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The classroom session was great. I really enjoyed my time learning here and trying to absorb it all. Loved Margaret and Monica! They were the most straightforward with information and was able to break down the information so it was not confusing at all. We played games, practiced real scenarios in the industry, and they answered questions.

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It was great. Sam was very informative and gave great visual examples. Such a privilege to be able to have so many laser options to learn about and access to a diverse modality range. At first, a bit intimidating but all instructors were so helpful, and great at building confidence and making you step up to the plate. Lots of fun stories. Loved the tips and tricks that Ronnie taught. They were very helpful in telling us what to expect in the real world.

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Samantha was amazing 🙂 All instructors were amazing 🙂 Loved Samantha, Ronnie, Kristin, and Erin so much 🙂 Let us ask lots of questions and explained everything including situations you might encounter amazingly 🙂

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Excellent delivery of complex information. Loved the clinical setting. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. Love love love Kelly and Ronnie but all of the instructors were fantastic.

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I thought it was an absolutely amazing and very informative class. All the information was very useful and it was very exciting and fun!! Sam made it very easy to learn, and very easy to understand. Every single instructor was absolutely fabulous. Learned a little bit of something from everyone truly cherish the relationship that I’ve made during this time, and I am super excited for the next step in my career. I feel like after this, I am truly ready to get out into the workforce and start this new chapter in my life and I will be forever Thankful for every single instructor and person here. Melisa was also fabulous but I only got to do one class with her. I loved them all. They are all fabulous amazing women in their own way, and they all have so much information and experience to learn from. Ronnie is amazing, Kelly is amazing, Kristen is amazing, absolutely loved Shelley, Alex is so bubbly and so sweet, Aaron is super amazing and she’s got so much information. I feel like I’m leaving people out and I don’t mean to, but every single instructor that I came across was absolutely amazing and made everything so understanding. Didn’t have much downtime, but when we did, we usually worked on each other, which was really nice because we got to treat all different types of people and skin.

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The didactic from Sam online was great. All the didactics were good. Ronnie, Alex, and Melissa were my favorite instructors.

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Great instructors!!! Absolutely loved every one of them. Our time together was very productive.

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Loved the didactic! Amazing!! My teachers were THE best ever! Kellie and Kristin!!! Absolutely faves. They made the experience at NLI 100000x better! We did a lot of social media marketing like louis recommended!!! Loved being able to make fun videos with my group.

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Didactic curriculum was great learned a lot of important information and had a better understanding of biophysics. Clinicals was a great experience being able to work hands on with lasers and have a better understanding of settings and wavelengths. All instructors were so kind and I learned so much information and tips from them. Everyone did an amazing job at teaching. We practiced test questions or performed treatments on each other to see how the lasers felt.

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It was great. Lots of information. Loved doing it all. Nervous the first time. But the more you did the more comfortable you got. The instructors were Amazing!!! Very patient and soooo knowledgeable. Give kudos to all. They were all absolutely amazing.

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Very informative, Sam is AMAZING at her job and so knowledgeable. Had a great experience. Instructors were amazing about helping us with social media.

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Felt like we had great hands-on experience. Great patients and products to work with. Love that there were so many options for lasers compared to other places. I can’t say enough great things about the educators! Kristin, Kellie, Shelley, Ronnie, Erin and Melissa were great! They were so knowledgeable and made this experience so much fun! Work on each other or educational games and discussion.

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I learned and retained more info than I thought I was going to. Nothing compares to clinical. As nerve racking as it is treating clients from day 1 it turned out to be the best way to learn in my opinion. Just throw you in and you will swim. Most all of the didactic came together in clinical and than some. Amazing experience. The instructors were top notch. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Each instructor was so patient with all of the students I was amazed. Just an incredible staff throughout.

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