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Aesthetician & Career Changers

241 of 2001

National Laser Institute is fun, informative, and really prepares you for the world of lasers. This course really built my confidence with working with lasers and people, and I made so many wonderful friends with my classmates.


Francia Saunders 241 of 2001
242 of 2001

I loved coming to National Laser Institute to experience the hands-on knowledge of cosmetic lasers. I’m so grateful for all the instructors and feel so proud of myself for having done this!


Jasmine Sha 242 of 2001
243 of 2001

National Laser Institute was a great experience, awesome teachers and professional staff fun! Amazing learning atmosphere. I recommend this school for career changers or whoever in the industry who wants to give a boost of knowledge to their profession. Thank you staff to National Laser Institute!

Estella Eckardt 243 of 2001
244 of 2001

I came to National Laser Institute with no prior experience in the industry. The instructors were a wonderful group. They were patient, kind, helpful, and never hesitated to answer your question! This course has been full of information and so rewarding.


Jennifer Williams 244 of 2001
245 of 2001

The education here is unparalleled. It is so inspiring to learn from people who love their jobs. I enjoyed every moment here and am so happy I got the opportunity to come and grow in my career!


Casey Hurst 245 of 2001
246 of 2001

I love this school. I've had an amazing experience here, and all the instructors and staff are so great.

Kayla Brannan 246 of 2001
247 of 2001

National Laser Institute in Dallas was awesome! They instructors were all amazing. The front desk ladies are so welcoming. I learned a lot and felt confident to go out and start working. Shelby is a wonderful and dedicated manager. She makes everything run so smoothly!


Marlene Yousssef 247 of 2001
248 of 2001

I had a great experience at National Laser Institute. The instructors were knowledgeable and helpful. They taught me how to be confident when using lasers. I also met some great women from Texas that showed me the city. I’m SO happy I chose to attend National Laser Institute!


Tashanna Williams 248 of 2001
249 of 2001

National Laser Institute is a life-changing educational experience. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and made the experience fun. It's a one-of-a-kind program that trains you on top-of-the-line equipment and prepares you for any job in the field. I recommend National Laser Institute to the highest degree and am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an amazing group of professionals.

Jennifer Carson 249 of 2001
250 of 2001

I can HONESTLY say that attending National Laser Institute was a life changing experience for me! All of the instructors are very professional, and what impressed me most was how knowledgeable they are!

I waited a long time before I decided what I wanted to do other than cosmetology, but I guess as the OLD saying goes, GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT!

Oh yeah, also I would like to thank Kelli for being such an inspiration and being TRUE and allowing me to realize that even though I AM NOT 20 ANYMORE I CAN STILL GO AFTER MY DREAMS!! Again, thank you everyone at NLI!


Tammy Mullis Moore 250 of 2001
251 of 2001

On every level, this training has exceeded my expectations. The staffs' expertise and passion for these services and for teaching is above any other training I've received in the past. After this week, I feel prepared to go out and search for a job with confidence and excitement. I know am comfortable with these services and I have a clear idea of what jobs would best fit my personality and financial goals. I know what I need to do to get where I want to go. It has been personally uplifting to be in this community of women with many who have stories of overcoming personal adversity. I am walking away from this experience with a newfound passion for my work. I am sad to say goodbye to my beautiful soul sisters!

Erica Leopold 251 of 2001
252 of 2001

This course was extremely valuable to me. The chance to use real equipment on real patients was invaluable to applying what we learned in class to a clinical experience.


Lauren Low 252 of 2001
253 of 2001

I learned a lot during this laser course. The lecture part on the first day provided us with all the necessary information we needed to know about laser treatments. The hands-on part gave me the techniques that will provide good care to my clients.


Lilia Sanque 253 of 2001
254 of 2001

My experience has been amazing. Great instructors who have lots of knowledge and a great environment with lots of positive energy. I'm going to truly miss everyone but I know I got a lot out of my training and left with new friends and feeling inspired about this industry!

Rose Destima 254 of 2001
255 of 2001

This class is very informative. NLI will help the world excel in the aesthetics field!


Naomi Bondoc 255 of 2001

Medical Professionals

241 of 692

I really liked the modules and have downloaded the course modules to go over... I will give you a 10 for the course modules very thorough and concise with lots of expertise!

Betsy P. 241 of 692
242 of 692
I had an awesome experience with the course. The instructors are so knowledgeable. You successful story was incredible. So motivation for me to reach my goals. So YES 100%! And I'm actually so happy that I can go over again with all those courses.
Carol C. 242 of 692
243 of 692

Wow 🤩 it was amazing 😉 it can be 10 stars ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ 🌟 great experience.

Madelyne M. 243 of 692
244 of 692

I'd rate the experience as a 10. You all were so enthused in delivering the info to us which kept me engaged as we'll as entertained. It was a great alternative.  Looking forward to working again with your staff. Stay well.

Stacey B. 244 of 692
245 of 692

Good, informative, patient, kind instructors.

Julie Boice 245 of 692
246 of 692

Awesome experience with highly skilled staff and instructors!

Stephanie Zeller 246 of 692
247 of 692

National Laser Institute packed all the vital educational info and clinical time to help make the jump from hospital nursing to aesthetic nursing.

Christine Horrigan 247 of 692
248 of 692

I have been to several courses before. These guys have best program.

Farshid Paydar 248 of 692
249 of 692

I started out knowing very little about injectables and I learned so much about safety, techniques, and business aspects of injectables. I'm excited to start this field and feel a lot more prepared.

Vickielynn Peck 249 of 692
250 of 692

I had a great time and learned so much! Cannot wait to take it all back to our practice.

Mandi Lew 250 of 692
251 of 692

Such a wonderful place of learning and support.

Mary Regina Camilleri 251 of 692
252 of 692

Excellent hands on training.

Teresa Armor 252 of 692
253 of 692

Great experience. Instructors are knowledgeable. Great machines. Good training and hands on. Good presentation.

Marissa Guinto 253 of 692
254 of 692

My experience at NLI was amazing. Having never been exposed to lasers, I am here with a clean slate and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I am leaving with an in depth understanding of both the biophysics and practice of laser skin therapy. I look forward to adding lasers to my wellness clinic and sending my staff here for further training.

Darin Jackson, MD 254 of 692
255 of 692

National Laser Institute is indeed a wonderful place to learn quite a vast amount of information in a very short time. They were very informative, patient and now I can do Botox and fillers.

Edith Gibson 255 of 692