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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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My experience at National Laser Institute has exceeded my expectations. I’ve gained so much knowledge and am leaving feeling confident enough to begin work immediately. Aside from the knowledge I’ve gained, I also made new friends in the industry from the students and unbelievable staff. I would recommend this school to anyone in a heartbeat!


Monica Samayoa 511 of 2128
512 of 2128

I learned so much here and loved every bit of it. I’m so sad it’s over, but I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned out in the world!


Kymber Carroll 512 of 2128
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National Laser Institute was a great experience! I learned so much about lasers and skin care within the past two weeks! The teachers were great and the school is beautiful. I had an awesome time here and made some lifelong friends.


Kassity Shepherd 513 of 2128
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I did not know what to expect when I first came here. After only ONE hour, I knew for a fact I was about to have a life changing experience. I truly feel immense confidence going back to Chicago and taking my knowledge to job possibilities at doctor’s offices, med spas, or whatever comes my way! Thank you SO much, National Laser Institute!


Kris Gliganic 514 of 2128
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Coming to school at National Laser Institute made me feel like I’ll really enjoy my career in the medical esthetics industry! I’m an esthetician, but I’m glad that I have cosmetic laser skills to offer clients as well. I learned so much and NLI made me feel comfortable working with real clients!


Samantha Walsh 515 of 2128
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Oh my gosh! The experience and the exposure that was offered to the students was fabulous! I wish I would have signed up for the comprehensive course so I could have stayed a bit longer. Nonetheless, I feel confident now. All the staff was awesome!


Shawna Roath 516 of 2128
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I am so glad I finally took the time out of my busy life to attend this course. I have learned a great deal in just a short amount of time. Now I can take a big step with my new esthetics career. Thank you so much, National Laser Institute!


Gwen Zuck 517 of 2128
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I could not have been more pleased with the quality of instructors and professionalism at National Laser Institute. I was so impressed! The environment at NLI is so inviting and the entire staff makes you feel so comfortable. Thanks for such a great experience.


Amanda Armstrong 518 of 2128
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I feel much more comfortable looking for a job in the laser field after taking this class!


Andrea Sikorski 519 of 2128
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I learned so much! All the material was explained so well and was really easy to grasp.


Aracai Hernandez-Galvan 520 of 2128
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I could not be more pleased with my decision to take this course. I highly recommend National Laser Institute—it was great!


Joan Sporrer 521 of 2128
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I learned so much this past week, and I feel confident in my new skillsets!


Diana Mateiovici 522 of 2128
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Thank you, National Laser Institute, for an amazing experience. Learning the best techniques in laser skin therapy was nothing short of phenomenal. The education was cutting edge and left me with an immense amount of confidence in pursing my new career in the field of laser skin care.


Lisa Fredrickson 523 of 2128
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I was a little hesitant to break into a new career and recreate myself at age 55. This class gave me incredible education and confidence. I can do this! I’m ready!!


Donna Frascati 524 of 2128
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My experience was great! The hands-on training was the best.


Kayla Costello 525 of 2128

Medical Professionals

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Everything was so awesome! I learned so much!

Stefanie Roberts, PA/NP 511 of 695
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Was a great experience, wish I could've had more hands-on but overall really good.

Maha Tomas, MD 512 of 695
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NLI made me feel very comfortable. Great instructors. All of my doubts are gone thanks to NLI!

Mary Jane Garcia, PA/NP 513 of 695
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10! I loved my time at NLI in December. I believe that I have honestly received the best education! I found a job at a medspa in Boston one day after I landed back home! Out of all the nurses that were hired there recently, I have the most certifications! Everyone that I met was so nice and friendly! Too bad NLI isn’t in Boston, I would want to work there in a heartbeat!

Elisabeth Coursen, RN 514 of 695
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I just wanted to tell you.. I have officially began injecting and working at a Med spa! Being around other injectors, observing their technique and learning how businesses handle their spas made me realize how much knowledge I gained from your course!! There is soo much lacking in people’s practice that I would have never known if I didn’t learn it from NLI! Definitely the best course hands down, and your curriculum is very thorough! Thank you so much!

Christina Youssef, PA/NP 515 of 695
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This training was so beneficial. I couldn't imagine starting as an aesthetic nurse without this training. The courses are presented so that the information is easy to comprehend. The clinical portion solidifies the didactic portion. I highly recommend NLI!

Belinda Gillis, RN 516 of 695
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At first it blew my mind away and I was kind of confused about the subject but slowly and surely the instructors were able to explain to you the details in a very simple way that you can understand. Thank you!

Rebecca Del Rosario, RN 517 of 695
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What a great way to learn! Learning from the subject matter experts (Sam & Kellie) is the best. It gave me knowledge and experience necessary to work with lasers and IPLs. I definitely would recommend NLI as a place/company to learn from.

Clarissa Fegan, RN 518 of 695
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Both teaching and support staff were professional and role modeled not just in lasers but they showed us how to show compassion to our future clients/patients.

David Cruz, RN 519 of 695
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NLI has great instructors, very knowledgeable, very experienced, patient and excited about their work.

Kathleen Lavenson, RN 520 of 695
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I came here thinking I am just going to go learn about lasers but I realized there was more to it. It's really exciting and so informative. Now I am wanting to become an Aesthetic Nurse!

Maria Culata, RN BSN 521 of 695
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I am a pediatric ICU nurse and was looking to expand my knowledge within the medical aesthetics of nursing. NLI has been so great in teaching me all I need to know in order to pursue my new career. I can't wait to take more classes in the future.

Shante Rachel, RN 522 of 695
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I learned a lot from this class. I did not regret attending this class at all.

Geraldine Malapitan, RN 523 of 695
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National Laser Institute's course was amazing! Very organized, course covered all laser aspects and more. Instructors were highly trained, so patient and informative. The didactic and clinical portions were complete, had updated information, and excellent hands-on clinical experiences.

Anna Kearby, RN 524 of 695
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Instructors are so helpful and do an excellent job of building your confidence.

Mallory Murray, NMD 525 of 695