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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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Amazing experience that will change my life forever!


Sarah Torepy 31 of 2306
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Greatest experience ever! I had so much fun and I learned so much. I enjoyed every part of this course. The teachers are awesome. Definitely worth your money!


Nancy de la Torre 32 of 2306
33 of 2306

Very nice and understandable. I enjoyed my time here!


Shana Minor 33 of 2306
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My experience at National Laser Institute was phenomenal. As a 20 year old who previously attended esthetics school, this was BY FAR the best learning experience. I will never forget all the teachers–you’re amazing!


Sam Miller 34 of 2306
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I am working in a medical spa in Mesa. I receive medical, dental and 401K benefits. We also receive profit sharing quarterly. I make the good money and I am absolutely happy and love my job so much! I can’t believe how well this career turned out for me. I’ve worked hard to get to this salary but fortunately it is something I absolutely love to do so it makes it worth it 100%.

Lisa Harlien, LE, Certified Laser Clinician 35 of 2306
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This has been an amazing experience and encouraged me to go back to school. I want to obtain my nursing degree and come back for the Botox and fillers course. Your instructors are talented, charismatic, and professional. I will definitely recommend this program!


Adriana Delgado 36 of 2306
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As a practicing esthetician, attending NLI has renewed my love for this career! I can’t wait to take these new skills and certification and expand on my services!


Jennifer Hartly 37 of 2306
38 of 2306

Great staff! I loved everyone’s positive energy!


Robin Modica 38 of 2306
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In September, 2010 I completed the comprehensive laser training course and chemical peel session. Since, and within only 2 short months, I opened my own laser business here in Akwesasne, Canada. I truly recommend this course to anyone that has self drive to learn, and take advantage of the hands on training at. I am so happy to have made this career change and still apply my past business experience in finance. It is so gratifying to see how my clients are feeling so good about themselves once they have a treatment. My business name is LaserSmart, “Love your Skin” Please extend my appreciation to all the trainers that inspired me to achieve my goals.

Debbie Smart 39 of 2306
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This was a wonderful experience! All the instructors and staff were very knowledgable. I learned so much and this information is helping me boost my career and confidence in the skin industry. 


Kary Bishop 40 of 2306
41 of 2306

This class was absolutely incredible! Very good at providing the right info for my new career.


Allison Hardin 41 of 2306
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I really liked the instructors. Their honest opinions in every question I asked let us be hands-on as much as possible. 


Brenda Alvarado 42 of 2306
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Hi there! I graduated from National Laser Institute in February of 2007. I own my own equipment and work half time as a cosmetologist and half time as a laser technican in White Bear Lake MN. I LOVE my job! I love people and have done hair for 20 years trying to make people feel good about themselves from the inside out. This is the same only tenfold! I LOVE IT!!! Thanks National Laser Institute for rocking my world!

Lisa Kieger 43 of 2306
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All the educators were so wonderful. I would recommend this course to all my esthetic friends or anyone looking for something new and different! 


Amanda Brewer 44 of 2306
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Simply the most fun, thorough, and fun clinic I’ve ever attended! I have all the confidence to go out into the field knowing that NLI is standing behind me!


Lobi Christman 45 of 2306

Medical Professionals

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My experience at National Laser Institute was amazing. The program was very organized and my clinical instructor was truly an artist. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a master injector!

Dr. Anita M. Milici 31 of 698
32 of 698

I would recommend NLI to all of my friends who want to further their training in laser. Amazing, great experience for me!

Mary Bitita 32 of 698
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I have learnt multiple scientific and technical things that will help me be a good consultant physician. I never expected this knowledge to be so important!

Delvis A. Celdran, MD 33 of 698
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Great, detailed hands-on training that will be lucrative to my business. The staff was extremely helpful in providing resources.

Megan Howorth 34 of 698
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The instructors are experts in their field and are very patient as well as flexible.

Dr. Drew Puraldi 35 of 698
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Enhanced learning in a small setting with educated, gifted teachers. The knowledge made me ready to begin! Really great instruction!

Shelly Walt, DPT 36 of 698
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I found the hands-on training to be invaluable!

Scotty Hermann 37 of 698
38 of 698

NLI -- great experience! All instructors were knowledgeable on clinical data, patient care, and overall they were able to answer all my questions.

Donna Single 38 of 698
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Misty was an excellent instructor.

Jacqueline Kirsah 39 of 698
40 of 698

All the instructors are knowledgeable in what they do. National Laser Institute taught me so much, and the staff is amazing!

Martha Barreto 40 of 698
41 of 698

Very good course! It provided me with good coverage to get started safely. The instructors were fantastic and knowledgeable. Great overall!

Leanna Beaumont 41 of 698
42 of 698

The Botox and fillers class offered a lot of hands-on experience. I gained a great deal of confidence in my ability to perform treatments, especially since the instructors are right there to guide and encourage you.

Eva S. Estes, RN. 42 of 698
43 of 698

This is the best aesthetics course I’ve taken! No other course has had the amount of hands-on training that National Laser Institute offers!

Ronald Kane, MD. 43 of 698
44 of 698

The 6-day course on laser and injectables was awesome! I learned a lot and the hands-on training with scheduled clients was a great learning experience.

Caroline Connelly 44 of 698
45 of 698

It’s great to meet new people from different walks of life and to establish friendships in a learning atmosphere. The instructors of National Laser Institute are knowledgeable and personable. I learned so much from this course and had a great experience doing so. I will recommend my other doctor friends to take National Laser Institute’s training course.

Dr. Arwin M. Valencia, MD 45 of 698