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National Laser Institute Reviews


National Laser Institute Reviews

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Aesthetician & Career Changers

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I did not know what to expect when I first came here. After only ONE hour, I knew for a fact I was about to have a life changing experience. I truly feel immense confidence going back to Chicago and taking my knowledge to job possibilities at doctor’s offices, med spas, or whatever comes my way! Thank you SO much, National Laser Institute!


Kris Gliganic 511 of 1534
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Coming to school at National Laser Institute made me feel like I’ll really enjoy my career in the medical esthetics industry! I’m an esthetician, but I’m glad that I have cosmetic laser skills to offer clients as well. I learned so much and NLI made me feel comfortable working with real clients!


Samantha Walsh 512 of 1534
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Oh my gosh! The experience and the exposure that was offered to the students was fabulous! I wish I would have signed up for the comprehensive course so I could have stayed a bit longer. Nonetheless, I feel confident now. All the staff was awesome!


Shawna Roath 513 of 1534
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I am so glad I finally took the time out of my busy life to attend this course. I have learned a great deal in just a short amount of time. Now I can take a big step with my new esthetics career. Thank you so much, National Laser Institute!


Gwen Zuck 514 of 1534
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I could not have been more pleased with the quality of instructors and professionalism at National Laser Institute. I was so impressed! The environment at NLI is so inviting and the entire staff makes you feel so comfortable. Thanks for such a great experience.


Amanda Armstrong 515 of 1534
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I feel much more comfortable looking for a job in the laser field after taking this class!


Andrea Sikorski 516 of 1534
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I learned so much! All the material was explained so well and was really easy to grasp.


Aracai Hernandez-Galvan 517 of 1534
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I could not be more pleased with my decision to take this course. I highly recommend National Laser Institute—it was great!


Joan Sporrer 518 of 1534
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I learned so much this past week, and I feel confident in my new skillsets!


Diana Mateiovici 519 of 1534
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Thank you, National Laser Institute, for an amazing experience. Learning the best techniques in laser skin therapy was nothing short of phenomenal. The education was cutting edge and left me with an immense amount of confidence in pursing my new career in the field of laser skin care.


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I was a little hesitant to break into a new career and recreate myself at age 55. This class gave me incredible education and confidence. I can do this! I’m ready!!


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My experience was great! The hands-on training was the best.


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Super positive environment! Wonderful staff. So much love and support from everyone here. I would recommend National Laser Institute to anyone. Really fantastic school. Great experience. I'm going to take this information back with me and use it in my life and career! xoxo

Tiffany Voshall 523 of 1534
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My experience was much better than I could have ever imagined! Lasers are the latest and greatest. Great spa setting!

Jeanne Gartner 524 of 1534
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For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve done something right for myself. I had the time of my life!


Carmen Torres 525 of 1534

Medical Professionals

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Instructors are so helpful and do an excellent job of building your confidence.

Mallory Murray, NMD 511 of 524
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Great experience.

Brandi Moore, NMD 512 of 524
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Excited to put my newly learned skills to use ASAP.

Theresa Hallock, RN 513 of 524
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Instruction was given by qualified educated nurses and doctors who were positive and supportive of bringing new nurses into the industry.

Heather Hughes, RN 514 of 524
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Casara King, RN 515 of 524
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It was a great weekend! I learned so much. There is nothing better than hands-on training and Dr. Hooker was amazing!

Fadra Huntingford, RN 516 of 524
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Great experience. Good practice on live patients.

Lindsey Bayer, DO 517 of 524
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Loved my experience here! Definitely felt comfortable after taking this class.

Kaylani Ili, RN 518 of 524
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Great experience, instructors all have super experience. Wonderful hands-on experience.

Joan Ili, RN 519 of 524
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I will definitely be returning!

Heidi Jackson, PA/NP 520 of 524
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Anyone interested in doing injectables and or laser, should take this class, even if they have done classes in the past!

Sherri Graham, LPN/LVN 521 of 524
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I came for laser certification 11 years ago in 2008 and it really changed my aesthetic career. When I graduated nursing school last month I already knew this is where I would go to learn injectables.

Trisha Horvath, RN 522 of 524
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I feel so much more knowledgeable and comfortable with Botox and fillers. Instructors were great and so helpful!

Jennifer Nagy, RN 523 of 524
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I'm a returning student, so that fact alone should say volumes about the quality of the training NLI provides. Every instructor I've worked with has been outstanding and brought their own experience and tips to our class. I have recommended NLI to both customers and other prospective students over the years and I look forward to when I can attend some other classes offered.

Suzanne Tucker, BSN MS RN 524 of 524