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National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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This has been, by far, the best learning experience I’ve had since college. There is so much camaraderie between all instructors and other staff. I had so much fun while gaining an incredible amount of valuable information. You guys really do rock!


Monica Lynch 421 of 1703
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I needed to find something to change my life. As soon as I asked God to open doors, my aunt called me and said she needs a laser tech. I researched and found National Laser Institute. I was nervous when I started, but all the instructors put me at ease. I learned so much!

Airrion Hannah 422 of 1703
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This course was absolutely amazing. Before attending, I was anxious about the quality of education I would receive. Looking back, I could not be more pleased. Each and every instructor demonstrated in depth and breadth of knowledge as well as sincere interest in each student’s success. I feel this course is worth every single dime.


Peggy Raymond 423 of 1703
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My experience at National Laser Institute was great. The instructors were very nice and helpful and I feel they have given me the knowledge I need to go out in the world and be successful!


Natalie McIntyre 424 of 1703
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I now feel confident to work in this industry! You need to take your career in your own hands, and by becoming a certified laser technician through National Laser Institute I feel like I have a real career!

Erica Jean Ingalls 425 of 1703
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Whether you’re looking for a career change or an advancement in your present career, National Laser Institute provides the best education and staff in the country. I graduated in August and in just three weeks I already have a job in the industry! Thank you so much, National Laser Institute!


Natalli Shaba 426 of 1703
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This is a great experience. I'm very happy I made the decision to take this course. I feel confident that I will be prepared to start my job as a laser technician.

Stephanie Rodriguez 427 of 1703
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Coming to National Laser Institute was a little challenging for me a first due to my own financial situation, but with the help of my amazing advisor and financial aid I was able to attend NLI and absolutely LOVED it! I’m so excited what the future holds for me in the BIG laser world!


Latrice Jones 428 of 1703
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This course is awesome! National Laser Institute trains you on the cutting edge laser treatments, and the instructors have experience in the field and want to help you succeed. Whether you are considering a career change or want to grow and progress in your office or spa, this course will help take you there!


Kim Tabyoyoa 429 of 1703
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Thank you! What a great experience! Tremendous energy in the organization, and a professional and upbeat environment. I will recommend this experience to anyone!


Bambi Gress 430 of 1703
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I was in the middle of a devastating divorce before I came to National Laser Institute. I didn't think anything could heal the hurt, but National Laser Institute and their staff were able to. They renewed my zest for life! I have a new career that I can't wait to dive into! National Laser Institute changed my life. It was the best decision I've ever made. I'm so blessed to have this experience!

Lakea Hudson 431 of 1703
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This was a life changing experience for someone who was completely lost in life with no direction. It’s nice to start seeing the possibilities that can be done with your life and a beginning with endless opportunities in front of me!


Dana Nordstrom 432 of 1703
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I took the comprehensive laser course this past August at National Laser Institute. The staff was more than amazing! They answered any questions we had regarding treatments and processes and we’re so nice! The best part about NLI was the fact that my advisor, the instructors, and staff have been there for me from the very beginning as well as throughout and after my course. I landed my first job at a laser practice a few weeks after I graduated! Thanks so much, National Laser Institute!


Kristin Manos 433 of 1703
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I have never been to a more professionally run school, and I have been to a LOT of schools. The teachers and staff were fantastic and really care about the success of the students who attend. I couldn’t imagine a better choice of schools for laser training. TOP NOTCH!


Nikki Mulder 434 of 1703
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National Laser Institute was a fantastic experience. I can't wait to start my career in this growing industry. I can't say enough good things about my experience here.

Samantha Esparza 435 of 1703

Medical Professionals

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Excellent experience. I flew across the country from the East Coast for this. Would recommend to all my nurse friends who are looking for a change! A great way to help people feel better about themselves while still having a life for yourself. The staff has been wonderful and patient with all of our questions. It was a great way to also meet new friends!

Kelly Small, RN 421 of 621
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I came here not knowing much about lasers, but I feel so happy I made this decision to enroll in this school because I've learned so much. I have been encouraged to continue growing in my Aesthetic career.

Kimberly Mejia, RN 422 of 621
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Thank you for a wonderful education in lasers. I appreciate the way you can turn something so confusing into something I can understand. I really enjoyed the classroom didactic day with Crystal. During hands-on clinicals the instructors answered every question I asked and were right by my side encouraging and supporting me.

Sarah Willett, RN 423 of 621
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This 14 day course was well worth it! They made learning fun and exciting. All of the instructors had vast experience in this industry. I truly enjoyed every aspect of this course. I can't wait to begin a new, exciting, journey in the industry. I plan on attending more courses to increase my knowledge. National Laser Institute is a top notch training facility! I can't wait to tell my friends who want to change their careers!

Cynthia Nohr, RN 424 of 621
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I feel that I learned so much in the time I was here. The instructors and learning atmosphere were so well put together and structured. Any questions were answered and explained in various ways that we all completely understood. We all seemed to make new friends with the same interests and made amazing contacts to further our experience and future business endeavors! Wonderful place to learn and grow!

Angela Sprague, RN 425 of 621
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The faculty and staff are fabulous!

Tammy Springer, RN 426 of 621
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The laser curriculum was amazing! The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Tons of hands-on experience in a positive environment. A wide variety of procedures in a great learning environment. Thank you to all.

Shelly Stump, RN 427 of 621
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Great training, I feel comfortable to start injecting when I get back home.

Chantal Lunderville, MD 428 of 621
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I am looking forward to practicing now that I've had the training.

Clarissa Juarez, PA/NP 429 of 621
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I had a wonderful experience. The instructors are very thorough and have a wealth of knowledge.

Christina Youssef, PA/NP 430 of 621
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The Botox and fillers program in AZ was fantastic, highly recommend.

Mary Ellen Alexander, PA/NP 431 of 621
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Thank you for a great experience! Excellent instructors and a variety of patients.

Autumn McElvany, RN 432 of 621
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The instructors were very knowledgeable about their craft.

Dana Westbrook, RN 433 of 621
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Going into this for the first time, I'll admit I was apprehensive. Learning something new is never easy, but everyone from instructors to spa staff  were all so welcoming and nice. Also, the initial inquiring conversation with the admissions advisor was great!

Kara Olavides, RN 434 of 621
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NLI provided me a great learning experience. Instructors are all extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to be around. Jan helped me gain confidence in my skills and made the whole experience so much fun! I would recommend NLI to anyone looking to learn injectables!

Heather Huennekens, RN 435 of 621