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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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This was by far the best thing I could have ever done. I am leaving National Laser Institute feeling confident, well-educated, and inspired. Thank you to the staff, instructors, and founder of the company for making this such a pleasant educational experience. This course was life changing!


Genevieve Ortega 406 of 2128
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Attending National Laser Institute was a wonderful opportunity! The instructors were knowledgeable and fun. I would recommend anyone interested in laser aesthetics to attend National Laser Institute.


Chelsea Leonard 407 of 2128
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This school was very thorough and all the instructors brought their real world experience to the classroom and hands-on clinical training. I feel after completing this program that I can enter this field with confidence!


Laura Wright 408 of 2128
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I loved my experience at National Laser Institute. All staff are friendly, helpful, and are very encouraging. I really did feel like I've been doing these treatments for a while. Even though this course was only 7 days, the teachers were super specific with all the treatments. I really do recommend this course to all!

Tanya Estrada 409 of 2128
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I came thinking I wouldn’t learn enough about lasers, and when I finished training I felt secure and confident working with them!


Yvette Marquez 410 of 2128
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National Laser Institute was a great learning experience for me. I’m thrilled I took the time to come because National Laser Institute puts 110% into giving its students everything they need to succeed in this industry!


Stacey Prosser 411 of 2128
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I came with NO knowledge about lasers, and now I understand lasers on every level and feel confident working with them!


Olga Mergentaler 412 of 2128
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National Laser Institute was a great experience. I feel motivated to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself!


Teryn Wilson 413 of 2128
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My experience at National Laser Institute has been a wonderfully informative and challenging adventure. The instructors are incredible, knowledgeable, and informative. I am leaving this course with confident and prepared and looking forward to the new opportunities to come.

Tara Papillon 414 of 2128
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I had a great time!

Margaret Cunningham 415 of 2128
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National Laser Institute is very flexible. I came from a working environment and had to split up my schooling into two separate weeks. They were so open and willing to do that for me so I could further my education. Thank you so much!


Kristen Salaiz 416 of 2128
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National Laser Institute is the best way to get educated in this industry. Truly fabulous instructors!


Denise Fox 417 of 2128
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I had a great time! I learned a lot and the teachers were super motivational.


Kathleen Oliver 418 of 2128
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I’ve had the most wonderful experience here at NLI! The instructors are so helpful and always there every step of the way. Everyone is very kind and I’ve made so many friends. I love NLI!


Erin Jones 419 of 2128
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The National Laser Institute class was an exceptional experience. The staff was top-notch and the education was in-depth and useful. I was highly recommend this school for anyone seeking to get involved in the laser field.


Rob Harris 420 of 2128

Medical Professionals

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It was a great experience. Monica was a great instructor, very straight to the point on things we needed to know, very passionate about teaching.

Keral Patel, RN 406 of 695
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Learned vaginal rejuvenation- The Diva.

Phyllis Yohe, D.O. 407 of 695
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It was an absolutely amazing experience. I am so excited to move into the field of aesthetics. The knowledge base of the instructors is endless. The professionalism is impressive. I can't thank the instructors and NLI enough for this fantastic learning opportunity.

Kim Hervey, RN 408 of 695
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Excellent instructors, equipment and environment. I honestly learned so much more than expected.

Jacquin Sands, RN 409 of 695
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Great experience. Friendly staff. Have learned so much about LHR, IPL, and skin resurfacing. So far I feel confident going back home to open my practice.

Cindy Collins, PA/NP 410 of 695
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Excellent instructors. They are passionate about this profession.

Dr. Alan Scott Terry 411 of 695
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Taking the laser training course at NLI is one of the best decisions I've made with regard to my new career as an aesthetic nurse. The staff are professional and extremely knowledgeable. I will highly recommend this course to friends and colleagues.

Margaret Ferris, RN 412 of 695
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Would recommend to anyone who is considering doing lasers, as safety is very important in this business.

Dr. Emma Dash 413 of 695
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I have to say this has been one of the best experiences I have had when it comes to any kind of schooling or continuing education. I would highly recommend this program.

Kimberly Sheppard, LPN/LVN 414 of 695
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Great fun and learning.

David Schiff, MD 415 of 695
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Great staff, great educational content, up to par facility that offers hands-on experience on latest technology. Definitely worth the money invested in this program.

Simmone Deosaran, RN 416 of 695
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Very informative and good base of knowledge gained about the laser procedures.

Tomena Goodwin, RN 417 of 695
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Excellent instructors, very fun.

Kayleen Latta, RN 418 of 695
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Wonderful experience. Great, caring staff.

Velicia Carter, RN 419 of 695
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I loved the teachers and staff. Great experience and can't wait to do more!

Christine Davis, RN 420 of 695