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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

406 of 1635

This school was very thorough and all the instructors brought their real world experience to the classroom and hands-on clinical training. I feel after completing this program that I can enter this field with confidence!


Laura Wright 406 of 1635
407 of 1635

I loved my experience at National Laser Institute. All staff are friendly, helpful, and are very encouraging. I really did feel like I've been doing these treatments for a while. Even though this course was only 7 days, the teachers were super specific with all the treatments. I really do recommend this course to all!

Tanya Estrada 407 of 1635
408 of 1635

I came thinking I wouldn’t learn enough about lasers, and when I finished training I felt secure and confident working with them!


Yvette Marquez 408 of 1635
409 of 1635

National Laser Institute was a great learning experience for me. I’m thrilled I took the time to come because National Laser Institute puts 110% into giving its students everything they need to succeed in this industry!


Stacey Prosser 409 of 1635
410 of 1635

I came with NO knowledge about lasers, and now I understand lasers on every level and feel confident working with them!


Olga Mergentaler 410 of 1635
411 of 1635

National Laser Institute was a great experience. I feel motivated to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself!


Teryn Wilson 411 of 1635
412 of 1635

My experience at National Laser Institute has been a wonderfully informative and challenging adventure. The instructors are incredible, knowledgeable, and informative. I am leaving this course with confident and prepared and looking forward to the new opportunities to come.

Tara Papillon 412 of 1635
413 of 1635

I had a great time!

Margaret Cunningham 413 of 1635
414 of 1635

National Laser Institute is very flexible. I came from a working environment and had to split up my schooling into two separate weeks. They were so open and willing to do that for me so I could further my education. Thank you so much!


Kristen Salaiz 414 of 1635
415 of 1635

National Laser Institute is the best way to get educated in this industry. Truly fabulous instructors!


Denise Fox 415 of 1635
416 of 1635

I had a great time! I learned a lot and the teachers were super motivational.


Kathleen Oliver 416 of 1635
417 of 1635

I’ve had the most wonderful experience here at NLI! The instructors are so helpful and always there every step of the way. Everyone is very kind and I’ve made so many friends. I love NLI!


Erin Jones 417 of 1635
418 of 1635

The National Laser Institute class was an exceptional experience. The staff was top-notch and the education was in-depth and useful. I was highly recommend this school for anyone seeking to get involved in the laser field.


Rob Harris 418 of 1635
419 of 1635

I had the most wonderful experience here and feel extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I am very excited to begin a new career in the cosmetic laser industry, and National Laser Institute has definitely helped me get there.


Irina Lowenstein 419 of 1635
420 of 1635

The instructors and entire staff are so knowledgeable and friendly. Everyone—including Louis—makes you feel welcome. They all have great advice and years of wisdom to share!


Mary Paris 420 of 1635

Medical Professionals

406 of 581

I loved the teachers and staff. Great experience and can't wait to do more!

Christine Davis, RN 406 of 581
407 of 581

Such a great experience! Wish I could do all of the classes offered here.

Katarina Monteagudo, RN 407 of 581
408 of 581

Everything was great! Especially clinical instructors.

Azadeh Farid, RN 408 of 581
409 of 581

Everything was great!

Alison Karimi, RN 409 of 581
410 of 581

Highly recommend NLI for training. Hands-on opportunities each day. Instructors all had amazing energy and excellent demos. Very welcoming environment!

Katelin Steadman, RN 410 of 581
411 of 581

Amazing experience. Thank you for teaching me how to inject.

Janet Martin, RN 411 of 581
412 of 581

I have been very impressed by the instructors’ knowledge and their style of teaching. Great to have patients ready and willing to allow us to practice on them. Great atmosphere.

Janice Steele Allwood, PA/NP 412 of 581
413 of 581

I have nothing but praise to sing about my last seven days at NLI. I thought the didactic and clinical experience was excellent. Everyone was friendly and approachable. I enjoyed the rep lunches as well.

Amy Sanders, FNP 413 of 581
414 of 581

I am happy I chose NLI. I felt I had a really good hands-on experience. The instructors were very professional, patient and knowledgeable.

Vonna Gonzalez, RN 414 of 581
415 of 581

I really enjoyed the practical part, I gives you a lot of hands-on experience.

Tetchie Tagayuna, RN 415 of 581
416 of 581

I’ve had a wonderful experience at NLI! I will definitely be back for the advanced program! I learned a lot and felt like I had a great hands-on experience with Botox and lip fillers. I wish I had more experience with doing the nasolabial creases fissured and marionette lines. The teachers were wonderful. The catered food was great!

Leigh Patten, PA/NP 416 of 581
417 of 581

So far, I’ve had a really good experience. I’ve learned far more than expected and already feeling more confident about future injections/procedures. This course holds its value…NO REGRETS!!

Avida Bussell, MD 417 of 581
418 of 581

Great experience!!

Katie Anderson, PA/NP 418 of 581
419 of 581

I had a wonderful experience at NLI. Great teachers and wonderful hands-on training. No time wasted on things I would not use. All staff was very helpful!

Casey Jamison, PA/NP 419 of 581
420 of 581

I am extremely glad that I came to get my training at this facility. It came highly recommended and did not disappoint. This first week has been filled with so much information and hands-on training. Definitely has not been a disappointment.

Nida Al-Hassan, RN 420 of 581