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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

301 of 1635

I had a marvelous experience! The instructors and all the staff made this a life change event. It was a very exceptional learning experience in every aspect.


Marcia Dew 301 of 1635
302 of 1635

This was a very unique and educational experience. The instructors are very knowledgeable and have many years of experience, which contributed very much to the information I learned and obtained. It was delightful, fun, and very inspirational. I love this school.

Sabrina Sells 302 of 1635
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Thank you for making this experience not only a joy, but an extremely useful learning environment for my change in career.


Tricia Cottingim 303 of 1635
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As a career changer, I was hesitant about investing 16 days and the money for laser school. Wow, I’m so glad I did! What I have learned is so much more than I could have imagined. The instructors and speakers are the best in the business and the material covered a huge range of subjects to help me start a new career. Thank you National Laser Institute!

Dianne Lawrence 304 of 1635
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Weekend courses for the medical providers and RN is a great idea! Instant hands-on training and fast didactics was just what I needed in terms of education in order to provide treatments for my future spa.


Jim Jiren 305 of 1635
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If you are reading this you must want a change in your life. National Laser Institute is a good career change in an industry that is continually growing. My experience with National Laser Institute was a positive life change for me. The curriculum is interesting and covers a wide spectrum of the history and use of various lasers. The course is taught by a variety of knowledgeable instructors that are available to every student. I made many good friends in the class and with the staff. I highly recommend National Laser Institute to anyone wanting a change in their life and becoming involved in a fun and rewarding industry.

Cheryl Ramsey 306 of 1635
307 of 1635

I came thinking I would be liking one of the cosmetic lasers over the others, but I loved all of them and would recommend this training to everyone that is interested in skin care. The instructors were especially amazing. Thank you, National Laser Institute!


Rebecca Sanders 307 of 1635
308 of 1635

I loved taking the tattoo removal course so much that I ended up taking the whole 16-day comprehensive course! I was SO impressed with the education and staff that I was dying to learn more!


Nicole Jouas 308 of 1635
309 of 1635

I am leaving here with a new mentality and new goals I never even knew I had. The information taught to me I will carry through the rest of my life. I am so thankful that the instructors have had the patience and kindness to help guide me through this course with the tools to help build the legacy I want for myself.

Rachel Wuestenberg 309 of 1635
310 of 1635

The staff made my experience not only interesting, but it was so much fun! The instructors provide a wealth of knowledge and extensively educate us on all of the laser machines and all the details of each treatment. I feel like I definitely got my money’s worth. I would recommend NLI to anyone interested in the field of aesthetics!


Ruth Doran 310 of 1635
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I loved this comprehensive course! It was very hands-on and I feel super comfortable and confident using cosmetic lasers to perform treatments.


Steve Torres 311 of 1635
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National Laser Institute is top-notch and very informative. I feel very well-educated in performing treatments with cosmetic lasers. Every single instructor and staff is so positive and truly love what they do!

Patricia Kyle 312 of 1635
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National Laser Institute has provided me with a superior education where I feel 100% confident that I can go home and provide safe and effective treatments.


Stephanie Andersen-Stevens 313 of 1635
314 of 1635

From the first day of class, Sam was awesome, welcoming, and got right down to business. As I continued to meet other instructors, it only added to the greatness of my experience as well as the training. I'm very happy about my decision to attend National Laser Institute. From the amazing instructors to my classmates, I met some great people and received and even greater education. All of this will help me grow personally and professionally!

Stepheni Baldivia 314 of 1635
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Going to the National Laser Institute was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The facility was absolutely beautiful and very up to date on the latest laser technology. I learned so much from the classes. Whether it was learning about laser physics or basic skin biology each instructor was incredibly informed and gifted, making each class exciting and fun! I met so many amazing people and made valuable future connections. I can honestly say that every penny spent to get there was well worth it, and I have gained the confidence and the information I need to begin a successful new career! 

Tamaris F. 315 of 1635

Medical Professionals

301 of 581

A great place to start if you are interested in adding aesthetics to your practice.

Ibidunni Ukegbu, MD 301 of 581
302 of 581

Excellent and essential to anyone who will be doing injectables.

Denny Rice, RN 302 of 581
303 of 581

I learned so much and had a very fun and educational time overall. Lecturers were very knowledgeable and good at answering all questions.

Eva Schauer, RN 303 of 581
304 of 581

Very knowledgeable and professional. Very experienced trainers teaching and advising every step of the way!

Stephanie Butler, RN 304 of 581
305 of 581

Wow the didactic portion was well-organized. The clinical instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They encouraged us to work with clients. We got lots of "hands on"! Meeting Louis was a bonus!

John Lunsford, MD 305 of 581
306 of 581

This clinical well exceeded my expectations. There was plenty of hands on training leaving me feeling confident and ready to start Botox and Fillers in my practice. The staff was energetic and had a wealth of knowledge and experience!

Jason Zinn, PA-C 306 of 581
307 of 581

The instructors were very friendly and knowledgeable. I had a great time!

Olivia Osborn, RN 307 of 581
308 of 581

The NLI injectables program/course was a comprehensive introduction to Botox and Fillers. The course met all my expectations as a medical professional combining both didactic and clinical experiences. In addition, course segments relating to marketing and products were an added bonus!

Charles (Cyrus) Bryant, MD 308 of 581
309 of 581

I enjoyed the hands-on experience.

Sandra Morse, NP 309 of 581
310 of 581

This experience was educational for real world experience and practice. It was unexpectedly fun and I am so happy I came here.

Stephanie Dachno, RN 310 of 581
311 of 581

I had a wonderful experience.

Kimberly Lopez, RN 311 of 581
312 of 581

One of the best experiences of my life!

Sumbul Meraj, MD 312 of 581
313 of 581

You start learning the second you arrive. Everything you learn along the way can be applied to your future career.

Andrew Jackson, RN 313 of 581
314 of 581

I have enjoyed every moment that I have experienced since starting here. I would definitely recommend to others.

Stehanie Hudges, RN 314 of 581
315 of 581

The instructors here are AMAZING! Hands on education was great. They took their time with students and were extremely knowledgeable. Sue and Amy were awesome at classroom instruction. I would recommend training at NLI!

Shannon Carter, RN 315 of 581