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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I don’t come from a medical or beauty industry background, so this is a BIG career change—especially at my age. However, I would recommend this school to anyone interested in this field! You come here and learn all you need to know to be successful. This school is full of great people, from Louis to the instructors to the front desk staff, to Dr. Mike and my advisor, Jane. Loved it!


Kim Kuchinski 346 of 2283
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I always wanted to go to laser school, but I never did because I wasn’t able to find one that covered everything in a short amount of time. National Laser Institute covered everything I needed to know in a short time! Highly recommend.


Hiyam Abdelfatah 347 of 2283
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I loved learning from the top laser instructors. Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. I feel so confident with everything we learned. I had such a great time—I don’t want to leave!!


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The instructors are so friendly and knowledgeable. When you’re here, it seems like everyone is a friend and not just a teacher. The classroom environment is friendly and welcoming. I’m happy I attended class here and I plan on coming back for the peel and injectables courses.




E. Sullivan 349 of 2283
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Fun and educational. Kind and professional instructors!

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I recently registered at National Laser Institute to become a Certified Laser Technician. I am an esthetician and was ready to continue my education and learn more skills and tools to add to my area of expertise. It was very scary for me to go through with this career change after being in restaurant management for 20+ years. That being said, this was a dream of mine and I was determined to make it a reality! Attending NLI was a phenomenal experience. The entire staff there was amazing!! I learned so much from each and every single instructor. I was so sad when we graduated and my time was complete. I also love the library they have for graduates with tons of information and videos for reference if we need help once we get hired in the industry. To sum it up, NLI was the best career move I could’ve ever made. I am so happy I chose them for continuing my education


Heather Ledet 351 of 2283
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I cannot thank the staff of National Laser Institute enough. They strive to infuse every student with the skills needed to be successful in life as well with our careers. This is the best experience I could have ever asked for.

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This program is truly the best! I can honestly say that I now know why National Laser Institute is the #1 laser school in the nation. It’s hard work but if you have the passion for it then it’s a breeze! All the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and thorough. They give you all the tools you need to be successful. The best part—all the hands-on training!


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I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed my recent laser training in Chicago, IL.
After completing my recent training in Chicago, IL, I now understand why National Laser Institute is considered to be the best laser training facility in the nation. The wealth of information and quality of instruction provided was incredible. I was given the tools and knowledge to feel 100% confident pursing my career in laser esthetics.
I was impressed not only with the solid curriculum, but with the warm and friendly staff and instructors who gave each student individualized care and attention. I loved my time with National Laser Institute and can’t thank you enough!
Thank you so very much, National Laser Institute!


Lisa Fredrickson 354 of 2283
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So let me start by saying I had the most enriching and memorable time during my stay at National Laser Institute. I was incredibly nervous about jumping into a field that I knew nothing about, but the staff of instructors there made it so easy to follow and retain the vast amounts of information being thrown your way. This was 100% a life changing experience!!! I’ve already recommended National Laser Institute to some of my close friends and will continue to speak highly of NLI for many years to come! Thank you again!


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I attended the Chicago Core class September 30 through October 6th, 2013 and I loved it! I had very high expectations and they were met! The program was very concise and straight to the point. The information shared was relevant to starting as a CLT in either a spa or medical office. I feel prepared to work in either!

The educators were exceptional! Shana, Sandra, Dani (local to the Chicago area), Jenny and Shelley gave foundational information and “real life” situational applications for that foundation. They were all engaging, encouraging and entertaining. I want to work with all of them on a daily basis!

Tracey and Eileen put together a flawless event! I can’t express how wonderful it was to start each day with their joyful “good mornings” and bright smiles! Plus it was really impressive to have Louis stop in and give a presentation on how to market ourselves to the industry. It shows his dedication to the growth of the med spa industry. Very inspiring! It was also nice to have representatives from Syneron Candela there for a presentation.

Thank you for providing a great program. Your team changes lives with every class!


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I could not be happier with my choice to attend National Laser Institute. Really welcoming staff and instructors who really care about your education and future! Thank you to everyone at NLI who helped me gain confidence and ready to work in this field!

Jordan McConnall 357 of 2283
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I had an amazing time at National Laser Institute! I only wish I had done it sooner! I made a lifetime of memories and friends. I enjoyed every aspect of the learning from the classroom to the hands on training. What a ride—thank you!!! Next step, a career I can be proud of!


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I am writing to recommend National Laser Institute’s laser training program to become a laser technician. The school exceeded all of my expectations and standards. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and had excellent hands on skills. I would highly recommend National Laser Institute. Since my training, I have opened my own laser aesthetics business where I continue to expand my laser services. When necessary I have also gone back to National Laser Institute for refresher courses and I would not think of attending any other school. I love my new career now and am so happy that I attended National Laser Institute. Thanks again to all the instructors!


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I feel 100% confident going out into this field now. National Laser Institute has been the best experience. I feel like a professional now!

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Medical Professionals

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Wonderful instructors and lectures were informative.

Kelly Burns, RN 346 of 698
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I enjoyed my experience here. All of the instructors made me feel comfortable and encouraged us all with great criticism.

Arlene Norton, FNP-C 347 of 698
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This paired with our skincare business, has set us up for continued success! Thank you for amazing training!

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Wonderful experience. Great education and even better hands on learning opportunity with stellar instructors!

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The teachers were great. They all were very patient.

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I really enjoyed everything at NLI, from the instructors to the other students, to the program. I can't wait to start my new career path!

Amber JoHansen, RN 351 of 698
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NLI provided me with the skills and confidence to use Botox and Fillers at my private salon, through an intensive hands on weekend! The instructors are so knowledgeable and skilled that it's impossible to leave with out complete confidence.

Heather Lea Heuber, RN 352 of 698
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I feel very confident in injections!

Amanda Moore, PA/NP 353 of 698
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Great experience; learned a lot.

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I was extremely impressed with all of my instructors. This was a very professional and friendly setting. I look forward to coming back for the advanced class.

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Excellent program!

Carolyn Anderson, PA/NP 356 of 698
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Knowledgeable instructors with excellent hands on experience.

Pamela Hyde, D.O. 357 of 698
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I am extremely pleased with my experience. Everyone was easy to understand, they took the time to explain and were very pleasant.

Courtney Tyson, PA/NP 358 of 698
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National Laser Institute has a very informative program that allowed me to get comfortable in my practice. The variation of clients provided the challenge that I am expecting to face in my career. The instructors were incredible and helped to guide me to become the best injector I can be!

Juliana Eichenberg, RN 359 of 698
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Jan is exceptional. It is very obvious she wants us to succeed. Extremely knowledgeable.

Rebecca Wheeler, RN 360 of 698