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I’ve learned so much and it’s been a great experience all around. Very informative and I feel ready to for the next chapter in my career. The instructors were amazing. I can’t say enough great things about every single one of them! We worked on each other or she would answer any questions we had.

Chazlyn O. 2296 of 2306
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Online curriculum went great. All the instructors did a fabulous job with teaching. Instructors were so mindful and patient while explaining and making sure everyone was fully understanding the content. I was able to take away so much from it. Clinical was amazing . Being hands-on was the true game changer, and where everything clicked. Breann- just loved her. Super knowledgeable and made it fun. Felt so much more confident after spending the day with her as our instructor. Kristen- would love for her to adopt me. She was so good at correcting us and showing us the very best ways to give the treatments.

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Great information and great instructors. Everything was awesome. They quizzed us, we did vocabulary crossword puzzles, and did treatments on clients and on each other.

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Online Zoom was very educational. clinical was so fun! EVERYTHING was hands-on and so amazing to learn after doing zoom for a week. Once you’re in person everything makes a lot more sense. All of the instructors were very AMAZING. They are very knowledgeable and all know everything about lasers. They helped when we didn’t know the answer or made sure the placement was right for the lasers. They watch you the whole time but they trust you. I really loved Kristin and Erin, and Ronnie and Breann! All of the instructors are awesome.

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The classroom was great! I had so much fun it was great. Very helpful supportive and encouraging instructors.

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The educators did a great job at teaching through zoom. Clinical was amazing, fun and so informative. I was impressed by every teacher I met. I loved them all.

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It was great. I learned a lot. Instructors are very knowledgeable and are helpful with everything.

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Kristin did our didactic and she did awesome. She's an excellent teacher. Clinicals have been great. I love that day one we were immediately thrown into hands-on with machines and clients. Every instructor that I've had has been fun, personable, and very knowledgeable. I feel like I've received a solid and well-rounded education.

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I felt everything was taught well during didactic. I loved the different instructors going over the same concept for different perspectives! I loved all the instructors. Everyone was very helpful and made me feel comfortable. The instructors were great they were honest and made us feel comfortable and were also fun and super personable. They asked us several times if we had questions about anything and we had everything answered perfectly. The games we played always had to do with what we were learning.

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Excellent - loved the open communication and I felt comfortable being able to ask questions anytime I needed. I loved being able to dive right in and work on clients right away. All instructors were amazing! I felt comfortable with all my instructors and they were willing to elaborate if I needed a further explanation on something with review games, review of what we learned, and explaining what we were doing going into our next client.

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Well thought out and great for knowledge and Information. You guys do a good job of making it fun while also becoming better in the craft, everyone is very nice and I appreciate the dynamic. Instructors are great! Each one we had I loved. They had different ways of explaining things and brought everything full circle with each modality. We played games to retain information, discussed questions about the industry, and went over tips and tricks for out in the workforce.

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