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Aesthetician & Career Changers

286 of 2338

National Laser Institute is a great educational course. Thank you!


Phillip Estrads 286 of 2338
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I feel like a new, improved me! I took an interested and catapulted myself in a field where I can grow and grow and grow!


Shannon Ward-Longwell 287 of 2338
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I feel confident in my knowledge base and hands-on work from the training I experienced at National Laser Institute. The instructors were knowledgeable and fun to learn from. I wish it wasn't over--not because I feel like I need more time to learn but because it was so fun!

Sharmane Johnson 288 of 2338
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I had the best experience at National Laser Institute. The instructors were so knowledgeable and very easy to learn from. I feel comfortable with lasers and competent to work with clients after my time here. I highly recommend National Laser Institute to anyone interested in working in the laser field. I feel I received and excellent education from an elite school.


Tyshana Crochet 289 of 2338
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Well worth the money! Can't wait to start my new adventures in this field.

Lori Campbell 290 of 2338
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National Laser Institute was a life-changing experience! The kind-hearted staff and the professional yet caring instructors made it a joy and easy to learn. Thank you, staff and instructors at NLI, for being apart of my new beginning and new future! You are truly the BEST. Thank you for a renewed hope for entering into a new career!


Jennifer Rico 291 of 2338
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If you're interested in a career as a laser tech, this is the place to start! I wouldn't even think of attending another laser school. There's no school like National Laser Institute, this is the place to be.

Caitlynn Pyle 292 of 2338
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I absolutely loved it. You get great instruction, wonderful teachers, and leave with the confidence and knowledge you need to be successful in this industry. Very thorough instruction. You NEED to come to National Laser Institute!


Deb Anderson 293 of 2338
294 of 2338

I definitely feel like I have an advantage over other laser technicians who didn’t attend National Laser Institute. So ready to get started in the industry!


Brigerd Austin 294 of 2338
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National Laser Institute has been an amazing opportunity. I am walking away with not only a certificate, but the knowledge and experience needed for me to feel confident and excited to get started in a career using cosmetic lasers. Thank you Louis, NLI staff, and all my classmates for making my time at the Scottsdale campus so beneficial and unforgettable!


Rachel Montgomery 295 of 2338
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So happy I came to National Laser Institute. I have had a great experience here, and the energy has been tremendous. I am in love with the educators here. Hilary was especially awesome and very good at driving home all the information. I highly recommend this school!


Brittany LaPlante 296 of 2338
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I had an absolutely fantastic time at National Laser Institute. All of the instructors are so friendly and very knowledgeable. You won't find a combination like this anywhere else. They also have so many different machines and the hands-on experience is great. I would definitely recommend National Laser Institute to anyone interested in cosmetic lasers!

Erica Talamantes 297 of 2338
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I was a student at National Laser Institute in January. I have since worked at two laser facilities. I feel that I am more educated than my coworkers who did not go to National Laser Institute. I am so happy with the education I received from your school.

Margaret Sorden 298 of 2338
299 of 2338

I loved it here! I can’t imagine anyone touching or working with lasers without coming here first.


Londa Cordell 299 of 2338
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National Laser Institute changed my life for the better. I couldn't ask for a more positive, informational, energized experience. It was beyond my expectations and I cannot wait to boast to all my family and friends about this amazing school!

Randi Baca 300 of 2338

Medical Professionals

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It was awesome!

Bertha Cano, RN 286 of 703
287 of 703

I enjoyed the lectures. #1 Botox learning. The instructors are stellar and approachable. I'm hopeful I will be landing a new job, taking charge of my income, schedule and impact to keep up as a nurse! Louis is cool and is there for you. Office staff make your journey seamless to succeed!

Mark Star, RN 287 of 703
288 of 703

Louis's excitement is awesome. The instructors were great. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking about Botox/Dermal Fillers.

Jinju Weiss, MD 288 of 703
289 of 703

Very professional. Upholds medical ethics. Encourages students and creates an open learning environment.

Linda Fletcher, PA 289 of 703
290 of 703

Each instructor is top notch, always willing to go out of their way for each student.

Ashley Sedgwick, RN 290 of 703
291 of 703

What an amazing experience. The staff was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. NLI give you the tools and confidence to perform the treatments learned immediately! Thank you NLI!

Christine Getz, RN 291 of 703
292 of 703

Course is excellent and provided a wonderful hands on experience with Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Jan Davis, MD 292 of 703
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This was a great course! Covered the basics of Botox and dermal fillers to get started with lots of hands on clinical practice.

Carla Briante, NMD 293 of 703
294 of 703

I have shadowed an aesthetic practitioner before but this course gave me a detailed didactic which made me feel ready to treat patients and prepare for practice. Have not worked on patients before this course. I know I'm ahead of the competition now.

Ashley Juste, FNP-C 294 of 703
295 of 703

Coming in as a nurse I felt prepared to handle the client side of things but nervous because I didn't know anything about lasers. ALl of my instructors were patient, kind and taught in an easy to understand manner and built each day on a stuff we had learned the day before. I felt confident to work on clients and excited to start this new aspect of my nursing career! NLI is amazing! I can't wait to come back for more classes! I really learned a lot and enjoyed myself! 🙂

Rachel Rupp, RN 295 of 703
296 of 703

The days flew by. The clinical instructors made it so much fun and had great tips and techniques.

Brooke Jinbo, RN 296 of 703
297 of 703

The course was well organized, very professional staff, helpful to the students in every way.

Rebecca Cromer, RN 297 of 703
298 of 703

Love the school, Love the instructors, Love all the staff. Wealth of knowledge and expertise. Everyone is approachable and FUN. So happy I came to Arizona to get my training. I can not begin to explain the excitement I felt before coming here, and to end up feeling even better than I imagined was an absolute treat! Everyone at NLI is wonderful. From the moment you walk in you are welcomed. The instructors have years and years of experience and it shines through! Loved my entire experience at NLI!

Kelly Keener, ARNP 298 of 703
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This has given me the courage and knowledge to pursue a new career, and a new me.

Jennifer Perry, RN 299 of 703
300 of 703

Great clinical experience.

Margo Rainey, DMD 300 of 703