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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I had a great experience at National Laser Institute. The course gave great information and I feel confident working on a variety of machines with difference techniques taught from the instructor’s own experiences!


Brandy Haertsch 481 of 1723
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I had an all-around awesome experience. I learned a lot about skin treatments within the medical aesthetics realm. I loved the 10-day hands-on course because I really got the feel for how these treatments work. I’m still so excited to have learned so much!


Jo Medina 482 of 1723
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I had a very good experience here at National Laser Institute. The instructors were very knowledgeable. I feel very confident in my training experience!


Shelley VanDer Toorn 483 of 1723
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Great, informative, and fun experience! All the teachers were fun and very educated in their field. They seemed to enjoy their jobs, which excited me for this opportunity. Thank you so much, National Laser Institute!


Amanda Vidican 484 of 1723
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I loved it! I can’t wait to use everything I learned here and apply it to my career. Great advice and techniques were taught.


Maci Gunari 485 of 1723
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National Laser Institute was such a constant motivation. There were so many interesting things to learn and the instructors were phenomenal.


Bri Leviteli 486 of 1723
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Now I can help others feel confident in their own skin because I am now comfortable in mine. NLI gave me a life long experience I’ll never forget and always be thankful for.


Hannah Cook 487 of 1723
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If you’re looking for a course that goes above and beyond, come to National Laser Institute!


Natalli Sheba 488 of 1723
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National Laser Institute gave me the confidence and knowledge to truly live and work my passion for what I’ve always wanted for a career.


Marisa Signorelli 489 of 1723
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National Laser Institute gives you the whole package—information, hands-on training, and knowledgeable instructors. I couldn’t feel more prepared to go out into the world of lasers!


Caitlin Ballard 490 of 1723
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National Laser Institute left me feeling like a pro. The teachers are thorough and exceptionally friendly!


Sue Yeck 491 of 1723
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It was an overall great experience! Memorable. This was definitely a wise investment on my part—great career change!


Rebekah Biancli 492 of 1723
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I had so much hands-on experience that I feel more than comfortable bringing what I learned home and working on my own clients. Plus, I had a lot of treatments done on myself so I’ll be able to share the experience with my clients that will be receiving treatments from me.


Emily Savidge 493 of 1723
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This school changed my life! I loved my instructors and will take everything I learned with me in my future medical aesthetics endeavors.


Kasey Lenten 494 of 1723
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I had so much fun at National Laser Institute. These are the best laser technicians you could ever have teach you. Both techs and teachers are so upbeat and positive. I learned so much with my experience here at National Laser Institute. I would recommend this place to anyone interested in medical aesthetics!


Rachael Ward 495 of 1723

Medical Professionals

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I learned so much from the experienced instructors. I would highly recommend this program.

Courtney Aguado, PA/NP 481 of 680
482 of 680

Very informative.

Zorica Tomic, RN 482 of 680
483 of 680

I have taken several 2-3 day courses on fillers and neurotoxins. This course was more complete, but the real difference is the hands-on experience and being instructed by more than one instructor. This enabled me to get more than one viewpoint on the same procedure/technique.

Thomas Kuerschner, DDS 483 of 680
484 of 680

NLI has provided me with an amazing opportunity, that allowed me to learn in the most comfortable atmosphere.

Cierra Stewart, RN, BSN 484 of 680
485 of 680

My experience at NLI has been amazing and has superseded my expectations. I feel like I have learned so much and I am confident in my injection techniques that I have learned.

Natalie Johns, PA/NP 485 of 680
486 of 680

I was excitedly nervous, being out of the medical field (admin role) and getting back into it! This built up my confidence and opened my eyes into this whole new world! The instructors were so knowledgeable and unique and personable. Thank you, Namaste! Also, got my very first injectable and now I am 55 years young!

Colleen Alexy, RN 486 of 680
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Excellent experience. Instructors are very knowledgeable made learning fun but thorough.

Roxie Anderson, PA/NP 487 of 680
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Great learning experience. The hands-on training is the best with the most awesome instructors.

Tina Arneja, PA/NP 488 of 680
489 of 680

Taking the injectables course at NLI was very informative and will definitely be a part of my nursing profession. Both the didactics and clinical portions of the course were interesting. Great and very knowledgeable instructors. I would recommend this course to all nurses wanting to have fun in medicine.

Andrea Juvera, RN 489 of 680
490 of 680

I truly believe I could not have received a better education for a basic botox and fillers course. The lecture content was easy to understand and follow and addressed everything there is to know. I can't express how beneficial the hands-on clinical has been the past few days. Getting to have the experience with real clients hands-on helped so much to learn what the didactic class was going over. Truly an amazing course with phenomenal instructors. I feel ready and comfortable to practice on friends/family and even patients/future clients. That is such a rewarding feeling after learning a short 2 day course!

Mackenzie Gorman, RN 490 of 680
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The staff at NLI are all very welcoming and engaging. I can't adequately articulate how gifted Jan Treinen is as both an injector and educator. After being so fortunate to spend the afternoon under her guidance, it is obvious she has mastered the art of both. NLI is an amazing learning environment and I highly recommend it to any health care professional who would like to change their specialty or expand their skill-set. Thank you!

Abbe Clifford, RN 491 of 680
492 of 680

Thank you for such a great experience.

Olga Babadzhanova, RN 492 of 680
493 of 680

Great experience!

Kathy Dufur, RN 493 of 680
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Coming to the school I was very nervous and thought I didn't know if I would be good at it. But I love it! The hands-on training that went along with didactic class training put it all together. I love being able to make someone feel more confident in themselves, while enjoying my work. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to have a new career or just a new trade!

Lindsay Gibson, BSN, RN 494 of 680
495 of 680

Set up for program is good. Clinical time and actual hands-on practice were important, instructors were great!

Amber Fessette, RN 495 of 680