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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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National Laser Institute is the complete package.

Positive energy from day one to the very last day. Instructors, who are not only very knowledgeable, but can clearly articulate the information in their own unique way while making it fun! Wide variety of Lasers to use on a diverse clientele giving you real life applications! A current view of what is happening in the marketplace of Medical Aesthetics. You will not go wrong with choosing NLI as your Education Provider!!!

Lisa Pomp 16 of 2306
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National Laser Institute is incredible! I chose to attend this school as a complete career change.

It is truly the best decision I’ve ever made! I am confident that I will be successful in my career by utilizing the information and techniques that I have learned. It’s an amazing field to get into and National Laser Institute is the place to start!


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I just want to say that you have an amazing team!

All of the instructors were great! On a scale of 1-10, I give them a 10+. I am so glad that I decided to take the class, and I cant wait to get out there and start working ASAP!! Thanks Again.

Holly Adams 18 of 2306
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I recently attended your institute in AZ for the 16 day course.

I wish there was an option for a longer course! When the 16 days were done I was NOT ready for it to be over! I was so impressed with everything, all of your instructors and staff were just wonderful! I would like to give a special thanks to you and your staff for such an exhilarating experience.


Sheryl Shipp 19 of 2306
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I would like to thank National Laser Institute for the life changing experience.

This program has exceeded my expectations and I am proud to say that I am certified through NLI! I am a career changer and I have always loved this field, but because of NLI I have a different kind of love for it! All of the instructors had so much patience with their students and were very educated on the subject and the machines we used. It was incredible the amount of knowledge I absorbed in one week. I am truly grateful and can’t wait to start my future in this field.


Tamar Gulian 20 of 2306
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I learned so much at this school.

Everybody has been so great that I don’t even want to leave. I feel ready and determined to get out there and use the new knowledge I gained here. Thank you all so much!


Eileen 21 of 2306
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I had an amazing learning experience at National Laser Institute and a fabulous time.

The education was AAA+ and really exceeded all my expectations. It’s very apparent why National Laser Institute is the nation’s more reputable school for laser training. I graduated from National Laser Institute on March 25th and I am proud to say on my first interview I was hired and will now be working for a beautiful spa doing laser as of April 20th! Yes, that’s right. I got a job in less than 30 days!! Thank you, National Laser Institute!

Cindy Cullen 22 of 2306
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Today was my last day as a student at NLI and it was one of the most positive experiences of my life.

I learned a lot and the staff was fantastic, they were so caring with us and the clients. I learned that the laser companies actually send their reps to this school to learn as well! We had two in the class and it offered an interesting perspective.  I definitely feel prepared for this industry and I'm ready to go rock some interviews. I would recommend it to my friends and I will be bringing them to some of the school events! I was also a client at one point, Charisma did my Botox injections and she was awesome. I had a budget and she worked with me to get everything I wanted done and stay in budget.

Nicole Gunderson 23 of 2306
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A home run! From day one the experience was great.

The learning curve is challenging indeed, but the instructors are great. The National Laser Institute staff are awe-inspiring. They function as a very happy family. As the final days of the course rolled around, I experience personal growth and achievement in this industry that had me sliding into a home run. Wow!


Nancy Ovis 24 of 2306
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I just completed the Oct 8th to Oct 22nd course and wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to you and all your staff.

I really had a great time and was so impressed with the entire course that I will highly recommend it to everyone. From my administrator (Mark) to my trainers (Sam, Jan, Shana, Laura, Mike, Terry, Terra, Brooke, Shelley, and Monica) to the receptionists, everyone was so friendly and accommodating.

What impressed me the most is how everyone truly wants the students to be a success. I was also impressed with how hands on you are as well. Not very often do you see that. Each and every trainer was so personable and let us know that they are there to answer any questions via e-mail if needed. This was also remarkable because it shows their commitment to their students. Everyone was so happy and bubbly and showed how much they enjoyed working in this field and how much respect they had for this school. I also was one of the girls that stayed in the house. I stayed in the master bedroom and enjoyed my stay there. The house was way beyond my expectations! Your motto of “never give up and you will be a success” will stay with me, as I believe them to be true. Once again, thank you.


Kelly Varga Johnson 25 of 2306
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I did not expect what I got. It was so much more than a laser school.

I did not expect what I got. It was so much more than a laser school. They help you learn all you can. You get back what you give though. I had a job interview with 2 more lined up while in school. It happened because I was persistent and asked for guidance. Thank you everyone at NLI.

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I'm living the dream! I wanted it, I did it, I loved it!

