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Aesthetician & Career Changers

271 of 2001

I had such a good experience! I learned so much, made friends, had great teachers, and had a lot of fun. I feel confident about going out into this industry!

Sam Dieterly 271 of 2001
272 of 2001

This has been an AMAZING educational experience!

Denise Wynbrant 272 of 2001
273 of 2001

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in laser hair removal or lasers. Everyone is so helpful and well-educated. I feel ready to work in this industry!


Rachel Voila 273 of 2001
274 of 2001

National Laser Institute was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I loved getting to know and learn from the instructors throughout the week.


Aline Questel 274 of 2001
275 of 2001

I'm confident and extremely excited to do lasers. It was so much fun learning about all the lasers, and I feel like I can do out into the world happy and confident in what I do thanks to National Laser Institute.

Dyanna Nutter 275 of 2001
276 of 2001

I had a wonderful time learning at National Laser Institute. The instructors are very professional. All my questions were always 100% answered. Shana was my favorite instructor!

Delfina Calderon 276 of 2001
277 of 2001

I came to National Laser Institute after my mom attended and absolutely loved it! The knowledge, experience, and personal attention I received was wonderful. We are now both NLI grads and on our way to starting a career within a med spa! The fact that NLI will continue to be here for continued support through Graduate Services made my decision to attend a no-brainer. I can’t wait to continue learning and sharing my success!

Amy McNeil 277 of 2001
278 of 2001

I want to thank all the instructors at National Laser Institute. It was such a great experience to spend learning laser and building friendships with students. Even my family noticed that this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time! Thank you!


Lyuba Starikova 278 of 2001
279 of 2001

My experience here was the best experience I've had in a long time. Everybody makes you feel like you're part of a family. My classmates were great. I miss you all so much!

Kelly Krivacs 279 of 2001
280 of 2001

This class was the most amazing class that I have ever taken. All the made everything so easy and understandable.


Linda Franks 280 of 2001
281 of 2001

Time and money well spent! Good spirit and atmosphere.

Deborah Pitma 281 of 2001
282 of 2001

Laser training at National Laser Institute was extremely informative. The instructors kept my attention and helped us through the program.


Kim Boisvert 282 of 2001
283 of 2001

National Laser Institute has been a fun and exciting place where I've also learned a valuable new skill set. The staff is welcoming and passionate about their work and about teaching others. I left this experience with only positive feelings and feeling enthusiastic about my future.

Devon Vawter 283 of 2001
284 of 2001

The training I experienced from National Laser Institute was life-changing. From start to finish I felt like it was a complete approach to applying the skills I have and advancing myself further. Anyone who wishes to be their client's best asset will seek training at National Laser Institute.

Hilary Heflin 284 of 2001
285 of 2001

National Laser Institute is a great educational course. Thank you!


Phillip Estrads 285 of 2001

Medical Professionals

271 of 692

It was great, instructors great.

Barbie Evans 271 of 692
272 of 692

Brand new to industry after working as RN for 24 years in hospital. The staff and instructors were extremely knowledgable and work with each student to help them succeed and develop skill and confidence.

Karen Nemeje 272 of 692
273 of 692

Everyone here from the staff to instructors are all amazing. They are all very friendly, helpful and made the atmosphere comfortable. I didn't feel uncomfortable whatsoever during class or clinicals! You get lots of hands on training by excellent instructors!

Tara Dice 273 of 692
274 of 692

Had my lips done by students with Jan shadowing and they are wonderful. Jan did an amazing job at instructing.

Whitney Johnson 274 of 692
275 of 692

Was a great experience that left me feeling ready and excited to go home and get started with my own aesthetic injections.

Scott Sanderson 275 of 692
276 of 692

I came into this course with no previous exposure to lasers and treatments. After just one week I feel I have enough exposure and confidence to start offering these modalities in my own practice. Thank you NLI!

Wilbert Tsai 276 of 692
277 of 692

This is perfect for healthcare professionals who want to change their practice.

Margot Gregory 277 of 692
278 of 692

You will have experience to inject almost everything. You will see more clients, not just one.

Amal Sufian 278 of 692
279 of 692

An understanding of the basic principles of laser therapy is critical in performing these procedures safely and effectively. The instructors presented the material in a clear, precise manner. I have a new found respect for the numerous ways these procedures are improving the quality of life of people of all ages.

Chauntay Bradley, MD 279 of 692
280 of 692

My second NLI experience. Great instruction and clinical setting.

Henry Pridgen III, MD 280 of 692
281 of 692

Amazing experience with professional and knowledgeable staff.

Tracy Elmo, RN 281 of 692
282 of 692

Such an exciting experience and a fabulous enhancement to my RN skills.

Teresa Miller, RN 282 of 692
283 of 692

I had an excellent experience at NLI. The instructors were great and taught multiple methods and approaches to help achieve the main goals.

Jonathan Shelton, PA 283 of 692
284 of 692

NLI was an amazing learning experience! Instructors were very well educated, the facility was very clean and the learning environment was set up well. I am ecstatic to take my newly learned techniques back to my practice!

Sara Wilden, RN 284 of 692
285 of 692

Sue was an amazing teacher. I learned so much as far as the way to inject, how to speak to clients, along with how to calm their nerves.

Jordan Garrett, RN 285 of 692