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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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National Laser Institute was amazing! All the instructors are very caring and know so much about the curriculum.


Marty Luna 226 of 2338
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Learning laser was fun and easy! The instructors are knowledgeable and great to be around!

Michelle Hogan 227 of 2338
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National Laser Institute is such a wonderful school. The instructors were always welcoming and so helpful. I know that no matter what, I’ll always be able to reach out to any one of them in the years to come. They are already like family!


Jennifer Hoke 228 of 2338
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National Laser Institute is full of spirited, compassionate people. All the instructors are educated, informative, and so friendly!


Kimberley Hientzelmaiv 229 of 2338
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I don’t want to leave!! I’ve had the experience of my life.


Kortney Key 230 of 2338
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Best school I've ever attended. The energy is amazing and I actually enjoyed coming to class. I loved my small class--it was very intimate and fun! Such great info to take into the real world. The instructors are very loving, kind, energetic, and knowledgeable.

Angi K. Denney 231 of 2338
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I wanted to train at the best school so I could be the best. National Laser Institute was that place for me. I had a great time and learned so much!


Laura Gluschenko 232 of 2338
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I was very pleased with National Laser Institute, and now I can’t wait to get into the industry on my own with everything I’ve learned!


Andrea Duke 233 of 2338
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I graduated in January of ’06. I am currently working at Oasis CosMedic clinic in Tucson, AZ as an aesthetician/laser technician. I love the field and I see nothing but growth as far as this industry is concerned!

Julia Greenspon 234 of 2338
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My experience at National Laser Institute was pretty amazing. Great hands-on training. The instructors were very attentive, great personalities, and worked very hard to make sure we all understood what we were doing. They made sure we left full of knowledge and ready to work on your own the day you graduate!


Lexi van Horn 235 of 2338
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I think is one of the best training laser schools in the state of Texas! The instructors are very smart, and they know what they are doing. I’ve had the opportunity to go to NLI a couple of times, and I enjoyed it very much. I have learned so much here. Melissa is just so smart, and Kelly is so detail-oriented with instruction. Thank you, Louis, staff, and everyone else at National Laser Institute for this incredible opportunity!


Lucina Cooper 236 of 2338
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I can say 100% that this is the best school. The instructors are very experienced and I gathered so much information from them. Although some of the days are long I didn't feel tired because everyone is so full of energy!

Vanishiree Putala 237 of 2338
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I came to NLI directly out of esthetics school and with no job lined up after. I knew virtually nothing about lasers in the area of skin care but knew that it was what I wanted to do and that I wanted the best education available. After researching several different schools across the USA, I made my decision to go to NLI. All the staff, teachers, laser reps and guest speakers were professional, pleasant and very helpful. The teachers were all far beyond qualified to be teaching and had years of experience in the field of laser esthetics as well. I was very impressed with how available they made themselves for questions and even offered their help for after we left NLI and were out on our own.

There is no doubt that NLI is committed to the success of their students. They have forwarded me multiple emails with job opportunities in the laser industry that were available in my area and have done their best to help me find a job. Since graduating in December, I have been hired as a laser technician in a large medi spa in Anchorage Alaska doing laser hair removal and tattoo removal. Without the great education and support I received I know I would not have found such a great job! I highly recommend NLI to anyone interested in the field of lasers and feel strongly that my money was well spent! I hope to be able to take more classes from NLI in the future.


Mary Ellen Genstler BBA, CLT, LMT, Esthetician 238 of 2338
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National Laser Institute really taught me how to be confident with the use of lasers. All the instructors are very informative about all the equipment used as well as the safety.


Cheri Kemp 239 of 2338
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I had a great time at National Laser Institute. I made so many great friends, and the teachers there are all so awesome. Every instructor made sure we understood everything before moving on to the next module. Amazing experience!


Jacquelyn Bragg 240 of 2338

Medical Professionals

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I highly recommend this program to any future injectors. It was well organized, fun, and I feel prepared to start my new endeavor.

Sandra Wood 226 of 703
227 of 703

Attending the courses was a life changing experience for me and I would highly recommend NLI to anyone who wants to feel great about their abilities not only on a personal experience but on an educational one. Nothing but positive outcome from everyone I encountered. Loved it!!!

Teresa Hatherill 227 of 703
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I was skeptical as I had never signed up for a course like this before. Instructors and staff were wonderful, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Course was amazing, personalized to each person based on their needs.

Wendy Pence 228 of 703
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Excellent learning and hands on experience.

Stephanie Boling 229 of 703
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The information that was provided by the staff was very informative. Adequate demonstration with plenty of hands on experience was provided. I would send others who are interested in courses on Botox and fillers to NLI.

Lynndy Houston-Fagan 230 of 703
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I have learned so much and all instructors are great.

Sharon Martin 231 of 703
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Excellent professional staff, patient knowledgeable.

Debra Luke Hardison 232 of 703
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The instructors are very experienced and helpful. I had a wonderful time throughout the entire weekend and highly recommend the NLI!

Kendall Schoenekase 233 of 703
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I am positive I found my new career! I love injecting and felt so comfortable ending the course. NLI has changed my idea in anti-aging and has given me such a new approach for marketing the growing business. Every part from instruction to the instructors was top notch and professional.

Jill Stchur 234 of 703
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Every part of this program was organized and well thought out! I had so much fun and feel so prepared to start my career as a nurse injector!

Diane Schwartz 235 of 703
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 It was a great experience and a lot to learn. I can't wait for the hands on. I do better with actually doing the work. Thanks you again for everything. The experience was a 10. Thank you.
Jessica Dias 236 of 703
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20/10! Thanks and my first experience was in 2014 and I came back mostly because of how you made me feel 😉 You made me feel that my time was well spent and I learned a lot and it was worth every cent. Thanks again for a great course.

Peggy D. 237 of 703
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I enjoyed it very much & would recommend to anyone. I cannot wait to finish In Boston!! Loved your energy and the instructors were all amazing!

Kristy C. 238 of 703
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Thank you so much for the opportunity. I can not wait to do my clinicals. 10 10 10.... Class teachers and experience was fantastic!

Tricia T. 239 of 703
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10/10 I loved it and can't wait to go to clinicals!

Katie O. 240 of 703