I just completed the Comprehensive Laser Course at NLI in Scottsdale Arizona and I am so excited! The course far exceeded my expectations in every way. I already knew that I would be attending the most respected school in the industry, but after completing the course I now know why National Laser Institute has that reputation. The reason is Louis SIlberman! Everything about Louis is first class. Everything from his catered Skin Scene Events, to the equipment the students and staff have access to, to the exceptional staff he employs. From the moment you meet Louis you are inspired by his energy and out going personality. He is genuine and cares about every student. He is personally involved and makes it a point to meet each and every student at each and every campus every time a new class starts. You can count on Louis to be there if they need anything. His positive energy and motivational atmosphere is felt throughout the NLI campus. His standards are extremely high and his instructors are a reflection of that. They are the absolute best! The energy at NLI is so infectious that I could not wait to attend my evening class each night after a long hard day at work. If you want a first class education, I can tell you this is the place to come. Every instructor made sure we were comfortable with the information we learned in the classroom and the clinical floor. I feel extremely confident in my skills because of the very small class size that allowed the instructors to focus on each student. The instructors are approachable and they welcomed any and all questions. We not only had fun in class, we experienced real life interactions with clients. We learned about products, micro needling, teeth whitening and so much more. In addition to all the above we were able to get treatments on ourselves. The instructors made that possible for us by helping us plan our treatments from the beginning of the course. Thank you everyone at NLI. Thank you to the instructors for caring and being so amazing and supportive. Thank you to the staff at the front desk and an extra special thank you to Louis. Thank you so much for creating NLI and truly caring about every student, client and employee that walk through the NLI doors and for making my dream a reality!

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I truly believe that signing up with NLI was one the best decisions that I have made in my life thus far.

I am leaving here excited and extremely confident in my knowledge of lasers and their applications. Every single instructor exceeded any and all expectations I had before coming in. The support from my instructors was instrumental in building my confidence to enter the "real world" of medical aesthetics. The passion of every instructor here has ignited a new passion within myself, I can not wait to start working as a laser professional!

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My experience here was great! I now have the knowledge and confidence to work as a medical laser technician. I love to help people and have compassion for others, so this field is perfect for me, as it allows me to help others feel better about themselves. Giving people the confidence that comes with having beautiful skin makes me feel FULFILLED.


Candy Fisher 29 of 2306
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The fantastic instructors really made it easy to learn. I recommend NLI to anyone!


Maria Piazza 30 of 2306

Medical Professionals

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Awesome laser/fillers class! Made learning fun.

Attention to detail and safety!

June Tehan 16 of 698
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I am so glad I decided to attend National Laser Institute! I feel so ready and excited to start my career as a medical aesthetics RN.

I loved the staff and everything I learned. I'm so excited!

Alfie Symes, RN 17 of 698
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I am so thankful I chose National Laser Institute.

As a family Nurse Practitioner I am starting my own clinic. I have not had any previous experience in this area. I am wanting to offer specialized procedures. Attending National Laser Institute has given me hands-on experience with various equipment, techniques, and provides the opportunity to work with patients. It has truly been an invaluable experience. I am leaving with confidence. I'm so excited and thankful for the opportunity. It gave me confidence in choosing the right products and tools to make my business successful. Thank you!

Michelle Mairer, NP 18 of 698
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I had a great experience during the weekend nurse injector course at National Laser Institute.

The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and shared their favorite tricks of the trade. I met quite a few doctors and nurses who were nice enough to share backgrounds and experiences and made some really great connections. I'm looking forward to putting my training into action!

Jennifer A. Perry, RN 19 of 698
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I have learned so much in such a short amount of time of training at NLI.

Everyone is welcoming! The atmosphere around us is so pleasant and friendly. The instructors are very well versed in what they are doing and teaching. They make us attendees feel comfortable and ready to learn more!

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I'm extremely pleased with the staff and instructors.

The clinical curriculum surpassed my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised with the knowledge and ability to teach and communicate this information in a manner where I could easily understand so quickly! Highly recommend!

Sheila Albright 21 of 698
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I have been in the medical industry for the past 5 years as nurse.

I enjoy what I do however was looking for something that offered me a sense of renewed passion. I went to national laser institute because I wanted to see what medical aesthetics was all about! I have never had training outside of a hospital and like the idea of having a clinic to practice cosmetic medicine in and move away from the burnout of working in a hospital that so many RN's like myself experience with long shifts , high stress jobs and not a ton of time to have a nice social life! . I heard about National laser Institute and after doing my due diligence and looking into my options I decided NLI was the only choice for me. I am so excited not only was the course everything I hoped it would be but it exceeded all my expectation immensely! Everyone at NLI was great in fact Chelsy who works in graduate service landed me an interview with a doctors office in San Diego looking for cosmetic nurse Injectors! So the best part is within 2 weeks of receiving my training certifications of Botox, fillers & lasers course I landed the perfect job!! Yay!! I am so excited I would highly recommend NLI, not only did I receive the best education but they delivered so much more. I am happy to say I have found the passion I was looking and excited for my new career in medical aesthetic! Who could ask for anything more.

