget the experience! The front desk was able to answer all my questions, and I feel like I have the confidence to go out and find a job in this field. Thank you so much!

Krista Pantaleo 214 of 1722
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Not only was the education here outstanding, but I am so impressed by the instructors! They are all so fun, friendly, helpful, and easygoing. The atmosphere here is wonderful. I absolutely loved my time at National Laser Institute! I would recommend it to everyone!

Hailey Pikna 215 of 1722
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I attended National Laser Institute in April of 2008 and enrolled in the full program. After only three months, I landed a job as a medical esthetician at a prominent doctor’s office. Without the training I received at National Laser Institute, I never would have had the confidence or the skills to apply for such a position. During my job search, I had the support and encouragement of the National Laser Institute staff. They gave me advice on interviewing and stayed in contact throughout the process. To anyone I come across who is looking for advice on entering the skincare field I highly recommend National Laser Institute to them. It is definitely worth every penny and it will always be one of my most memorable experiences! Thanks National Laser Institute!

Michelle Shults, Dallas TX 216 of 1722
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I had a great experience at National Laser Institute. I have learned so much about laser equipment and how they treat different imperfections and skin types. The instructors were very professional and organized. They were very kind and sweet, too. The entire school is very nice, clean and luxurious! I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn about cosmetic lasers!


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I loved it here! Everything was so great. I had so much fun learning with every teacher. Loved it!

Sofia Earle 218 of 1722
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I had a wonderful time at National Laser Institute. Special thanks to Kellie, Evee, Monica, and Sandra. I learned a lot from you all and can’t wait to get out in the working world. I owe you all!


Jenny Ho 219 of 1722
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I was really nervous about finding a school online, but so thrilled with coming here! EVERYONE is so positive and passionate and knowledgeable about lasers. The energy here is unbelievable and contagious! I actually hate to leave everyone behind.


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National Laser Institute has helped me immensely in my new career. I had no prior experience in the field, and almost immediately I had job offers! I was also very impressed with the ongoing help and information I received after my class ended. Anytime I had questions I would call and receive a prompt response. I am happy with my new job and I learned so much in 2 short weeks.

Jordan G. 221 of 1722
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I recommend National Laser Institute to absolutely everyone. The instructors really know their stuff. This was phenomenal hands-on experience!


Thermanique Williams 222 of 1722
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I recommend coming here! This is my favorite school by far. I had so much fun and everyone here is always so sweet and welcoming. I’ll definitely be coming back for more classes, and I’ve already referred people here!


Lauren Murphy 223 of 1722
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National Laser Institute was amazing! All the instructors are very caring and know so much about the curriculum.


Marty Luna 224 of 1722
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Learning laser was fun and easy! The instructors are knowledgeable and great to be around!

Michelle Hogan 225 of 1722

Medical Professionals

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I found NLI Botox & Filler Injectables program to be very effective in preparing me to enter the field. The instructors were very knowledgeable, skillfull, and guide you through all the hands on experiences.

Diana Landmeier 211 of 666
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Fun experience. Learned a lot.

Tracy Cerretani 212 of 666
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I started out knowing very little about injectables and I learned so much about safety, techniques and business aspects of injectables. I'm excited to start in this field and feel a lot more prepared.

Vickie Lynn Peck 213 of 666
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My experience was amazing. I can say I was worried about coming back to school after 20+ years. Well, the instructors made it easy and fun. Loved my experience.

Brenda Ochoa 214 of 666
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Great experience.

Vong S. Lin 215 of 666
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Appreciate the knowledge of all the instructors. Thankful that Louis himself speaks at the start of all classes and that he is willing to share his knowledge of the business with the students to be successful.

Terri Gill 216 of 666
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I feel like this course gave me what I need to get started in the aesthetic industry.

Jana Brand 217 of 666
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Excellence in aesthetics and hands on.

Neeraj Mahajan 218 of 666
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Very informative - loved the clinicals.

Patricia King 219 of 666
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The complexity and variety of patients were great!

Tam Nguyen 220 of 666
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I highly recommend this program to any future injectors. It was well organized, fun, and I feel prepared to start my new endeavor.

Sandra Wood 221 of 666
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Attending the courses was a life changing experience for me and I would highly recommend NLI to anyone who wants to feel great about their abilities not only on a personal experience but on an educational one. Nothing but positive outcome from everyone I encountered. Loved it!!!

Teresa Hatherill 222 of 666
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I was skeptical as I had never signed up for a course like this before. Instructors and staff were wonderful, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Course was amazing, personalized to each person based on their needs.

Wendy Pence 223 of 666
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Excellent learning and hands on experience.

Stephanie Boling 224 of 666
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The information that was provided by the staff was very informative. Adequate demonstration with plenty of hands on experience was provided. I would send others who are interested in courses on Botox and fillers to NLI.

Lynndy Houston-Fagan 225 of 666