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Aesthetician & Career Changers

466 of 1839

I had a great experience at National Laser Institute! Very knowledgeable group of instructors. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone wanting to learn about lasers.


Misty Brady 466 of 1839
467 of 1839

I learned so much here! All the instructors are amazing and awesome. They always made sure you understood the material before moving on. Also, I made great friends!


Courtni Grant 467 of 1839
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This is the best laser school EVER. I enjoyed it all!


Sandra Watts 468 of 1839
469 of 1839

I absolutely loved the great experience I had at National Laser Institute. I learned more than I thought I would. The instructors were amazing and pleasant to be around. I would recommend NLI to anyone who wants to learn in an awesome atmosphere. Thanks so much, NLI!


Amanda Duffy 469 of 1839
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I learned so much! Amazing teachers and experience. I’m ready to start my career in the laser industry!


Emily Deen 470 of 1839
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The instructors were great at style stepping with such a diverse group of students. They easily adapted to different learning styles and made it easy to retain the information being given to us!


Adam Murnan 471 of 1839
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I learned more in this course than I did in 4 months of esthetician school. This is an awesome school with amazing instructors. I can’t say enough about the instructors—I was so, so impressed! Attending this course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Rachel Burlington 472 of 1839
473 of 1839

I have been to hundreds of CME’s and NONE have been as organized, professional, or have had expert instructors like those at National Laser Institute. The teachers are knowledgeable, kind, and talented. Everyone goes above and beyond to assure a great teaching environment. The professionalism is the epitome of perfection. Kudos, National Laser Institute!


Donna Tooley 473 of 1839
474 of 1839

I was way impressed with the years of experience of each instructor in their chosen field. They had a wealth of knowledge to share about the medical aesthetics world!


Rebekah Trent 474 of 1839
475 of 1839

Well-worth the money, time, and distance travelled for this experience. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything else! I feel like I can change careers and have a brighter future after being in nursing for 20 + years!


Kate Louis 475 of 1839
476 of 1839

I learned so much throughout this course. It was really gratifying to see client’s reactions to their treatments. This is definitely the path I want to follow in my practice.


Jane Ryan 476 of 1839
477 of 1839

Anyone going into medical aesthetics should absolutely complete this course!


Lori Melione 477 of 1839
478 of 1839

I’m very glad I took this course. Being an esthetician, I’ve always been into the medical aspect of things. I love everything about the laser industry and I’m excited to put my knowledge and energy to good use. National Laser Institute was the best choice to improve my career. Loved my experience!


Melissa Alvarez 478 of 1839
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This was the most amazing learning experience! Everyone is so upbeat, which makes learning so much better. I loved all the hands-on experience we received with real clients, too. Definitely the best school for medical aesthetics.


Wytnee Kitchen 479 of 1839
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The staff at National Laser Institute is knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. No matter what your skill level is, you will leave with the confidence and support to be successful in your new career.


Holly Kast 480 of 1839

Medical Professionals

466 of 690

My experience at NLI far exceeded my expectations. The instructors encouraged questions, I never felt pressured and they were so phenomenal. They gave such great advice and seemed genuinely interested in making sure we were well equipped to see patients on our own. Each instructor was an open book and so informative. I can't say it enough about this experience. It seemed so expensive prior to being here but I felt the opportunity is truly invaluable.

Leslie Brake, RN 466 of 690
467 of 690

I loved my experience at NLI. I was treated very well and I learned so much. I would highly recommend NLI to anyone wanting to go into this field.

Anita Miller, FNP-C 467 of 690
468 of 690

I loved NLI and everything that I was taught. I'll be back soon for the advanced courses!

Alyx Pappajohn, RN 468 of 690
469 of 690

This was an amazing course to teach what is needed for injections and fillers. I now feel comfortable performing these procedures on patients. I felt like I came in with barely any understanding and now I am ready to go.

Rebecca Diaz, MD 469 of 690
470 of 690

My experience was great. I feel I learned a tremendous amount. The hands on was really a great experience I feel I have a good knowledge base and experience with injecting Botox and fillers.

Lisa Johnson, RN 470 of 690
471 of 690

This has been a lovely, empowering experience!

Susan Nall, RN 471 of 690
472 of 690

Great experience, good balance of didactic and hands-on education. Would definitely recommend.

Christy Lee, PA/NP 472 of 690
473 of 690

Loved the class! I will definitely be coming back for more training in the future. Awesome instructors.

Shonna Bangeman, LPN/LVN 473 of 690
474 of 690

Thus far experience has been great, learning a lot of information and the instructors are very knowledgeable. Feel more confident to apply for jobs. Thank you NLI.

Tonna Relford, RN 474 of 690
475 of 690

I am thankful for my time at NLI. The patients were very kind. The instructors kept learning fun. I was allowed ample opportunity to ask questions and practice my skills. The instructors never placed me in a compromising position.

Jennifer Barbosa, RN 475 of 690
476 of 690

I appreciate the professionalism and the protection of the students to learn in a safe environment.

Jennifer Sauer, RN 476 of 690
477 of 690

My two days of Botox and fillers courses were amazing. Everyone was great, helpful. The instructors were great. I was very pleased with the hands-on experience for both Botox and fillers. Thank you NLI for all that you do. I'll be back!

Lydia Lopez, RN 477 of 690
478 of 690

Great experience! Very informative.

Tina Skinner, FNP-BC 478 of 690
479 of 690

Amazing experience with wonderful instructors. Provided great hands-on experience.

Julie Blundell, RN 479 of 690
480 of 690

Love NLI! Everyone here is SO great! Want to come again for advanced fillers.

Cindy Collins, PA/NP 480 of 690