Gina - RN San Diego

Gina, RN 22 of 698
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I am so happy I took this course!

I have learned so much and have really enjoyed all of the "pearls of wisdom" from the fabulous instructors. This knowledge and hands-on practice has been invaluable for my career.

Eva Unell, RN 23 of 698
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Wanted to write and tell you how impressed I was with my experience at NLI.

I took the 6 day laser and injectable course in Chicago, and was fortunate to come back to Scottsdale in August and receive some further training. I wanted to tell you how happy I am for choosing to come to NLI for my training. It has been life changing. Prior to training I had made a life changing decision. I quite my job and decided to pursue my passion in aesthetic nursing. With that said, I was very unsure and quite frankly, scared, as I had no idea how to pursue my dreams.  That led me to research schools on the internet where I could get training and education to make me more marketable. After much thought, I choose NLI and have never looked back. Everyone I encountered was so kind and welcoming each and every day! The educators were top of the line and radiated amazing passion and energy.  The staff worked to accommodate everyone's needs and always worked to go above and beyond to make it the best experience. I can confidently say that after the training here at NLI I have gained a confidence in myself that I never thought I would have. I can't wait to go out into this industry, change people's lives, and help them to find their beauty on the inside and out!  Thanks you so much for this amazing opportunity!

Morgan Kraut 24 of 698
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I wanted to share with you that the Advanced Injectable Course far exceeded my expectations.
What a wonderful experience. I was impressed by the venues, the instructors and the overall program. I was so lucky to have Dr. Treen, Jan and Dr. Hooker as my instructors. They were all so patient, kind and all very good teachers. It was great to rotate and get different perspectives.  Louis thank you so much. You have an outstanding program.

Ashleigh Ortega, RN, DNP, A/GNP-C 25 of 698
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I feel like I am totally prepared to incorporate BOTOX® and dermal fillers into my practice.

The hand on experience with physicians’ instruction was what I was looking for in a course.

Harry Froeschke, MD 26 of 698
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I'd like to say that the overall experience was an eye-opener for me specifically as it applies to aesthetic nursing.

It’s a totally new frontier that I found extremely interesting and educational. The program’s most rewarding aspect was the ability to perform hands-on clinical skills immediately after the didactic portion using real clientele! But that was easily trumped by the quality of diversified and thoroughly educated/skilled, experienced and friendly instructors I had throughout the entire course. I don’t want to leave out the courteous and helpful front desk staff too! And having Louis personally come to visit and say hello to each one of us was most appreciated. The facility was accommodating to me as a student. The proximity of the Embassy Suite Hotel and discounted rates was very convenient. Nice arrangement. Oh, and I appreciated Jennifer Simpson’s assistance as my admissions counselor during my registration process. Finally, I was very pleased to see the graduates-only library! Now that’s a nice perk!

Denny Joe, RN 27 of 698
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I came to National Laser Institute looking for something to supplement my full-time job as an ICU nurse.

I never dreamed it would lead me down the path I find myself on now! I had always been interested in the medical aesthetic industry, but as an RN, I really had no idea just how much career potential there was for me. From day one, everyone I came across at National Laser Institute was completely professional, always helpful and clearly at the top of their game. From the delightful front desk staff to the impressive group of handpicked instructors from all over the country, I never doubted that I had chosen the right place to start my new adventure. And an adventure it has been! After finishing my courses at National Laser Institute, I teamed up with a physician and began offering my services to family and friends, starting with BOTOX® injections and soon after doing various types of fillers. The referrals came quickly and the more I practiced, the more skilled I became at injecting. At that point it was still a part time project, but when I decided to move to Southern California, where I currently reside, the opportunities I came upon quickly convinced me to leave the grueling trenches of the ICU for good and pursue aesthetic nursing full time. That was a year ago, and today I am the director of a busy med spa in Los Angeles where I provide all types of laser treatments, injectables, chemical peels, collagen induction therapy and various other skin care and anti-aging procedures. I said goodbye to twelve-hour shifts and hello to a much nicer salary, and I can truly say I love going to work! I am forever indebted to the kind folks at National Laser Institute for giving me the tools, the knowledge, the encouragement and motivation to pursue my dreams. The sky’s the limit!

Amanda D., RN, BSN, CCRN 28 of 698
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Concise, well-constructed CME class with instructors who are knowledgeable, skilled, and professional and adhere to the industry's highest standards.

I would highly recommend this course to any colleague who is interested in esthetics.

Janet Loveridgeal 29 of 698
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I'm very grateful to have been apart of this dynamic school.

Every instructor I encountered was full of years of knowledge! Thank you--I hope to teach at NLI one day myself.

Maria Twardek 30 of 698